Friday, January 29, 2010

For The AFK

So it's Friday, which means time for all of you to make your contribution. This week I asked people to submit all the reasons they have heard for taking an afk. I accepted stories and basic reasons so I will divide them into both parts.

  • Dishes
  • Garbage Out
  • Appear to be too busy to speak, aka giantic ego
  • Take Meds
  • House on fire
  • Drop the kids off at the pool
  • Babies/baby Mama drama
  • Dog pissed on the floor
  • Mom asking to clean therefore you afk to fight with her
  • Checking thottbot/wowhead/EJ
  • New LFG comic is out
  • Delivery guy
  • Jerking off to
  • You saw a BE/NE and need to take a "bio" break
  • Put wife to bed
  • Brush Teeth
  • Mouse batteries dead
  • To make it less obvious you are ignoring people

So those are just some of the reasons people sent along. Many of them were repeats. Now to what makes Friday so fun the stories.

I was in a TK raid with my guild when all of the sudden this guy starts freaking out. It was weird because he was always very quiet and would just really say the minimum. He was really screaming on vent like it was the end of the world and I honestly thought "house was on fire" could have actually been true. He finally calmed down and said he had to go afk. When he came back everyone was asking him if he was ok and if they could do anything. He said "no I'm fine there was just a hole in my sock"

This goes back a few years, but still a great story and a great afk. We were raiding I think it was SSC, but I am not actually sure and it really doesn't matter too much. We were all talking on vent when we hear this massive crash followed by a lot of swearing. When he said "a tree just fell into my living room". There was some crazy storms around him and he had been disconnecting a lot that night. Normally you wouldn't believe something like that after all we were wiping and not getting anywhere. But the crash was a giveaway. Couple days later he posted the pictures of the tree in his house was pretty sweet and awful at the same time.

This is actually not a good story although it is a little funny. We were all just joking around on vent when one guy said "afk my wife might be leaving". Now you have to understand this guy would always be bitching about his wife. So we all actually laughed when he said it. That was until he had left his mic open and we all heard the argument. We heard her slam the door and everything. When he got back he said "stupid bitch always think she knows everything" he joked without realizing we heard everything. I felt bad for him, but it was kinda funny how he covered it up.

We once had someone have to go afk because the cops took him away. Was actually pretty funny because we heard the cops over vent pull in his driveway and he even was saying how he was in a whole lot of trouble. We all gave him a hard time.

So short on space basically to the limit of what people will actually take the time to read. Thank you all for all the submissions I really enjoy reading all the stories and comments. As always Sunday I will announce next weeks topic. Enjoy your weekend.


  1. some peopel are crazy about their socks. A whole can be the end of the world.


  2. what about mom's calling me?

  3. there's always the classic "cat's puking, one sec"

  4. Back in my BC days, we had this Troll Hunter raidingn with us. During a SSC run he says, 'AFK guys, I think someone is stealing my bike!'

    Some time later he returned to vent, confirming that yes, someone in fact tried to steal his bike.

    While AFK from the raid, he said he ran down the thief, beat his ass and returned triumphantly, with his bike.

    We never let him live that one down until he was deployed to Iraq...

  5. Had someone once go AFK without saying anything, right before a Thaddius pull right when WOTLK came out. Came back hours later saying his cows had gotten out.


  6. Had a friend in a middle of a raid say "brb ice cream truck"