Friday, December 18, 2015

Let the Holidays Begin

So today would normally be a Reader Post, but today isn't any regular day. It is the start of my holidays from the blog. Yes I know it hurts and I know people will say how will I survive without it and can't you just take 30 minutes out of your day to write your blog. I would say to that "do you honestly think it only takes me 30 minutes?".

No I have shopping to do people to see and I just don't like to be on a schedule for things when that is the case. I like to have my posts up and going by 9am everyday and I just don't think that is possible during the holiday season.

So with that I hope you all have a safe and Merry Christmas or whatever other holiday you choose to celebrate or not. Also a very Happy New Year as I will be back after I have recovered from that wonderful Holiday.

Hopefully will see you all back here reading for another year of Gaussafication.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

CO-OP Insanity

So today I decided to rant about something that has the Starcraft II community at least a minority of them up in arms. This sentence

In the future, additional commanders will be offered for purchase, but as the first commander being added to Co-op Missions, we’re giving Karax away absolutely free to all Legacy of the Void players.

Yes that is the one. This was said in the Karax release article which can be seen by clicking here.

Now why has this got people going crazy? Well it is the fact that Blizzard is going to be charging for future commanders. They believe since they purchased Legacy of the Void they should be getting everything for free from now on. This with already the fact that the Nova missions would be additional cost people are borderline insane. Now I have a problem with DLCs which should have been included in the release of a game. Legacy of the Void is a full game. There is a 19 mission campaign, a 3 mission epilogue, a new coop mode with exclusive commanders, and the most anticipated multiplayer RTS revamp. That is a full game. This also isn't a release that is happening right away. This is something in the future.

If you want to keep playing Starcraft II for years especially having the multiplayer continually worked on it has to have money to pay for the developers. It is as simple as that. They aren't charging you for new units, these are fluff things. These are things that are just extra and therefore should be a charge. Think of it like a Store mount or pet in WoW you can use them in your adventures but do they really serve any purpose besides fluff? No not at all. So don't get yourself going crazy over something so non important. If this was a a new multiplayer unit only people who paid would have access to that would be a completely different story.

So take a deep breath and everything will be ok.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

You Shouldn't Have

Well here we are yet another Wednesday and getting closer and closer to Christmas. With Christmas comes things that I enjoy in the world of being a gamer. So what better idea for a list than that? Well there isn't so let's just get to it.

5. Realizing Games in 2016 Are Closer

With Christmas comes the end of the year. With games marked for 2016 it is that tick of the year that makes these games that seem so far away seem so much closer.

4. Talking Gaming Lore With People

You tend to be around people with similar interests around the holidays. Sometimes with people you haven't seen in awhile and it is always fun to talk gaming lore from the things you have been playing during the year. I am guessing that the Starcraft ending is going to be a big topic this year.

3. Have Fun With Holiday Themes In Games

I love when the games I play do something special for the holidays. Especially around Christmas time. I take this stuff seriously so don't mess it up for me.

2. Wii Sports Tournaments

I don't know about all of you, but when I am with my family for the holidays Wii sports always happens. My family is pretty competitive and we always play for bragging rights.

1. Playing That New Game

You know it never fails. I always have a new game around Christmas time. Be it one that was given to me as a gift or one that I bought myself. New games and Christmas just go hand in hand.

There they are my favourite things about the holiday season. What are yours? Let me know in one way or another.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

You Fail At In Game Christmas Themes If...

So here we are the second to last Fail Day before Christmas. What does that mean? Well that means a lot of games are putting up their in game Christmas decoration this week. So what better way to celebrate this other than explaining how everyone fails at it.

You Fail At In Game Christmas Themes If...

  • There are no snowballs involved
  • The game doesn't have awkwardly placed Christmas Lights every where
  • There is not a way to wear a Santa hat
  • There are not pointless special gifts for everyone
  • You don't have holiday themed skins
  • There are no reindeer in some form or another
  • There is no snow anywhere
  • No one anywhere makes a "Do you want to build a Snowman?" joke
  • There are still no snowballs
  • The event is lazy and doesn't have a special name.
  • There is no Santa Claus equivalent person around
  • There is no reference to "The Grinch" in anyway shape or form

And Finally

  • You don't participate

There you have it this week's edition of Fail. Hope you all enjoyed it and will try to enjoy all the in game stuff the next couple of weeks.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Greatfather Winter

Happy Monday all. If you were not sure Winter Veil starts on the 16th so what better time to share my favourite Warcraft themed Winter Veil song. So as always a thanks to Cranius for his wonderful contribution.


Still can't help but sing along eh?

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Here we are another end to a weekend and another week closer to Christmas. Yes you are allowed to enter panic mode of not having anything done. Ignoring all that is is Sunday so why do we do what Sunday's are for an answer questions.

Do you think the Remake is possible for 2016?

No not at all. I think we would be lucky if we saw it in 2017. The games needs to be built from the ground up and there is no way they would be releasing it without it being perfect in their eyes. Sometimes companies release things when they aren't ready to hit deadlines, but this is the one game that I never see that happening with. There is way too much riding on this game being the definition of perfection. The shit storm if it isn't will be next level insanity.

Do you ever think we will see the UED again in Starcraft?

Well I believe if there ever is a Starcraft III the UED will have to play a big part in it. Especially with the way the Terran is now. There really is no real Terran threat besides them. I know everyone loved the UED from Brood War and I was among them. Just like everyone was glad to see Stukov in the Heart of the Swarm Campaign. They even hinted during that campaign about the UED returning. It will happen in some form even if it is in one of the mission packs. The only way we will get a massive UED story though is if there is a Starcraft III.

What is with the themed weeks?

Just happened to be that way. It is not going to be a thing or on purpose from now on.

There they are the questions for the week. Hopefully you all got something out of it. Thanks to everyone who submitted a question this wouldn't be possible without all of you so once again thanks. Enjoy what is left of your weekend!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Evil or Not?

So here we are another Friday, another Reader Post. This one comes to us from MikeToss and his views on how Kerrigan might not be as bad or as evil as people think she is. I know I have been thinking about this since I have completed the campaign and as is the case with any lore I love opinions on either side of the coin. So have a read.

Well I guess there is last thing to say. Like already said Kerrigan story has always been to me more tragic one than a one about a villian a woman who was drafted into one of the cruelest soldier programs ever and experimented on zerg because she was psionic. When she was freed she had a chance to be happy and maybe do things other than being a heartless killing machine. But she was betrayed by her superior.

She became the queen of blades somewhat shallow villian who just killed, was cruel, manipulated because she could but had a few moments when some humanity surfaced some times (SC1 Z4 and BW Z5). On top of that there is the fact that she killed 8 billion people.

Then comes the Hots she goes after Mengsk wanting revenge for his deeds. Kerrigan is not exactly evil in the game she is just willing to do what ever it takes to win damn the cost and Furk your mercy Kerrigan is not cruel out of spite and she isn't completely unjustifiable either for her "work must be understood as a means to an end for in fact that is the only way by which that end can be properly accomplished, the end is both good and moral (and it really was) and" that "end" is her goal. Kerrigan is willing to do brutal actions in a fight where odds are stacked against her. Wouldn't you do what ever it takes to win and achieve that end that is good and moral? Wouldn't she? (we know that end is good and moral).

Then there is the epilogue Kerrigan is given a chance to become a Xel'naga Did she deserve that fate that we saw in the epilogue and in the final cutscene? Well with me it is not the question does she deserve it Kerrigan said that she had too much blood on her hands and this was her chance to wipe some of it off that by becoming a Xel'naga some of the sorrow and destruction can be repaired and undone however little however late.

So that is one opinion. I am still on the fence with the whole thing, how about all of you? Have a good weekend and think about it.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Remake Is Not Remastered

So all that I have been hearing about since we got the first look trailer at the Final Fantasy VII remake is how they are changing things. When we were originally told about the remake they said some of the gameplay elements would be changed. Now to me this makes sense. There is this avid group of players who are all over talking about how the game is not going to play turn based. Do you know why turn based is not being used? Well it is an old mechanic used and in a much more high paced gaming world this type of style doesn't apply to the modern fan.

So if people can accept that they take it as they are ruining a game. All they ever had to do was just update the graphics. Now if you were not sure that is the difference between a remake and a remaster. For example X and X-2 recently went through the remaster stage and we have heard XII is also currently heading in this direction. A remake though changes gameplay elements. Like say the battle system. Maybe a scene will be filmed differently and end with the same result. These are the things you have to get through your head when you hear the word remake.

Do I think they will change major plot points? No I don't think so. I think they will make things mess better with the other Final Fantasy VII games, but other than that I don't think so. I feel like they will go a lot more in depth because the voice acting option gives them this ability to make you feel more for the characters you will be playing.

This game won't be the same as the original. This was never the intention. What it will do is give the modern fan the chance to be part of the story we all fell in love with back in 1997. If you don't like the new ones gameplay you can always still play the original. Don't feel cheated because you are not getting exactly what you want, because rally that is the sense of entitlement you have been ragging the current gaming generation on.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

No Longer Talk, No Longer Laugh, Cry Or Get Angry

So after seeing "the trailer" their has been a few things on my mind. Be it from the endless amount of complaining I have seen about it not being turn based to what scenes from the original I am looking so forward to see in the remake. With jsut the opening from the game I can already tell this is going to be something I am going to love. So for the list here are my top 5 scenes I cannot wait to see in the remake.

5. The Golden Saucer

You know when you first arrive to the Golden Saucer and how epic and amazing the entire atmosphere is. Well that's exactly what I am thinking is going to be even more epic the second time around.

4. Cid's First Flight

What can I say I love Cid. When he is bitching and complaining the entire time and then finally gets his chance in space. Well this is just something else on another level. He gets his dream and everything else is history.

3. Finding Vincent

So there is this guy chilling in a coffin. What is he doing there? Who is he? How mysterious? Well it was all that when played it before how much more dark can they make it this time around?

2. Red Sees His Father's Sacrifice

You know a certain someone's death seems to get all the credit, but this to me is one of the most heartfelt scenes in the entire game. To realize what his father did when this entire time what he thought of him is some next level stuff. Even more so in my mind with better graphics and vice acting.

1. Aerith Death

Was there really any doubt to this? This is not only one of the most iconic scenes in the game itself it really is one of the most iconic scenes in all of gaming. Seeing it remade is going to make the feel train moving.

There you have it the scenes I am most looking forward to in the remake. Obviously I am looking forward to everything about it these just happen to be my go to. Do you have ones you think would fit better? As always let me know.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

You Fail At Complaining About "The Trailer" If...

So here we are on yet another Fail Day. On a day that you would think people would be rejoicing about, but instead they are complaining. They are complaining about anything and everything. Final Fantasy VII is getting a remake in case you have been living in a box for months now. Also this past weekend we got the first trailer for it with some gameplay footage. That hasn't stop people from going off about it, so that is where I come in.

You Fail At Complaining About "The Trailer" If...

  • Your first thoughts were "It is not turn based?"
  • That was followed by "Where is the flower girl?"
  • You don't like how they are using the same voice actors as Advent Children
  • You are asking why they just didn't update the graphics
  • You are complaining it is only the first chapter of the game in the trailer
  • You didn't getting feels seeing the Avalanche crew
  • Now you are not thinking about the tower climbing scene
  • You keep saying this is FFXV part VII
  • You are refusing to play it because it is not the original
  • You keep making up things you have "heard" they are changing
  • You keep going off about how they changed things and it was worse, but have mentioned nothing of the better
  • You are going on and on about how this is no longer a service to the people who have waited for this remake
  • You are part of the endless debate about the cross dressing scene having to be removed because of how it offends transgender people

and Finally

  • You don't know the difference between Remake and Remaster
There you have it this week's edition of fail. Hope you all enjoyed it and see how stupid some people can be.

Monday, December 7, 2015

"The Remake" Trailer

So you may have been living under a rock for a few days, and may not have seen this. Even if you have I know you will watch it again and again. The first trailer to the most highly anticipated remake in the history of gaming. I am sure I will be talking about this for a few days, but have yourself a watch.

Yes like the Nerdgasms commence

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Here we are on yet another Sunday wondering ourselves away about what we didn't finish this weekend. Also comes the time where I am supposed to pick some questions for the week to answer on here. So I should probably get to that without too much more babbling.

Why do people always use the phrase "this game is dying"?

Well it is simple. They probably don't want to play the game and are trying for some reason or another to get people to understand. They talk about how a game is too difficult for them or that they have no friends that play it or some person said the game was bad so they just say it is dying. Or they just want people to play another game, the one that they want to play. WoW has been dying for countless years now. Yes the sub numbers have gone down, but it is far and away the most played MMO on the planet. Forums for games are always filled with this game is dying crap and really you shouldn't really believe any of it, because most of the time it is just people ragging and looking for attention.

Did you see the new Uncharted 4 cinematic?

That I did. Always great to see Nathan Drake in action even if he is getting his ass handed to him a little. Every time though makes me feel like March is just so far away and I really don't like wishing my time away. I am sure everyone who is an Uncharted fan though has felt the same way since the announcement of the 4th game. For those who haven't seen it here it is

Are you taking a Christmas Break from the blog?

I will be, but at the moment not sure of the timeline. Don't worry I won't disappear without a trace.

There you have it this week's questions all out there. Hope everyone got something out of it more than the wasted time to read them all. As always thanks to everyone who sent something in. I know lately I have been extra slow in responses just been outrageously busy so thank you for your patience and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Calia Who?

So something interesting is happening in Legion. People are dying new people are warchief and countless other things. Then you realize one of everyone's favourite lose ends to speculate on has been solved. That being the fate of Calia Menethil the crown princess of Lordaeron has return. In a way that has left many disappointed. So for this week's Reader Post I chose Krazyk thoughts on the matter when we were having a discussion about what it could mean for the future of Lordaeron.

I don't really care what Calia's motivations are in the lore. I'm talking about introducing the character from a storytelling perspective. A character whose only importance was literally because her last name was Menethil. She never showed propensity for being a Priest in her other appearances, and was just offered up as political piece during the Second War to marry Deathwing. 

She has nothing else to her character. Does anybody really give a shit that Calia Menethil apparently is a Priest and wants to be a random NPC follower? There is no other reason to care about her other than her name. For all the bitching that the community incessantly do over the rights of Lordaeron or  the guilt or innocence of the Blood Elves during 5.1, what's awesome is having those moments so the discussion can occur.

Having Calia return so the debate over Lordaeron can re-ignite. Especially with Sylvanas becoming the Warchief, which is still insane and hard to believe. I don't see how they make Sylvanas the leader of the Horde in the same expansion they finally introduce Calia and instead of taking advantage of the very obvious narrative of fighting over Lordaeron, decide to do the opposite and ignore it entirely because Calia wants to apparently be a nobody priest. Whoop de fucking do. Then don't even make the NPC Calia Menethil and make it somebody else.

Her reappearance should have very obviously been one to throw more fire onto the rising tensions of the HvA again. That's her only purpose as a character at this point. She has nothing else of worth to care about.

Quite the take indeed and for those curious this is what I responded about it

The only thing making her important is her last name. So this whole arc actually feels a like it fits in nice and appropriately to me. She never was an important character. Her shining moment in the spotlight was almost having to marry Deathwing. She never did anything interesting. She never wielded any power that we saw. She was never an important character, people just latched onto the idea of her coming back to try and retake Lordaeron largely because they wanted the Alliance to have some sort of legitimate claim to the kingdom. I myself even thought this way at one time, but the more I thought about it my opinion changed. She hasn't done a single thing to earn a big fanfare for her return to the lore like the likes of Turalyon orAlleria. And lastly, we all know she's ultimately not getting Lordaeron back for the living. 

There you go plenty to think about on the weekend now!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Best Of Times

So the last couple days I have been talking about all the bad things that can happen to Gamers this time of year. This doesn't mean it is a bad time for us. What it does mean is there are things that we would like to avoid. With all the bad though comes a lot of good. When you were younger there was nothing like opening that new game and the anticipation in wanting to play it. I may have poked fun at having to sit through people who think they are amazing and are completely awful, but you would be hard pressed to beat those times when the non-gamers who know they are awful try their best to give it a go.

These are some of the moments I love. When people who are not gamers embrace the spirit of gaming like the rest of us. When they sit back and try new things for whatever reason. It doesn't matter that grandma is playing Wii Sports. What matters is that she is up there and trying doing something that we will all be able to talk about for years.

Also a great way to see people's competitive spirit come out into the lime light. There is nothing better than pumped up non gamers trash talking each other like they are the shit. Makes me actually feel sad for all the toxic players existing in the multiplayer atmosphere nowadays. If only those people could think how much a waste of time their attitude is.

So ya I may have been poking fun at some of the things I wish didn't go the way they do, but that doesn't mean I would change anything. The holidays have there good and the bad, but if I have to deal with the bad to have all the good I will take that every time.

Also gives me plenty to talk about!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


So here we are the second day of December preparing ourselves for the Christmas Season. With that season comes a lot of fun times for gamers and then their are things that you really don't want to deal with. This week's list is all about those things gamers hate during the Christmas Season. So here we go.

5. Explaining Why You Game

This is always a not so fun thing. People never have to explain why they watch a TV show or play cards or do countless other things. If you are over the age of 20 but you spend time gaming though you have to play 20 questions more than you ever should.

4. Influx of Idiots Playing Multiplayer

So with the season comes lots of time off for the younger crowd, which seems to bring the idiots with it. These players are not always bad players, but there is always an influx of players raging, trolling, and anything else you can think of.

3. Less Time To Play New Stuff

Well during the season you tend to get all these amazing new things to play, but the problem is you have a lot less time to actually play them.

2. Gaming With People Who Don't Game

So you are over at friends and families and then you have to game with people who think they can play something when they really can't. You have to struggle and painful watch as you believe your horror will never end with their noobness. Oh I can hardly wait.

1. Game for the Wrong System

So you are all excited you open your gift and it is actually the game you asked for, but whats this it is for the wrong system...

There you have it this week's list. What other things but you about the holidays? As always let me know in some way shape or form.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

You Fail At Being A Gamer During The Christmas Season If...

So it is December and I am now allowing myself to think about Christmas. I tend to block out all things Christmas till the 1st and not because I am Scrooge or anything like that I just think everything has its time. So Now why not do a Fail Day with a little bit of Christmas swing to it.

You Fail At Being A Gamer During The Christmas Season If...

  • You have a list of games a kid wants that must mean what all gamers want
  • You are leaning towards getting an xbox one
  • You are taking the hispster looking guys advice on game choices
  • You don't realize you will have to play some Wii Sports with the family
  • You don't think you will enjoy your Wii Sports time
  • You don't understand the "YOU MUST CONSTRUCT ADDITIONAL PYLONS" card in Cards Against Humanity
  • You don't have extra controllers which can be "worked in" by your younger family members
  • You don't hide any games that have very important save files in them
  • You don't buy Christmas themed skins
  • You hate Christmas themed World events in games
  • You don't save Metzen the Reindeer
  • You don't play the Greatfather Winter Song repeatably

And Finally

  • You think there is no time to game

There you have it this week's edition of Fail. Hope you all enjoyed it and are well on your way with your Christmas stuff. Enjoy!