Monday, December 15, 2014

Merry Christmas

Happy Monday everyone! Now normally on a Monday I like you some sort of video for Machinima Monday. Don't worry I am still going to do that. It also is the Carbot Christmas special which really is in itself something special. Before you go ahead and watch that just wanted to let all of you know I am going to be taking a blog break for the Holidays. Don't worry I will be back in full force come 2015 and I am not going to drift away into nothingness. I hope everyone no matter if you have been a long time reader or not or even if you play a Ret Pally have a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.

Yes I know that was that amazing!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Yes here we are at the end of the weekend and getting closer and closer to Christmas with each passing day. I am still not ready but hoping to be ready eventually. Before I get on with the shopping I need to finish up though I need to answer some questions for the week so here we go.

Did you or do you plan on buying any Goblins vs Gnomes packs?

I haven't as of yet. As with every free to play game if I enjoy the game and will be playing it I spend on that game what I would spend if the game was being sold. So in this case I will spend $40-50 on card packs and then be done with it. All of my saved up gold will be used for arena runs and then that will be it. I feel it is important to actually be one of the "spenders" since if I am enjoying a game like Hearthstone so much I feel like I should give back. Also the cards themselves will be a Christmas gift to myself.

Do you think they are killing off too many major characters in WoD?

Not really. You have to remember they are trying to build a story and really most of the "killed" characters are already dead in our timeline they just want to make it less confusing for the most part and letting those who weren't part of their deaths in the first place to have a chance to see the epicness with it. The one I am surprised to be killed off so fast though is Ner'zhul. Garrosh you had to think something was coming but Ner'zhul has been in on all the artwork from the very start

Are you taking a holiday break?

I am taking one, but no worries I will say when so people don't think I am dead.

There they are. Questions all done for the week. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and your continued preparation for Christmas

Friday, December 12, 2014

For The Dragonmaw

Friday! Yes the week is already over and it is time to see who wants to be part of the Reader Post this week. As most of you know I am a great fan of the Lore involved in Warcraft and Warlords of Draenor is no different in that regard. When characters who have quite the large story are killed off it is always a big deal and makes you think and reflect on them. This is what Trassk has done with this week's post after his completion of the new UBRS. So have a look!

So I finally did Upper Blackrock Spire today on heroic and killed Zaela, good group and no troubles figuring out the boss mechanics. I then began to remember back in cata when we first meet Zaela, how we sided with her and the rogue dragonmaw orcs against its corrupt leader, and overthrew him, leading to us the player making a bond with Zaela though the twilight highlands. I even liked her quote "Wherever the horde takes us, we will keep our heads held high, and our blood pure, good riddance Mor'ghor, a new dragonmaw is born this day!"

The one problem I had with her back then was because she went from being under the chock-hold of one corrupt ruler, right into the arms of another without question. But regardless of it I liked her attitude and character, and I liked the thought of the dragonmaw reforming and joining the horde, with her leading it.

All that of course has turned to shit now, and Zaela got slapped with the villian label, just like Nazgrim, and made into a killable boss, making all we got to know and think good about her from cata just meaningless now. 

It got me then thinking on two fronts, and extended to other characters, when you think about it from a lore standpoint, Garrosh didn't just kill alliance and horde characters over his time in the story, from Cairne to Kinndy Sparkshine and Rhonin to the golden lotus, he was also responsible for the paths other characters went down, like Nazgrim and Zaela, who followed him so blindly they became enemies of everyone by the end of it all. Really, anything Garrosh touched turned to shit.

On the other hand though, looking at the writers, I can't help but keep wondering why, what was the purpose of this, surely they must have know years ahead of time the progression of certain characters in how they would end up, and so i just wonder why then build up such characters, just to make them into yet more loot bags for us to whack each day?

There you have it RIP Zaela you will be missed!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Ok You Drink

So let's be honest here for a second. Coming this Christmas season all of us will be doing a lot of gaming. Also we will be doing a bit of drinking. Especially if you are like me. Many of these times the two of them will mix for not only your enjoyment but just for some simple hilarity. So I decided to day to share some of my favourite drinking games you can play for the holiday season which involve gaming.

Wii Sports

Not only is Wii sports fun to play with random people. It is also amazing to play with people while you are drinking. This almost always adds to more drinking and more fun. Two of my favourite drinking games to play with Wii Sports are with Rock Skipping and Bowling. For rock skipping it is simple however many skips you are beaten by in each round that is how long you have to chug your beer for. With bowling however many pins you are beaten by in each frame is how many shots you owe. 

Soul Calibur

Every time you are beaten in a round you take a sip of beer. Every time you are soul crushed or ringed out you have a shot. The best part about this game is in a tourney setting with multiple people the championship match is always the most entertaining.


Every goal scored against you is a shot along with every time you lose a fight. This is best to play on the lowest difficult setting as your goalies tend to play like peewees and the score ends up being 10-9.


If you are beaten to a world wonder it will cost you a beer. If you capture a city they drink if you raze a city they have a shot. This can get out of hand quickly and the game never seems to get finished every time I play.

There are the games I know so far. I am planning to come up with one for Hearthstone this coming Christmas. If you have any ideas send them my way.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I've Been Out Of The Game But I Need Back In

Wednesday smack dab in the middle of the week once again. Getting closer and closer to Christmas everyday. With this happening I am thinking over and over again what I would like from the gaming world for Christmas. With that in mind I think this is the perfect opportunity for a list. So here we go.

5. Carbot SC2 Mod Live

So for all of you who don't know Carbot Animations is working on a mode for Starcraft II which will see his unit designs and animations come to life in an actual Starcraft II game. Yes I know this is truly and amazing thing and there are not that many more things I would like to see for Christmas.

4. Sea Turtle

For years  have been fishing in WoW trying to fish up this damn turtle. For years it has been a joke to throw it in my face they have got the turtle after such and such casts. I am mobbed by those I know and don't sitting on their turtles in front of me. Let it be no more.

3. Legacy Of The Void Cinematic

Blizzard always makes beautiful cinematics and I am willing to wait to see this one come to life in all of its glory. Not too long though as a protoss player this really is something which gets harder and harder to wait for.

2. Witcher 3 Not Delayed Again

We learned on Monday that Witcher 3 would be delayed again until May 19 another 12 weeks added to production. Ever since this game was announced it has been one I cannot wait to play. That does mean I have to actually get the chance to do so though.

1. Uncharted 4 Release Date

Uncharted is one of my favourite series and that hasn't changed with Uncharted 4 coming in 2015. That is all we know though that it is 2015. Give me something please which lets me prepare myself for its eventual arrival.

There you have it. This weeks list. What do you want gaming wise for Christmas? Are your interests similar to mine? As always let me know!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

You Fail At Knowing About Goblins vs Gnomes If...

Fail Day! Yes, I know it is getting close to Christmas and I really should be doing Christmasy themed things, but how could I resist doing this. Goblins vs Gnomes is upon us and what better way to celebrate then give it its very own Fail Day?

You Fail At Knowing About Goblins vs Gnomes If...

  • You have no clue what it is
  • You didn't know it came out today
  • You aren't curious how mischief you will get into using the board
  • You haven't been looking at the cards a drooling
  • You don't think every hunter will be running feign death
  • You think all the new cards are bad
  • You didn't know each class is getting a new legendary
  • You were not aware you could have played the expansion in the arena this past weekend for free
  • You don't think this will change rank play specifically
  • You are not curious how the pros are going to use the cards
  • You are not thinking about giving yourself a Hearthstone Christmas gift
  • You don't enjoy randomness in your card selection

and finally

  • You don't play Hearthstone

There you have it now just don't fail. May all your future explosions go in your favour.

Monday, December 8, 2014

We're All Gamers

So I know normally on Monday's I showcase a machinima, or animation, or a live action video for all of you to see and enjoy. I actually enjoy showing you all of you things you may have never seen before. That brings me to this week's showcase which is none of those things. It is something that I think we all forget from time to time and this past weekend's IEM besides all the great games it had, had something else for all of us to remember and it is definitely worth sharing.

And now you can continue with your day

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Yes believe it or not it is Sunday and your weekend is coming to a close. Also means you have 1 less weekend to get all that Christmas Shopping done you have been putting off. Don't worry no pressure. While you are still putting it all off here are the questions I picked for this week.

Goblins vs Gnomes is coming Tuesday. Excited?

Actually very much so. I think this big of a burst of cards is going to make playing on ladder a completely new experience. Will make me actually want to play ladder besides just switching to Arena when I hit rank 20. Also a lot of the cards seem completely insane, and made to play against certain decks currently out there. Also there are cards to enhance those certain decks which makes it even more nuts. So ya I can't wait.

So how is Iron from Ice?

Well for those who are not up to speed this is Telltale's new episodic game based on A Song of Ice and Fire, and the television show Game of Thrones. So far I am liking it. Plays very similar to the Walking Dead game, which is to be expected since it was created to be so. I know I am going to be driving myself crazy finishing it and then waiting for the next episode each time, but it does give you something to look forward to.

Can you stop with all the Christmas references it can be offensive?

I could but I won't.

There they are the questions for the week. Thanks to everyone who sent something in and now you can get back to your regular scheduled weekend.

Friday, December 5, 2014

T'was Some Weeks Before Christmas

Friday! Now you all should know by now unless you are new here that Friday means the Reader Post. The post of the week where I take one of you the Readers Posts and share it with everyone. This week I decided to go with a little Christmas flare. This comes to you from Lurie. Enjoy!

T’was some weeks before Christmas, and in every raid,
Were people all crying ‘bout the game that they played.

Some felt they’d been cheated, the content was bad!
Re-hashing and smashing old models was sad.

The mechanics were simple, a means to get loot.
Just so long as you gave a few newbies the boot.

And elitists, some were, feeling clever and shrewd
As they spoke of our mothers in ways that were lewd.

Getting angry whenever the dps lacked
Or vulgar whenever the healers slacked.

And Heaven so help a tank that would fall,
To them some would say to slash un-install.

Because many now felt entitlement,
Their right to everything for their money spent.

Perhaps thinking that their subscription charge,
Gave them the right to have egos so large.

And so on the forums they whined and they moaned!
In hundreds of posts they raged and they groaned!

“Warcraft is dead! The Dev Team has failed!
The lot of them ought to be beaten and jailed!

For so destroying the game that I love,
We hope someone smites them from high up above!

This patch is lackluster, a gift to the PUGs!
It’s awful old content and loaded with bugs!

Epics are free, the heroics too easy!
Thrall having a baby is horribly cheesy!

Who cares about the free games that you hand us,
When the next expansion is covered in pandas!

We’ve given up with this now, we are done, we are through!
All your players are leaving for something that’s new.

What you have done is nothing short of theft!”
And so the haters all hating this way finally left.

Then the once silent majority erupted with cheer!
They could actually have a Warcraft Christmas this year!

With all the trolls gone and silence in Trade,
They were free to enjoy this game Blizzard made!

So Blizzard made money and the players made friends,
Because all Christmas stories have happy ends.

And the players looked up and heard Metzen say,
Merry Christmas to all, Heroes of the Storm is on the way!

Yes I know I enjoyed that too! Have a good weekend everyone!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Don't Go Past The Tower

So there are many things I would like for Christmas. Many of those things won't happen, and really I don't expect them to. There are also things I hope will happen and would be greatful if they actually did. I don't know how many of you have taken part in the WoW 10 Year Anniversary Tarren Mill vs Southshore battleground but to me I am hoping for Christmas it sticks around.

Why? Well not only does it take me back to the beginning of the PvP system coming to WoW. You know before WSG and AV became the places to be. This was the way you ranked up this was what you did. I was right in the thick of it competing for High Warlord. A title which many of you know I achieved and still wear to this day. Back then it seemed pointless and often was the case where you just endlessly battled back and forth where to apparent victor was ever crowned, but regardless of that fact it was fun as hell.

The new anniversary BG gives that old feel back. Obviously it is not the same, but it brings back the memories of those times. Also gives the newer players who never experienced the madness a chance to see what things were like before the BGs came to be a thing.

Not to mention finishing the BG with a win and being a High Warlord was like a sign from the WoW Gods that they knew I was there pushing the Alliance back like old times. Kept looking behind me to see if I could see my old group of healers keeping me alive just like old times.

So Blizzard if you choose to keep this BG full time I thank you. If it is just going to be around for the anniversary then I will thank you as well for reminding me of the great times of old.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

We Checked Every Bulb, Didn't We?

Wednesday meaning the middle of the week and time for a list. I have been trying to think of lists to do that fit the season. Sitting around brainstorming when just randomly I thought of the idea to make one on why it is awesome to be a gamer during the Christmas Season. You all know exactly what I am talking about you are probably already thinking about reasons in your head right now. So let's just skip the intro and get right to it.

5. Laughing At People Buying XBOX One

So this is a new one which started last year. Just randomly doing Christmas shopping and watching people frantically looking to find themselves an XBOX One. I tried to convince someone otherwise before and they just didn't want to hear it. So now I just smirk and think about how glad I am to have a PS4

4. Winter Veil

There are plenty of games which have in game events for the Christmas Season. Winter Veil was the first I ever experienced 10 years ago and really that will always make it the most special to me. There isn't a year that has gone by where I haven't been excited for Winter's Veil

3. Talking Gaming With Relatives

So you don't always see all of your family every holiday. This season is really the time I am always seeing them. We talk about the games throughout the year what we have played what we are excited to see coming and so on and so forth. Always a good time.

2. Watching Non Gamers Fail at Wii Sports

Is there anyone who doesn't enjoy this? Doesn't matter what sport you end up playing but really there is not many things I look forward to then Wii remotes flying across the room or the smack talking which goes on during a Wii sports tourney

1. New Game

Nothing really beats a new game. Except maybe a new game which you didn't have to pay for. We all know what follows and that is the person who bought you the game complaining you are playing it too much.

There you have it this week's list. Is there things you enjoy about the Christmas Season which I didn't mention? Let me know. Give me some stories about it always love to hear them.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

You Fail At Gamer Christmas Gifts If...

Fail Day, and the first one of December as well. So what better thing to talk about in December than Christmas right? Now if you are like me you dislike Christmas shopping in general not because you don't like to get people gifts, but I hate going to the stores when they are busy or just all around asking people what they actually want. So this inspired me for this week's Fail Day.

You Fail At Gamer Christmas Gifts If...

  • You bought a game for the wrong system
  • You will be mad if they want to play the game all day once you get it for them
  • You give the advice of getting Call of Duty
  • You think wrapping it matters
  • You got an Origin Gift Card instead of Steam
  • You you listed to the employee who says everyone is in to SWTOR
  • You didn't get them anything gaming related
  • You picked up a headset without a mic
  • You bought the Kinect because it was on clearance
  • You figured facebook credits were a good idea
  • You bought a strategy guide for a game they don't play
  • You were so excited about the wireless mouse you picked up

and finally

  • You ever thought about picking up an XBOX One

There it is this week's edition of fail. Hope you all enjoyed it and maybe you might just have an easier time shopping!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Warlords of Draenor 8 Bit

Now I am always a fan of going back and playing things which remind me of the old school style of gaming but it isn't too often when you take something current and make it old school. Now this isn't truly 8-bit but I still think it gets the point across and gives you the feel of something old. So grats to Ian Beckman for doing this.

Now excuse me while I go find my NES and put on my power glove