Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Right Thing - What Is It?

Wednesday! Yes we all know what that means. It means it is time for a list! Now what is the list going to be about this week? Well I know I have done my favourite quotes from video games before, but now I am going to go with what I would call iconic quotes from video games. My rules for this is that the quote itself must be tied to the game and it's narrative. So here are my choices

5. War. War never changes - Fallout Series

They remind of this fact int every game without fail. It really does bring home the entire identity of the game, which is why it makes this list.

4. Would you kindly - Bioshock

Now at first you don't even realize this is part of the plot of the game, that is until you do and it all comes crashing down. I am still wow'd at how well this line is embedded into the game.

3. Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity? - Far Cry 3

Isn't it interesting in an open world game in which you are doing a series of tasks which seem repetitive, but not at the same time the villain hits this right on. Not only because the voice acting performance is flawless it just hits home the game as a whole.

2. But our Princess is in another castle - Super Mario Bros.

It is what keeps you going. Time and time again you just cant seem to go to the right castle with all of those Bowser impostors

1. It is dangerous to go alone take this - The Legend of the Zelda

The old man. At times he is frustrating, but these words really are the entire point of the game. They are in my mind the reason the series has been so successful.

There you have it. Do you think you have others that may be tied to the plot of the game? As always you know what to do!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

You Fail At Uncharted If...

So with little more than a week away from October the 9th I thought for this week's fail day I would go back to something which will be new again. That is if you didn't know the release of the Nathan Drake Collection for the PS4. So for those who have had the chance or not in what in my opinion is the greatest trilogy ever comes to you in full HD. With that all in mind here we go

You Fail At Uncharted If...

  • You don't know who Nathan Drake is
  • You don't know the pain of "the tank"
  • You have never run over rooftops avoiding a helicopter
  • You can't catch a grenade
  • You don't like Sully
  • You don't find the elevator joke in Uncharted 2 funny
  • You don't think Tenzin is awesome
  • You never question drakes thief skills
  • You doubt Drakes ability to survive impossible odds
  • You think there is ever a bad time for an RPG
  • You play on Easy mode
  • You never wonder what the deal is with the trains

And Finally

  • You have no interest in playing

There you have it this week's edition of fail and a little more than a week to prepare for it all!

Monday, September 28, 2015


Happy Monday! Now there are not many things that hit you video game wise right in the feels, but if there ever was one I will give it to you today. Blizard just released another video prepping us all for the release of Legacy of the Void. With that they may have one up themselves from the cinematic. I won't spoil it I will just leave it to you to watch.

Right in the feels....

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Ask Gauss

Here we are with the weekend coming to a close and the realization that September is as well. So what are we supposed to do with ourselves? Well that is pretty simple sit back and see what questions I am answering for this week's Ask Gauss!

What is your main complaint about Phantom Pain?

Well first off I will say the game itself is an amazing game. I have had a ton of fun playing it and really the complaints I have really have nothing to do with how the game is. Regardless this game is easily a 9/10 for me. Now with that in mind I will say that the credits after each and every section are rather bothersome. I think we get who made the game. Also Kiefer Sutherland's voice is just too recognizable to me to be believable. I know why they did it for facial reactions and such but I just think they could have found someone else who doesn't make me think I am playing an episode of 24.

Do you think with the Heroes of the Storm additions of the Monk and Artanis people will stop complaining about no Diablo supports and Stacraft Warriors?

Honestly? No. People always find things to complain about and really selection is always an issue in any MOBA. They will be adding more and more heroes to give people options, but people will always find something to complain about weather it is that the hero they want is not in the game yet or that the selection of heroes isn't even in quality.

I heard you were playing a Ret Pally in Legion?

Troll is a troll, but only Gauss for WoW.

There you have it my choices for the week. Hope you all of something answered or out of it. As always this would not be possible without your submissions so be sure to keep sending them in. If they are not answered here I will get to them eventually.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Friday, September 25, 2015

The Hearthstone Gods

Friday. Yes it is here and it is time to pick a Reader Post for the week. Now I know like anyone else that the RNG gods can be very cruel. Many times I get submissions that complain that the world is against them and that such and such is just unfair. That was when I cam across Shivan's Post for the week which made me sit back smile and feel the pain. So what better reason then to share it with you.

This is not a whine session, but more of an observation.

First off, I have no illusions of making it to the world championships. I also, for the most part, enjoy playing weenie decks, with a catch, and accept that doing so requires early board dominance. However...

After about a five game win streak , you ever have where you just start getting your butt handed to you, ridiculously hard?

It's not because you moved up a rank or two...You're still facing the same one, or two successful decks each class has. Patron Warriors, Secret Paladins, Mech Mages, Totem Shamans etc...and you know what you need to counter the deck. It's because out of the blue, you just start getting the most God awful draws that could be created out of your decks. Even mulligans are a complete disaster. "Oh jeez, I just drew three out of the four end-game cards I have. Better put Dr. Boom back in and Boom, again???"

That, or your opponent gets a draw so specifically designed to destroy you, and keeps pulling just the right card to stop any kind of recovery.
"Meh heh heh heh, I'm a Warlock, and I'm going to whip out my fourth turn 8/8 giant...Shadow Word:Death...Ok, well here's another....SW:D...Um, ok, well here's two more 8/8s...and a Light Bomb. And I've lost to a 1/3 cleric..."
Or, the Piloted Shredder that just so happens to poop out a Steamwheedle Sniper...for a hunter.

And I've had this happen to me on the flip side, where I have just dominated decks that I know aren't working no where near the way they should. Where I'm winning by fifth turn with 26-30 life left. While it does make me feel confident in my deck, the reality is that I received the perfect starting hand to counter my opponent, and the luck just kept pulling with each draw. Where my opponent started off with expensive cards, and broken combos.

As mentioned, this observation isn't meant to complain, and ask why my decks are losing. I'm happy with them. They're fun and have a decent success rate, and I know where the gamble is in playing with them.

I'm wandering if anyone else has noticed that on some days, the Hearthstone gods have just deemed you unworthy?

There you have it? What do you think?

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Easter Eggs

So everyone who knows anything about Final Fantasy has taken a look at this concept art picture for Final Fantasy XV of Noctis and Luna, two of the main characters from the game, and looking at the dog on the right. Now if you haven't seen this picture yet and are a Final Fantasy fan you are thinking right now about how much that dog looks like Rinoa's dog Angelo from Final Fantasy VII. Now I think this is meant to be a really nice easter egg for fans of the series and isn't supposed to mean to much. What baffles my mind though is why no one is talking about what appears to be Rufus Shinra's wheelchair on the left side of the picture. Now is this just another easter egg and people just haven't realized, and if they have why is no one talking it?

Now even though I see it. I don't think it is anything besides just an easter egg to fans, but it really is interesting how these have both been thrown into the same picture. Especially since the developers have been criticized by some fans lately have moved away from the VII, VIII, IX formula which many believe was the highlight of the series. For all you VI fans it was a great game and arguments aside it just wasn't as popular as the three I mentioned.

So is this a way of letting the fandom know that they are bringing back those type of roots to the series? Maybe or it could just be a simple easter egg. Regardless these things are always fun to speculate, and the reason I love easter eggs in games. They just make you think about connections you never tend to think about until they are thrown right in your face. It makes for a bit of nostalgia while you are playing a new game which to me really is never a bad thing.

So what do you think? Just a simple easter egg? Or a promise? Or is it all just a simple coincidence that I am looking too much into? Whatever you think let me know.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Found Grandma's Life Savings Of 9 Gil

Wednesday. Yes here we are in the middle of the week wondering what is going on. Kind of like when you are playing a video game and are left scratching your head at some of the logic which has been around for years. You know those things which you have learned to accept even if they don't make much sense at all. Well here are my top 5 flaws in video game logic, which we accept.

5. Armor is Weightless

So you have this amazing set of armor and you can do all the exact same tasks as if you don't have it. This happens a lot in RPGs where you armor gets bigger and bigger and some how you are just as capable of scaling that wall or jumping that gap with 100+lbs of weight

4. Bad Touch

Who decided that if you touch things it kills you? This goes back to platform games, but still is a head scratcher. Sure you want there to be something but an enemy grazing you causes you to instantly die is still puzzling

3. Water Means Death

So you have all these amazing pieces of armor you can preform these feats which border on the impossible but you just touch that water and its game over. Also puzzling that in some games where you can take swords, knives, or even countless bullets to the chest one dip in that water is the thing that ends it all.

2. Inventory Issues

So this is all over the place. You can have countless items in a small backpack that stack to unknown quantities in a variety of games. Also at times you are limited to 10, 15 bullets but then you can carry 10 different guns of a variety of shapes and sizes. Who is the person who came up with this?

1. Food Cures All

So yes I get it something has to be the thing which heals you. But food? Nothing like fighting a bunch of enemies and then eating a turkey and feeling fine. Also has no one wondered if the food has just been laying around if it would not kill you rather than heal you?

There you have it. Now there was countless things, which could have made this list but I found these the most apparently flawed. As always though be sure to tell me how you think I am wrong.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

You Fail At Phantom Pain If...

Fail Day! Yes here we are once again, and with it we have things on our mind we must get off our chest do we not. Now Anyone who is anyone knows that the newest Medal Gear Solid game is out and happy fun times for all of those who are playing it. What I haven't had the chance for is a chance to sit down and seriously play it the last couple weeks. I did though finally get a chance to, and as is the tradition with new games well you get your own Fail Day!

You Fail At Phantom Pain If...

  • You dislike open world games
  • You are as stealth as an Elephant
  • You don't find it weird that you keep getting out with Fulton
  • You don't like using tranq darts
  • You don't like making your own weapons
  • You enjoy Kiefer Sutherland better than David Hayter
  • You want to bring the old AI's awareness back
  • You don't understand the day and night changes
  • You are not a fan of multiple ways to accomplish the same mission
  • You enjoy the micro transactions for the multiplayer
  • You forgot to import your Ground Zero save file
  • You didn't play Ground Zero

and finally

  • You enjoy the endless credits

There you have it. This week's edition of fail and hope you all learned some or in the least got something out of it

Monday, September 21, 2015

MaximusBlack Says

Happy Monday all. Here we are with yet another week and wondering what to do with ourselves. Well I have just the thing that you can waste some time with. I know I have talked about LagTV before. You may have also watched some of their stuff before. Well lately they have been doing tournaments with some crazy rules and it makes for some interesting games with some pretty amazing commentary. The latest being MaximusBlack says for the second time. So have a watch and show these guys some support.

See now wasn't that fun?

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Yes it is that time of the week again when you wonder where the hell your weekend went. And just like every other weekend when you are sobbing you take a break and read the responses to the questions I have chosen for the week. So here we go.

NHL 16 have you tried it?

Truthfully as I stated a couple months back in a blog sports games have not triggered my interest in the longest time, which is sad because I spent a lot of time growing up playing the hockey, baseball, and golf games. To me without proper competition just haven't been enough improvements or actually gameplay enhancements to even cause me to think twice about buying them. So while I may play the game if someone I know has it I just won't commit the money to get it myself.

What do you say when people scoff at the mention of eSports?

Well I point to the fact that how much fans are brought to live events. How much people follow it and how they get paid for doing what they enjoy doing. So with all those things taken in how does it really different from other professional sports or games out there? The answer is really not much at all. The fact is people cannot handle that someone sitting at home gaming could actually be a professional at something and that is what I think really bothers them.

Do you feel there is another game type that we haven't seen yet?

Well I assume there is, but if I knew it wouldn't that mean the game or the idea itself would exist?

Friday, September 18, 2015

Abathur's Master Plan

Happy Friday all! So sometimes it is fun to think of crazy theories and how they can play out. Game of Thrones fans do this all the time. It is even more fun to think about how these could possible work by finding evidence within the actual source material. Well Fdas has just done that with a crazy theory for the ending of Starcraft II, and it involves everyone's favourite evil genius Abathur. So here it is.

Blizzard's storywriters have fooled us all. All of WoL and HoTS was actually a plan to get you to think they were before revealing everything in LoTV.

In LoTV, we will find out that the trailers are actually BS or placed out of context to provide a false impression of the situation.

What will happen: prophecy turns out to be a hoax made up by a Zeratul who went mad after BW. Amon doesn't actually exist, and Abathur is actually the mastermind behind everything.

Abathur created Narud. Abathur gives Zeratul the fake prophecy. Abathur modified Jim to fall in love with Kerrigan again. The "Zerus" we saw isn't actually the birthplace of the overmind and is just somewhere that abathur found strong essence on.

You might ask, what is his end goal?
After finding Amon to be a hoax, the protoss and terran attack Kerrigan. Kerrigan manages to defeat them and smashes the enemy forces and kills their leader but is injured during the fight. Raynor, controlled by Abathur, tells Kerrigan that he doesn't actually love her. Kerrigan is devastated by this. Then, Abathur kills her and absorbs her essence and obtains Mega Evolution.

So what do you think? Just something for you to think about this weekend.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Zelda Is The Princess

So there are many things that bother me. Some of them more than others, but then there are those things that really make you just want to slap someone. Now what could that be? Well when people make incorrect video game references which are so obvious beyond belief. The common one is shown above so many times I have heard people refer to Link as Zelda. Why? Why must you be so idiotic? Now I understand in the strip it is a child and I may forgive something like that, but when this has happened to me this has been like 20 somethings who are adamant about what they are saying until you correct them.

Now when someone pronounces something incorrectly that can be forgiven that is unless you have corrected them before including in the sentence they said it and they keep on keeping on. These are the people that are the complete reason that aliens don't talk to us. They wonder how people with everything that they have around them be so clueless to everything that is around them. I would much rather talk to someone who thinks Call of Duty is the greatest gaming franchise ever then someone who doesn't even know the correct knows or places of the things they are trying to prove a point about. Hell I would ever rather talk to a bullshitter who you know is a complete bullshitter just because they at least have knowledge of the things they are trying to pretend they have done.

Now I realize some of you are probably sitting there thinking why is he being so hard on people for a minor thing. The thing is I don't think it is a minor thing at all I believe if you are interested in something enough and are wanting to talk about it with others you should at least have a base knowledge of it to not mess up the simplest things involved with it.

Ok you are safe my rant is over.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Inception Gaming

Wednesday! Which means it is time for me to make this week's list. So what was my decision of what to do it on? Well have you ever been playing the game you were playing and then just got sidetracked playing the game within the game? Well that is what this week's list is all about my favourite games within games. So here we go.

5. Chocobo Racing - Final Fantasy VII

So yes there was a purpose so you could get Knights of the Round, but then it was also so much fun to keep racing again and again to see how much you could push yourself. To this day I always spend way too much time doing this when I do my runs through VII.

4. Triple Triad - Final Fantasy VIII

Anyone who has ever played FFVIII knows that you can log onto this game with a purpose and then all of the sudden realize you have been playing cards for 3 hours. While you were having fun you also realize you never accomplished anything.

3. NES Games - Animal Crossing 

So there is games within games and then there is a collection of games within a game. Animal Crossing had just that where you could play a wide variety of NES games during your adventure.

2. Lost Viking - Starcraft II Wings of Liberty

This was a nod to of course The Lost Vikings one of Blizzards original games, but it was also something to pass the time while you were chilling during Starcraft II WoL campaign. Oh the fun!

1. Geometry Wars - Project Gotham Racing

So there are great games within games and then there are games within games that then outsell there original game when they are released by themselves. Geometry Wars did just that.

There you have it my favourite games within games. Did I miss one? Probably and I am sure you will let me know about it.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

You Fail At Opening Cinematics If...

So here we are just a few days removed from the great opening cinematic reveal of Legacy of the Void. Now Blizzard has been known for quite some time to do cinematics just as good if not better than anyone. What about those people who fail at it though? Well that is just the topic for this week's fail day isn't it!

You Fail At Opening Cinematics If...

  • You are unsure until it is stated what game it is for
  • You are anything but excited to play the game
  • It leaves you wondering what you watched
  • It doesn't connect anything about the story
  • You end up skipping the cinematic
  • You don't watch it more than once
  • You never think about asking people if they have seen it
  • The gameplay has better graphics
  • You aren't thinking it should be made into a movie
  • You don't try to screenshot to create a new wallpaper
  • It isn't the topic of conversation for a couple days

and finally

  • A Michael Bay film has more plot to it

There you have it this week's edition of fail. Hope you all enjoyed it, learned something, or got anything out of it. Excuse me while I go watch the Legacy of the Void one again.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Legacy Of The Void Opening Cinematic

So Monday. Yes it is here once again and there is time to be depressed, but then there is also time to come here and see what I have to share. Now today I am not going to share a Machinima or an Animation. Today I am going to show a cinematic of epic proportions. It is if you haven't seen it the opening cinematic to Legacy of the Void the game which may very well be the ending to the Starcraft series as it is the epic conclusion to Starcraft II. So sit back and enjoy again and again as I already have.


Sunday, September 13, 2015

Ask Gauss

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Yes here we are at the end of the weekend and for those going to school the time when you do all the homework you have been ignoring all weekend. Oh yes what fond memories I have of doing just that. Sunday's now though are my time for answering questions. You know the ones you have been sending in all week to So why don't I get to that.

So Rexxar, what do you think?

Now regretfully I haven't had much time to play him, but from what I have got to I am a little disappointed with the Misha control. Now this does make it less of a skillful champion and doesn't run into the problems of Lost Vikings and the skill cap. Truthfully I think it has been left as is so Rexxar is more warrior than specialist because otherwise he could be used for extensive XP farming like the vikings are. I am sure I will take a liking to him with more play I was just expecting something else is all.

So Method break up. What are your thoughts?

Well guilds which are competing for world firsts will always have some sort of drama. It is the guild leaders responsibility to keep them motivated and aimed towards a goal. This becomes much more difficult when there is no content which is the case at the end of expansions. With WoD this is even worse because it has been short there isn't even much content for alts to go through.

Why don't you ever include Call of Duty lists?

Because I actually try to make lists people care about.

There you have it this week's questions all answered. Hope you all got something out of them in some way or another. Now  you can sit back and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Friday, September 11, 2015

What Is Elune?

Here we are on yet another Friday with an interesting question which has been proposed again and again. What is Elune? You know the Night Elf goddess in the Warcraft Universe? There have been many things proposed over the years but this theory from Shadowspire is definitely one of the more interesting and feasible ones I have come across. So I thought why not share it this week for this week's Reader Post. So here it is!

What is Elune?

First we know shes not a Naruu because Cenarius isn't some half dear half crystal creature. Second just because there are similar ways Elunes blessing work as well as Naruu but so do human blessings. The only rare type of blessing is from elements, so that theory is thrown out.

My two speculations are really simple.

1) Elune a loa. It's fact now that elves (de)evolved from trolls, specially dark trolls that settled around the first well of eternity. Loa also gain strength as they are worshiped more and can even empower followers, and thanks to mop we see Zandalaris trolls actually resemble elves anyway, her being a loa that has passed even Hakkar would make sense.

2) Independent cosmic titan- the pantheon isn't all titans it's just a large group of them that choose to work together for a common purpose. Elune could be a more calm and peaceful version of Sargeras who choose to walk away from the pantheon. She could have found Azeroth planted predecessor races while ignoring the old gods. This could mean most nature constructs are just those made by her, we have proof of this anyway from Aviana and Asseina, both lesser deities Elune made. It could also explain why the pantheon, who seem to wipe out any other powerful source left her/it alone. There would be no point in killing another titan Who meant no harm and could even serve as a grand watcher should their own constructs suck. It would also explain why she can rewrite creatures as well as have her own creations use creations the titan made, aka Cenarius Malorne,Aviana,Assenia, and Logosh all being able to use the emerald dream, a pantheon made construct that only the green dragons were meant to.

So there it is. What do you think? Is it possible? I mean it could make sense, but really no one will know the answer until it is finally if ever revealed to us. So now all you can do is have it on your mind all weekend. So with that, enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

The First Go

So here I was sitting down throwing down some ideas on what I can write some blogs about when this came to me. The know that feeling when you are playing through a game for the first time. Not just any game, but the ones which are story based. Everything you do everything you find will all bring you more into the story. There are those moments just like when you watch a movie that won't shock you again that won't make you wonder or hold your breath. That to me is the making of a great game, but it is also sad at the same time.

Sure I always enjoy playing through great games again and again, but no matter how much I enjoy them the first time will always be the best. You will always remember "that part" as the part where "that" happened. You won't say "wtf just happened", "are you serious", or "you got to be kidding me". You will play the game around those moments you know are going to happen. There is no shock, no build up, no nothing. Sure  you are playing through it because it is fun and you know will enjoy it, but really wish you could go back to a time where it could be the first go through all over again.

To me it is sad, and really is part of the reason I urge people to play all these games that I love because you want them to enjoy those moments as much as you did. You want them to say all those things and talk to others about when such and such happened. I know I can't be alone in this, well I know I can't be because I found a meme to use, which points directly what I am talking about. So let's have a moment and reflect about all those things we will never see for the first time again.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Just Another Stupid Story By A Boring Adult

Keeping with the school theme since it really is the first week of school almost everywhere I figured for this week's list I would do one based on schools. You know those places of "learning" we always find in video games. So here are my top 5 schools in gaming.

5. Midwich Elementary School - Silent Hill

There are not much things scarier than an abandoned elementary school and that is exactly what you will find in this classic horror game.

4. College of Winterhold - Skyrim

Show me some magic in this place in the north and you will have a good time learning a whole bunch of new things. Leave it to Skyrim to make a frozen Hogwarts 

3. The Heroes Guild - Fable

So let's meet some friends and have fans within the guild all to impress the guild master. This truly Fable expierence gives you all of that and more

2. Bullworth Academy - Bully

So maybe not your normal everyday boarding school, but who wants that in a video game. This place is the extreme of everything you ever came across in high school and that's why it is a whole lot of fun to be a part of.

1. Balamb Garden - Final Fantasy VIII

So this place is not only massive, but has tons of things to do. All so you can learn to be an amazing mercenary you were born to be. This school though has something all the others don't it can fly all across the map!

There you have it my choices for the best schools in video games. Agree/Disagree let me know some way or another.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

You Fail At Heading Back To School If...

So here we are on yet another Fail Day and in a lot of places is also the first day of school. Now thankfully my school days are long gone, but that doesn't mean the effects of people heading back isn't seen by me. So here goes

You Fail At Heading Back To School If..

  • You missed out of summer school because of Witcher 3
  • You still haven't finished your summer RPG
  • You missed your registration because you were too busy gaming
  • You will have to make the decision of game or eat in the near future
  • Your classes are booked in such a way that you won't have time for any gaming
  • You found out midterms will be during Blizzcon
  • You forgot your controller charger cords at home
  • You brought empty game cases
  • You haven't told your raid leader you have to cut back on raiding
  • You don't think you will have to cut back on raiding
  • You are going to flunk out because you won't cut back on raiding
  • You don't think school will change anything

And finally

  • You actually have to head back.

There you have it this week's edition of fail. To all those heading back today good luck. To all those like me just watching smile, laugh, and poke fun.

Monday, September 7, 2015

BroodWar Episode 1

As promised Carbot did not disappoint with the first episode of the new season in which we go back in time to Brood War and all its pathing glory. So on this Labour Day have yourself a good laugh.

Your life feels more complete doesn't it?

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Here we are on yet another Sunday answering more and more of your questions. It really has become to me something of a tradition one I hope to keep up with for quite some time. So without getting super sappy or anything like that let us get on with the questions.

Have you had a chance to play the prologue missions for Legacy of the Void, and are they worth getting?

If you are getting the game you will get a chance to play them regardless. The questions comes down if you want to play them right now. All 3 missions were very good not realty that challenging, but I wasn't expecting them to be. They are story driven with everyone's favourite protross Zeratul. Only draw back for me now is that I want to know more of the story which is the most frustrating part to me. So if you are like me in that regard I would suggest waiting as long as you can as to not have to wait even longer to play the rest of the game.

Is every game now made with a sequel in mind?

I don't think every game is made that way. I feel like there always seems to be room for series to expand. Companies want their games to be a sucess and maybe just maybe if the fans enjoyed it enough there could be a sequel. I think most start up games now though may take The Last of Us as an example. Could there be a second game? Yes, of course, there could be but there doesn't have to. The ending fits and you can go on from their. Even using Naughty Dog as a prime example every Uncharted game thus far could have been the end, but they kept making them because of the love of the characters and the amount of fun you get out of the game.

Are we ever going to see another Soul Calibur?

Well I hope so.

There  you have it questions for the week. Well at least the ones I chose to put on here. As always thanks to everyone who sent something in as it could not be possible to do this without all of your contributions. Now you can sit back and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Rath's Wrath

So I will admit I play a lot of games of Hearthstone. I have made sure I get every card back each month and follow the meta and like it or not I understand where it goes. I know how ranking up works and what works best at each point during the process. With that all being said there is always people who complain about things being unfair because they don't have cards or that they cannot play the types of decks they want because they always lose. Before complaining about such things you really should think about why your deck is losing, most likely because it isn't very good. With all that being said when I was picking a post for the Reader Post this week I came across this rage filled rant from Rath, and you know me I cannot help but share people going off the deep end.

This is something that has become clear to me over time, but it finally just crystallized in my mind - why "rush" decks like Face Hunter, Mech Mage and so forth, decks that spam low cost minions, are so bad for this game. 

It goes hand in hand with the other top complaint, too much RNG.

Simply put, unless you are playing one of those decks also, whether or not you win is entirely up to RNG. There is nothing you can do from a skill standpoint to improve your chances. You either draw the cards you need to draw, or you lose. 

Other common decks, even ones that people complain about like Patron Warrior, at least give you a chance to make decisions that can win or lose the game. The rush decks do not. 

That is the central, and worst reason. But there are others: 

-1)Because you can't beat those decks with skill, they are the thing that the entire rest of the "meta" revolves around. They are the reason why a massive number of decks, and cards, are not viable. If your deck can't beat rush decks, you can't use it, even if it can beat every other kind of deck when you play it well.

2)The fact that rush decks require almost no skill or decision making by those who play them. 

So the end result is that those decks turn the game into a pure coin flip, remove strategy, and make a huge number of other cards, decks and playstyles unplayable.

For those reasons, Blizzard should do something seriously to counter those decks, or remove them. Of course they probably won't, which will probably be one of the main reasons I end up quitting this game just like I quit WoW, for the same reasons. Quality of gameplay is one of Blizzard's lowest priorities as a company.

So yes while I agree rush decks are not fun to play against they have counters and you should know them before you call for them to be removed from the game all together.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

God Does Arithmetic

I am of the belief that everything has a story. Nothing you do for no reason, something always got you to that point. Gamer tags are no different really. Sure there are those people who will just say that they used a gamer tag generator, but then the question to me is why? Is it because they wanted someone else to think of something original for them so they wouldn't pick XxxDavexxX? If that is the case then that is good on them. To me your name should be something people remember for the sake if you meet up with someone again and want to team up or someone you know sparks competition for yourself

Everyone's tag has a story. Mine Gauss is pretty simple. I am an avid Mathematician and Gauss in my mind is the greatest Mathematician who ever was. Not just because he was smart, but because he excelled in every branch he studied in. He was always the student and didn't shy away from any challenge that came his way. This is the attitude I wanted to give myself as a gamer way back when I chose to embrace "Gauss" as my tag.

Some of your tags may be a tribute to a person, or something you enjoy, or even a play on words. Whatever it is there is a story behind it and really no gamer I have known has been shy of explaining the origin of their tag. Nothing beats a good origin story for a game or the gamer themselves. So I urge you share your stories and explain to new gamers that it is never a bad thing to be proud of your tag.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Survival is Overrated

So here we are on yet another Wednesday preparing ourselves for this week's list. Now I had quite a few ideas this week but I was randomly running around in Assassin's Creed and thought about rooftops. I know it is weird isn't it. Now for this list I wanted to think of the best rooftop levels in games. Not games where it is just part of the main story. So funny how that stipulation really eliminated Assassin's Creed from the whole list that it inspired but hey it happens. So here are my choices for the best Rooftop levels.

5. Level 5 - Plants vs Zombies

Everyone has heard of this game, but maybe not everyone has made it this far. If you have you know the fun and rage which can happen during this lovely stage.

4. At the Heliport - Double Dragon II

There are many NES games which have great rooftop levels but I don't think anyone did it better than this. Not only was it challenging jumping around but the proximity of enemies and the final boss of the stage just gave you a sense of accomplishment.

3. Desperate Times- Uncharted 2

So Drake gets himself into trouble more than most people. This level is no different as you are taking ziplines and jumping and climbing buildings all over Nepal all while trying to avoid the helicopter trying to kill you. 

2. Rooftop Run - Sonic Generations

Now a modern take on an older Sonic level not only brought out the nostalgia but also brought in some new and amazing 3D elements that makes this level just missing the top spot. If you have never played a Sonic game and want to try one level this is the one that screams everything about the series.

1. The Edge - Mirror's Edge

So even with how amazing the Rooftop run is this level in basically the book on how to make the best rooftop level around. Anyone who has ever had the opportunity to play this game I am sure would agree 100% that it really has no real competitor.

There it is this week's list. Agree? As always tell me me what you think right or wrong and argue with one another.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

You Fail At Finishing Games If...

We all have been there, Especially during the summer. You start playing multiple games and then you get busy with other things and you just don't know what to do with yourself. Then you finally have some time to sit down and play and while you just don't know. This is what this week's fail day is all about. So here we go.

You Fail At Finishing Games If...
  • You even forgot you had started the game
  • You keep finding reasons to not boot it up
  • You completed forgot your save file was corrupted
  • You now realize everyone else playing the game is so far ahead there almost isn't a point
  • You couldn't decide what old school game to play so you started like 10 and only played 1 hour of each
  • You have commitment issues
  • You are at a boring part in the story
  • You went too fast through the game and realized you have to grind for quite some time
  • It has been so long you have no idea what case the game is in
  • You couldn't deal with the rage that was the last time you played
  • You forgot why you even stopped playing
  • You started playing again and then remembered why you stopped playing

and finally
  • You had to start all over because you realized you know nothing about what is going on.

There you have it this week's edition of fail. If you were liking me reading this as I wrote it well you are starting to feel bad about all those games that you have been half-ass playing for a few months.