Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Yes it is that time already isn't it. Sunday means 2 things it is the end of the weekend and it is time for me to answer some questions. Only one of those things is true this week though, because it is a long weekend. So let's just go ahead with the questions!

Have you made a Seasonal Character yet it Diablo?

Yes I made a Hardcore Demon Hunter on Friday. Will in all likelyhood be my only seasonal character unless it dies a horrible death. It is a refreshing change of pace. I have always enjoyed running the campaign and this gives me a reason to do so with a bit of a challenge as well. I am not going to be forcing the issues or anything or going crazy compete mode. Although I say that know and it may change guess I will have to see.

Do you think a lot of people have beat Heroic Naxxramas?

I think a good number of people have. I have seen while just casually leveling up on the ladder a good number of people with the cardback. I would guess about 1/5 have had  the card back who have a rank of 10 and above. Anyone can look but decks suited to beat bosses after that it comes down to some luck and some execution. So i really expect anyone who wants to put the time in to it can get all the bosses down.

Still no Heroes?

Still nothing I am starting to think Blizzard is anti beta for me again.

There you have it some questions answered for the week. As always thanks to everyone who sent one in. I will get to answering to all of your questions regardless if they made it on here or not. Enjoy the long weekend or what is left of yours if you aren't so lucky!

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  1. I think also a reason some people may not be done with heroic yet is the are building up the gold to do so. 6.99 for the last wing seems a little overkill for what you get