Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Flame of the Game

Safiree & Gauss
Mostly epic Saturdays

 Hey everyone! Hope your week was awesome, got plans for labor day weekend? I sure don't! lol. Things have been so stuck on the same kind of gaming lately. Gauss and I play Starcraft, and  even Sim City just to have some variety. Sure there are other games out there but none really interest me. Someone actually asked me about the "gaming scene" and what was going on with that.

 Honestly, since World of Warcraft, I swore i'd never pick up on another MMO, just raided so much that it felt like a second job. Come home from work and raid for hours. Wipe constantly because some people don't like to listen- so forth. though the rewards of being successful were priceless to me I just grew tired. We all did. After i'd say a year, Gauss and I picked up rift, and we've been pretty happy. But like any other game, sometimes you hit that wall. The wall of "meh I don't feel like it". So this week, i'm gonna tell you what Gauss and I do to keep the flame in the game ;)

 Competition, is literally what him and I live for in gaming. We turn absolutely everything into some form of an objective. Yes, sometimes I cheat and start things before him, or turn things in first, and move on to the next thing on our list...but it doesn't always work lol. He'll Braveheart his way to victory. NOT always though. I'd say I win like 96% of the time.

 When leveling anything, characters, professions, PVP stuff you name it he always has to be finished first. He will do whatever it takes to be first. He denies it.. But it's true. I'll be sleeping, and he is online grinding. When he loses he will argue, saying "Oh it was the wind in the game or something, something stopped me from winning but it wasn't my fault so it doesn't count". Always love those.

 Gauss and I do alot with other people. Help level them, get gear, do dungeons etc. and we still find ways to outdo one another. Hehe it's harmless fun, making him second in everything. :D Even with dimensions he has to have more +1's than me. Always showing off his pride and joy to others like I don't notice he fishes for more and more people to admire his work lol. I still wouldn't pick anyone else to spend my days with gaming. Never a dull moment. We've even acquired other people to enjoy our company daily. 

 Side Note!! I've gotten quite a few emails from people. Thanks for the support, and I will gladly help share your stories :) Also I know the picture I chose has nothing to do with gaming. But it still wins, and that's all that matters. :)
Next weekend will be fun! -Have a great weekend.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Bring In The Money

Here we are at the end of the week. Or at least the end of the week that anyone actually cares about. You know Friday? As always here in Gauss Land Friday means it is time for the Reader Post. The post of the week where you send in your submissions for a post to be featured on here. This week I went with Commiesawn take on the Auction House.

The Auction House. I know you used to live there. Your legend of Gold beyond the average players dreams is something which will never be forgotten. My story though is inspired because you were the one which got me playing the auction house in the first place. Why you ask? Well it was back when you had your Shard Empire. I was one of the people who helped you promote your shop. I thought it was amazing how one person could cause so much drama because of his ability to create a monopoly. 

One night I did the math and figured out you were making 10k+ a day just by selling these shards. Absolutely no one could do anything about it. It was masterful really. Here I was accepting your random gold to have me walk around Orgrimmar telling people about your shards. It was during that time when I actually asked you for advice on how to make gold. You did give me the tip of choosing something everyone needs. You explained how shards although hard to control because of volume was a prime example. You told me to start small and build reserves of gold.

You suggested things like bags, and I totally ignored everything else you said just because you said bags first. I did just that and started small and worked my way up in type. Now I was not making nearly the amount you were but withing a couple weeks I had my flying mount at 280%. I kept up with it and started flowing in gold just like you said. I soon got to the point where gold didn't matter anymore because I had so much of it.

So what can I say. You gave me the inspiration and the guidance to create my own gold empire. Now obviously it wasn't your shard empire, but it was something I was proud of and it really came from nothing. So I just wanted to say thanks, and come back and trade me so I can see how much gold you actually have.

Thanks Commiesawn for the nice words. It is true though just find something which everyone needs and you will have no problem selling it. You don't have to control a market you just have to understand how they work. Enjoy your weekend everyone and don't forget to see what Safiree has to say tomorrow

Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Realm Reborn

So as most if not all of you know I am a Final Fantasy Fan to the extreme. Their stories and characters always have an involved and complex making the games worth playing. Now saying that I am not a huge fan of their mmos for the very fact things which make Final Fantasy Final Fantasy can't be in an mmo. I did play Final Fantasy 11 for a time but then realized it really wasn't what I was looking for. Keeping that all in mind though Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn does look pretty amazing from everything I have seen. Now I am not rushing to buy it by any means but it will be something I will think about.

Now with the problems the first release of the game had. I have been sitting back and watching and I was actually glad when I saw Square Enix release this statement.

Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn, we are currently experiencing extremely long wait times for users to be able to log in and play. As a temporary measure, we will halt sales of FINAL FANTASY XIV: A REALM REBORN’s digital download products so we can accommodate all of those wishing to play. We are working to expand our server capacity in the coming days. 

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this causes.

This means people are forgiving them for the problems of the first release which was a complete disaster and lead to this current. If you area fan of MMOs check out this trailer

Maybe you will see me on there some day. If you are playing it though I would love to hear your thoughts on it. Tell me everything good and bad honesty always appreciated.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

All For The Laughs

So here we are on another Wednesday. What does one do in the middle of the week, besides pretend like nothing much of importance is happening, well not much. So what does one do on Wednesday to pass the time? Simple we make a random list to cause random arguments over pointless things. Then we call it Wist Wednesday just to spark that much more outrage. Genius isn't it?

This week I decided to make a list of gaming characters who are pretty much just joke characters and really serve no purpose at all besides comic relief. So here goes.

5. The Dog - Duck Hunt

This dog served no purpose but to infuriate you countless times. When the ducks just wouldn't die. Why was he even there in the first place? Why didn't he get the ducks. Why was I shooting random ducks in the first place, and why did the ducks keep coming?

4. Mojo - Chrono Cross

This giant walking, talking, voodoo doll was a funny addition to Serge’s crew in Chrono Cross. Seeing Mojo dance and cartwheel against enemies next to the likes of Glenn and Kid was unforgettable and hilarious.

3. Dampierre - Soul Calibur 5

Now there are a lot of joke type characters in fighting games. But I don't think anyone is quite as bad as Dampierre. A random grapple where you spank your opponent or having a temper tantrum and stomping over and over on them. Yes he was quite special.

2. Gamon - World Of Warcraft

Now he is no longer the joke he used to be, but he is still the Gamon we know and love. The one we killed countless times just because we could. Or the one we saw charge at the random Deathknights entering Orgrimmar for the first time. We will never forget Gamon.

1. Gilgamesh - Final Fantasy

Was there really any doubt? He has extra limbs armed with swords which work and don't work and speaks in random riddles, which even he doesn't quite understand. Not to mention epic music. He may be a joke character but everyone loves Gilgamesh.

There you have it this week's listen. Tell me what you think agree or disagree I don't care always great to hear rants going either way.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

You Fail At Achievements If...

So here we are another Tuesday so comes another Fail Day. Oh yes I know you have been waiting for it. How could you not? Everyone always enjoys poking fun at the failures of others it is what we do. So this week I thought we would poke fun at those who fail at achieving something. I know weird eh? So here it goes!

You Fail At Achievements If...
  • At any time you consider anything to do with Halo worthy of the word achievement.
  • You run around in circles in games to get the steps achievements
  • You play against an opponent who doesn't exist to get your finishing move achievements in any fighting game.
  • You at any time rage for not getting an achievement
  • You only play games for achievements which have no value
  • You think the number of bronze trophies you have on PSN is worth bragging about
  • You read the last line and the first thing you thought was well I have this many silver ones
  • You read the last one and then say go ahead insult my golds
  • You download PSN free games of the week to pad your trophies
  • You destroyed an entire region in SimCity in order to get your nuclear meltdown achievement
  • You rejoiced the day they came out with cross account achievements in WoW because you could now hide the fact you switch alts on a monthly basis
  • You have a turtle mount
  • You wastes hours in an instance with a bunch of useless people to get an item required for a title achievement only to have it not drop
  • You at any point link an achievement with the word anal next to or around it
and finally
  • You don't say OMG GRATS! when people get an achievement
There you have it, this week's edition of fail. Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did writing it. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Demon Hunter

Monday! Let's just go with that instead of my normal Monday rant. Although if I talk about my Monday rant does that still classify as my Monday rant? Anyways, Monday meaning Machinima Monday the post of the week where I showcase a machinima or animation for all of you to see. This week I am going with "The Demon Hunter" it was made by Nixxiom Machinima and you guessed it is about a Demon Hunter. Now I enjoy demon hunter lore immensely. Illidan is one of my favourite lore characters off all time. His story screams heroic tragedy. Now this machinima is not about Illidan but it does a great job at showing the struggle of a demon hunter. Now it 15 minutes long but I promise it will be worth your time as the attention to deal is evident in every shot. So I present you The Demon Hunter

Hope you all enjoyed it. Try to enjoy your Monday!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Wow that weekend went by pretty fast didn't it? Always seems when you are busy doing something it flys by. Not to mention the fact that we are now in the last week of August, where did the summer go? It is Sunday though, so what does that mean? Well read the title like you should have already. It is Ask Gauss! The post of the week where I answer some of the questions sent to me throughout the week. So without wasting anymore of your time let's get to it.

So the SimCity road update happened what is your opinion of it all?

Actually I haven't had the chance yet to log on and really mess with it. I will say though from what I have seen the way of doing it is pretty sleek and nice. Would have been nice though to apply it to current cities without having to build new roads. I understand from a programming point why this is not the case, but still makes me a sad panda.

One thing worth mentioning though is the Houses of Worship being a free addon. Now this is something completely unexpected. Not only did I know nothing about them being added for this update, but they were a free addon. This is EA we are talking about. The people that would charge you for anything they possibly could just could. Remember that 3rd jersey crap in NHL a few years ago?

Overall the update looks great and appears this solves some of the traffic issues once you get used to using the tools. I still am hoping for a subway system and larger maps eventually. I know they will come just hope it is not in the too distant future.

WCS Season 2 Finals this weekend any predictions?

I am not sure I should as my predictions always seem to be somewhat of a curse. I would love to see Scarlett do well for the Canadian factor, but I actually don't think she could win. Her ZvT is extremely good, but her ZvP is weak and there are many good Protoss should would have to go through.

I am actually hoping for Jaedong because I remember him kicking ass in Broodwar when I was younger and want him so bad to make a splash in SC2. So I am hoping I did not curse him.

So Affleck is Batman eh?

I know this has nothing to do with gaming but ya this happened.

There you go questions answered for the week. Hope you all got something out of it. Enjoy what is left of your weekend and your month of August!

Saturday, August 24, 2013


Gauss & Safiree
Mostly Epic Saturdays

 Hey everyone! Hope your week was awesome. In game, for me it's been a solid grind into reputation for things I need in game. Honestly it wouldn't be as bad if I didn't have 10 million distractions. I'm not one of those people who can be set on one thing for 8 hours on end.. but I am almost there. Lately I have been recruiting a lot for the guild also, and have come to meet some really great new people. 

 Gauss and I have been doing a lot of PvE lately, expert dungeons of that sort. Usually we have excellent luck in finding good players in group so that we can get through the place fast enough to not want to bash our heads off the desk, and other times not so lucky. Unfortunately it happens all the time.

 Tanks. Are the one component of the group that is absolutely hit or miss. Couple weeks back we had a tank who was confused why his self heal wasn't healing the rest of the group. He was genuinely upset for a while about it LOL. Another tank gave us advice on how each fight should play out, while doing completely the opposite of what he said, we wiped over and over. Another decided to tank a statue. (Same statue I onced charged at lol).

 Healers. I thought DPS was more of the egotistical bunch of the group, and most of the time its true but... Gauss is the best and nobody will ever be as great as him. OBVIOUSLY lol. Somehow our groups get into odd scenarios with pulling bosses and trash all at the same time on accident and He can heal through it heroically. Can't really badmouth him, because he will read and never heal me again. So good job Gauss. you are :D

 DPS. Yes, we are awesome. As I always prefer melee, my rogue is ranged (61mm). Most people are really good at moving around strategically, but what I find usually is that most ranged/casters love to corner themselves. Like we don't already have enough problems dodging missiles, fire, or whatever we have to surround ourselves with anything we can find. Most people know to not stand in red/green/rainbow stuff on the ground, but there are always those who think it buffs ones deeps. 

 Support. Today we had the grand pleasure of being grouped with this lovely rogue who queued as support. Did about 700HPS, and complained that DPS wasn't very good. Wasn't doing hardly any damage either, but he had to complain for the longest time about how everyone else sucked. Why?! D:

 This post is a very special vent from me. Hope you enjoyed it lol. I recommend you to definitely try RIFT sometime. It's an awesome game. Excited for the new diablo to come out already. I'm obsessed with Paladins so im very giddy to level a crusader :D  Screenshots are always welcome. I love taking/receiving them. Enjoy your weekends! Tonight is all about Starcraft HOTS with Khulk, and Gauss!!
- Safiree

Friday, August 23, 2013

More and More

Here we are Friday morning sitting and wondering what today's reader post would be about. I must say there were quite a few choices this week which were rather deserving and as I stated to some of them I may include them in a future week because I feel they were that good. I did though come to the decision to let Hilly speak his mind. Frankly it is a topic which I have felt about writing about, but always but it to something I would write about because it is not seeming to be going away. Regardless if I do or not here is Hilly's Reader Post

Being a reader of your blog for quite some time I have noticed you seem to talk about pretty much everything. One thing which you have never touched on though is the cost of gaming. I don't know if this is because you don't want to get into it or you feel like it is going somewhere you don't want to deal with. I find it is something which is extremely important to the average gamer though.

You see with consoles in the $300-400 range and a capable gaming PC in the $800+ range  it is getting out of control. Now these systems themselves are not a huge problem, but with games being $60-70 and plenty of games out there to play. I was amaze to find out I spent almost $4,000 just on gaming in the past year. Granted I did upgrade to a better PC and bought a PS3 but doesn't that seem a little crazy to you? Now you might say its a hobby and if you enjoy it then just like going to the movies, or to a play you would be spending about the same if that's what you liked to do.

Now I was thinking I am a lucky one. I had the money to spend and I actually enjoyed every game I purchased and never saw it as a waste at the time. Looking back though I am wondering if I didn't play a game enough to be worth the money. I am more concerned though for those who couldn't enjoy what I was able to. The won't be playing these new games and on these knew systems because it is pretty damn expensive. Isn't this wrong? The purpose of gaming is to give the enjoyment to those doing it. I don't know the numbers but I assume people are able to but less and less and just tend to enjoy what they have. It is sad when you think about it really that some games will never get played as much just because some had to pass on it.

Thanks for letting me speak my mind. Maybe you agree, but I hope you at least took the time to read.


Thanks Hilly for your Reader Post. I not only read it but I shared it with everyone. Enjoy your weekend everyone and don't forget to check out what Safiree has to say tomorrow!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Reaper Of Souls

So something completely unexpected happened. Which can only be described with these

and the gameplay


Now I enjoyed D3 quite a bit. Loved every class with the Monk and Wizard at the top of the list. The lore to any Blizzard game is always top notch(Thanks Chris Metzen). I always thought a fallen angel would be a great storyline for Diablo so this really is a nerdgasm to the highest levels for me. So I am ready for this and it cannot come soon enough

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Little Things

So here we are on another Wednesday. Or should I say Wist Wednesday? Yes it seems without evern trying Wednesday have become a day of lists. I don't mind at all making them and they always seem to spark conversation so I say why not? This week I decided to make a list of the games that have done an amazing job at the setting of within their games. It often goes unnoticed but it is something which truly makes a game what it is. Honestly newer games are going to dominate this list but that is really because graphics does play a role in such a thing.

5 SimCity

When playing SimCity it is hard not to notice how the landscape flows and blends together. Even before any cities are made in a region the detail to just the most minor of things is always evident.

4. Civilizations 5

I don't there has ever been a Civilization game which has looked bad. They always scream beauty in every landscape, building or just random details. Always are something special to look at.

3 Skyrim

Skyrim contains a massive world with tons of things to do at any moment. Even kill chickens, which could ruin the game for you. The attention to detail is seen in every zone and every screenshot you see. This really makes exploring that much more of an enjoyable thing.

2. Final Fantasy XIII-2

It is pretty much impossible to find a Final Fantasy game that doesn't the scencery and backgrounds that are quite simply amazing. They do it better than anyone else. This is one of the reasons I am so excited for each and every Final Fantasy game just because I know they always push the limits each and every time.

1.The Last Of Us

The Last Of Us had a vision and did it. They understood and created the world in which we are all fearing. The attention to detail is evident in every Naughty Dog game, but The Last Of Us set an entirely new level to games out there. It was in one word a masterpiece.

There you have it your list for the week. As always tell me what you think if you agree or not I am always happy to hear from you.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

You Fail At MMOs If...

Fail Day! Yes it is that time once again. I'm excited how about you? Of course you are otherwise you wouldn't be here. This week I decided to just do MMOs in general why? Because they are everywhere nowadays. So here it goes

You Fail At MMOs If...

  • You believe at any time standing in fire is a good choice
  • You don't have a general obsession with jumping mindlessly
  • You attempt at any moment to kill a level ??
  • You believe mages are hard to play
  • You think Paladins are part of the cool kids club
  • It is the healers fault you died
  • Your method of tanking is to taunt randomly over and over
  • You hate questing
  • You want to do everything alone
  • You are unaware what guilds are for
  • You do not know the difference between PvP and PvE
  • Your mark of a good MMO is how cute the pets are
  • You ever thought "insert mmo here" would kill WoW
  • You plated Aion for an extend period of time
  • You love FTP MMOs because it is the only way you can get gear
and finally
  • You have a mount which resembles

Hope you enjoyed it. Enjoy your day!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Fix You

Machinima Monday! Yes it is that time of the week. Time to get rid of your depression because I have a video to showcase to all of you. Now there has been quite a few times when I have shown the great work Cranius and Legs produce. What I did not realize is I have never showcased Fix You. It is a song which actually has some meaning to myself with some things I have been through. It also is the prequel to one of my favourite machinima's of all time The Story. So sit back and enjoy the beautiful animation and the great singing the two of them combine to deliver. I give you Fix You

Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I do. Be sure to check out all of Cranius and Legs videos if you haven't seen them you will enjoy them.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ask Gauss

Happy Sunday everyone. The day of pancakes and bacon and all that fancy stuff. Any day which starts with bacon is a good day for me. Frankly, any day that has any bacon in general is a good day to me. Now I want some bacon. Anyways, got sidetracked with the thought of bacon. Sunday, what does that mean? Why it means Ask Gauss, of course. You know the post of the week where I answer some questions sent to me throughout the week. So why don't we just get on with it.

Did you see the Siege of Orgrimmar Trailer? What did you think?

First for those who have no seen it.

Now I enjoy these trailers probably more then the next person and I will never forget my disappointment with the 4.4 trailer. There have been some great ones in the past namely the Black Temple, ZA, and Ulduar ones. This though is in my opinion the best they have ever done. It more than any of them gets you pump up to take Garrosh down. Lore wise I am really excited to know what happens at the end of this though. Will he be killed? Will he escape only to become something else? What is the future of The Horde? Who will be Warchief? So many questions and I cannot wait to find out.

Do you plan of playing Saints Row 4?

Honestly I don't know. I may pick it up eventually but overall I have played the series but never been a huge fan. I have heard a lot of great things about it. Although I have seen some claims that it could be up there with The Last of Us for game of the year. That I think may be going too far. Now yes I haven't played the game, but a game like The Last of Us doesn't come around very often at all. So that's not taking anything away from SR4 just that I pretty much know they are not on the same scale.

Game you will never play?

Any game which is an Xbox exclusive.

There you have it this week's questions answered. Hope you all got something out of it. Keep sending in your questions every week I am always happy to answer them here or with the return email.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Gamers Dedication

Gauss & Safiree
Mostly Epic Saturday's

Hello all, as always hope your week was an easy one. Mine was quite different than usual, but good. This week, I wanted to dedicate a post to a very sweet woman, one who was brave enough to do what most girl gamers have trouble with one time or another, is no longer a hindrance. I don't want to take from what I was sent because I feel it is perfect enough in itself.

" I just wanted to share my experience as a female gamer. For years I played WoW without telling anyone in my guild I was a girl. I didn't want them to treat me differently or say that I was "good for a girl".  I wanted to just be a player like everyone else. Sure there were other girls in the guild and all the power to them but I could tell some of them used the fact they were girls to get some of the guys to do things for them. I would always be on vent listening and I always felt like I wasn't really a part of the guild because no one knew who I was. They assumed I was a guy and I let them. This went on for over 2 years and 2 expansions until I decided when wrath was coming out that I was going to let everyone know. 

It was the first day after the launch and so many people were on vent because there where leveling groups I hopped in one of the channels and after 5 to 10 minutes of starting to talk and then not taking I finally just let it out. "So what we doing next guys" This was followed by quite a few "who is that?" comments until I said this is "Jewelsee" and everyone was like "You're a girl" guild chat couldn't believe it. Everyone was saying how did we not know did you just get a mic. I just kept saying I didn't want to be treated any differently because I was. I wanted to be like everyone else. 

I know it's silly and stupid and I felt like I was being dishonest but in the end I don't think it mattered as much as I thought it would. I was just myself and they respected that. Sure I could have exploited the fact but I chose not to and I think I really could have done that from the start. So thats my story don't know if you feel the same or have a similar story. Either way you are an inspiration and I wanted you to know that."


Thank you for sending Jewelsee, it made my day reading that.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Reader Post that is the name of the game today. The post of the week where one of you sends in a story or post about something gaming related and I go through them and pick the one for the week. This week I went with one which has to do with enjoy games on a different level something which you all know I preach all the time. So congrats to Popplecorn being this week's choice.

I just wanted to say I think it is very cool that you allow people to write in and make their voice heard through your blog. I have read your stuff for a long time and no matter what I enjoy it. I know that sounds like brown nosing, but it's true. So for my submission I wanted to explain how you have made me enjoy games more. 

You see I have been gaming for a long time. Longer than even you. Ever since I could remember though I was always rushing to the end. Not really partaking in the stories. This is why up until recently I have never been an RPG fan since the story is forced upon you. I was always skipping text not reading anything and just pull kill rinse and repeat. Since I was a teenager I never really even listened to the music or even cared what the music was. I would always blast mine on my stereo and just do my own thing. This always hell when PlayStation gave you the option of adding your own playlists this was heaven to me.

This was all true until I saw your posts about the lore in WoW. I must admit I never read any of the quest text I would just look to the objective and get it done and then move on. I didn't care that such and such and this and that happened. You though got me interested. I never realized how massive the lore actually was. I just always assumed it was a side thing that only the RPers even cared about. I have found myself reading every quest in MoP and truly have enjoyed every minute of it. I have even taken up some RPGs lately and I can see why you have an addiction to Final Fantasy.

So if I could say anything and get the chance to be selected for the reader post I would just want people to know that knowing the story and immersing yourself in your game makes it that much more enjoyable.

Thanks for the opportunity,

Thanks again to Popplecorn and his submission along with everyone else s. This post wouldn't be possible without your submissions every week so keep them coming.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

What's In A Name?

So what's in a name? When we are sitting there in front of the keyboard trying to decide on what to name ourselves seems like a simple task. For a true gamer though it isn't. A true gamer has a story behind their name. No matter how weird, complex, or completely idiotic that story is, it still exists. What some do not realize is it is a name that sticks with you. Your gaming persona if you would. My name is Danny sure and sure most if not all those I game with know it to be Danny, but they also know I am Gauss. No matter what I will always be Gauss to them, and to all of you reading this. It is a name I didn't choose lightly either.

I wanted  to pick a name which had qualities I could strive to be as a gamer. Gauss was the greatest mathematician who ever lived(quiet all you Euler people). So when I made the decision to be Gauss as my screen name I wanted to be that type of gamer. The best, the one who never declined a challenge and one who was just that fucking awesome.

Others may not have such a story as myself, but they will have a story. It could be anything, but there is something. True gamers do not name themselves pwnslayer69, or noobstalker. Those gamers didn't realize the choice they were making when they typed that in. You become your name and you embrace it. It is something of pride for any gamer when someone they don't know knows their name. It means they did something others noticed. Even Bagellord can have pride in the fact that countless people know who he is.

So if you are just starting out or know someone who is. Stop them from making dumb decisions. Don't be steve or dave or slayerofnoobs. Be something and make it your own and own it. One does not simply change their gaming name. You want it to be that trademark the one that guy/girl whose day you ruined when you killed them 10 times in a row or that person who helped them through such and such.

This message has been a public service message and has been brought to you by Gauss, because I can, well maybe I can or maybe I just got angry at seeing people with stupid names. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pre Death Release

So here we are once again on a wonderful Wednesday morning here to see what I will be listing today. Ya about that that I need a name for Wednesday's list and the best I could come up with is Wist Wednesday. So if you have an idea let me know and of course I will give you credit for it. About this week's list though I was thinking about what some of our favourite or not so favourite characters went on and on about before they died. So yes they are speeches or letters or rants, but they are just pre-death release for them. So hence the name. So here is my top 5

5. Daelin Proudmoore - Warcraft III

"Can your blood atone for genocide, orc? Your Horde killed countless innocents with its rampage across Stormwind and Lordaeron. Do you really think you can just sweep all that away and cast aside your guilt so easily? No, your kind will never change, and I will never stop fighting you." 

Blizzard is always great at writing speeches. Daelin death really mark the end of everything which the second war was. This gave a chance for the orcs to be their own people. This speech obviously was foreshadowing what Rexxar was about to do, but it was what it represented to the lore.

4. Caius Ballad - Final Fantasy XIII-2

"Noel, you told me Yeul is reborn because of me. Then I have to die. We must free Yeul. Kill me you are the only one who can end this eternal torment. Lightning is dead I killed her with my own hands. Will you allow me to go unpunished. In  Valhalla time does not flow as it should. Long before our battle here, I already faced her. Now she sleeps, never to wake. Things that shall happen in your future have already been decided in my own past. I know how it begins and ends. Noel born at the end of days you understand the true value of life. But know this you will kill me Noel. Impressive. He can change must choose between who dies and who lives you must bare the burden of the eternal paradox!"

As far as Epic goes it doesn't get much better than this. Not only that Caius got exactly what he wanted in the end. When the bad guy wins it is epic in the first place, but when the bad guy wins by getting someone to kill him then that is just on a whole new level.

3. Zack Fair - Crisis Core

"For the both of us. That's right you're're gonna. Live. You will be my living legacy. My dreams. They are yours now."

Maybe a death which caused which created argueably the greatest hero video games has ever seen. The magnitude of that had in itself had to ensure this moment was something special, adn they didn't even come close to doing that.

2. Kael'Thas Sunstrider - World of Warcraft

Don't look so smug! I know what you're thinking, but Tempest Keep was merely a set back. Did you honestly believe I would trust the future to some blind, half-night elf mongrel? Hahahaha... Oh no, no, no, he was merely an instrument, a stepping stone to a much larger plan! It has all led to this...and this time, you will not interfere! My demise accomplishes nothing! The master will have you! You will drown in your own blood! The world shall burn! Aaaghh!

Kael was a chartacter which fell so far. He is someone who everyone loved or hated. He is iconic in the Warcraft. His death was a moment you always remember the first time it happened. There is no way this list or any like it could exist without having Kael on it.

1. Ezio Auditore 

When I was a young man, I had liberty, but I did not see it...I had time, but I did not know it...and I had love, but I did not feel it. Many decades would pass before I understood the meaning of all three...And now, in the twilight of my life, this understanding has passed into contentment. Love, liberty, and time - once so disposable are the fuels that drive me forward, and love was especially mia caro...For you, our children, our brothers and sisters, and for the vast and wonderful world that gave us life and keeps us guessing. Endless affection, mia Sophia.

Forever yours,
Ezio Auditore

You knew he had to die, but not like that and then the letter well it came close to the impact Christina's death did. Ezio one of the best characters ever still managed to have a death as an old man which was owed to him.

There you have it this week's list. As always tell me what you think I read them all if I agree with it or not.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

You Fail At Being A Noob If...

Fail Day! Here we are on a Tuesday once again. Hard to believe we had one just last week. I know mesmerizing isn't it. So for the longest time I have always received emails detailing why do I always use fail day to make fun of those that may be that special kind of stupid. Why don't you do a fail day post at how great it is to be a noob. Well then I thought hey why the hell not so here it goes.

You Fail At Being a Noob If...

  • Your favourite method of turning is not done by using the keyboard
  • You have the time to make hotkeys
  • You use a wired mouse
  • You play games on difficulties that don't begin with the letter E
  • The number of games you have beaten requires more than 1 hand to count
  • Call of Duty isn't your favourite game
  • You don't think LoL requires more skill than Sc2
  • You know the differences between RPG and ARPG
  • You don't see the Wii as a serious gaming system
  • You don't own an Xbox
  • You don't refresh forum posts every 30 minutes to see if someone replied to your thread
  • You do not think LFM stands for Looking for Man
  • Your idea of a gamer girl isn't a girl wearing glasses and holding a controller from 1985
and finally
  • You don't strive to be as awesome as Bagellord

There you have it this week's edition of Fail. So no more bugging me about picking on those who are that special I gave you your own Fail Day.

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Burdens of Shaohao

Monday yes it is that day once again. I am not going to talk about why Mondays suck because  I tend to do that a lot. What I am going to remind you of is that Monday does mean it is Machinima Monday the post of the week where I showcase a Machinima or Animation for all of you to see because I think it is something worth watching. Well this week I decided to go with Blizzard's own Animation series the Burdens of Shaohao. It is the story of the last Pandren emperor. How Pandaria became what it was, and why Shaohao was indeed the last emperor. This series is amazing in every way possible you describe and it. Worth every minute you watch. I though will just get you started with the prelude. so here it is.

Hope you enjoyed and be sure to check out the entire series it is certainly worth it.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ask Gauss

Sunday! If you were not aware of it that is the day that today would be. Unless you live on the other side of the world and if you do well you are pretty used to people not knowing what day it is there. So I know it is not Sunday there, but obviously I don't care. Sunday though means it is time for Ask Gauss, the post of the week where I answer a few of the questions I received during the week and answer them right here on the blog. If you are unsure how to send in your questions well look to the heavens and by the heavens I mean the top right of this page where there is quite a few different ways to find me and get in touch. So pick one!

So what are your thoughts of SC2 currently not on the docket for the next MLG?

This is actually an interesting turn of events. I think it is hilarious all the uninformed people going on and on that this means Starcraft is dying as an ESport. MLG basically shit the bed on this one and didn't get the licence from Blizzard for the event. In doing so Blizzard sold the licence to another party some believe this to be Redbull. This is not confirmed and is just a rumor, but that is what is floating around. Now the real question would be why did Blizzard sell the licence to another party? Now Starcraft is far and away the best viewer Esport at MLG and basically at any other event it just is a much better for spectators then LoL, CoD, or Halo will ever be. So how will this effect MLG numbers and their premium passes? If I had a premium pass for the year I tell you I would be very upset there may not be any SC2 at the Fall event.

Why is Gauss your namesake?

This is pretty simple. Gauss was the best at what he did. Greatest Mathematician who ever lived in my opinion. He was able to accomplish many things others thought were impossible and he wasn't shy about letting others know he knew his shit. One of my favourite Gauss stories happen when his wife was on her death bed. The doctor came in and said "Your wife is dying you should come" he replied with "Could you tell her to wait I am almost done." Yes that happened. Always focused on the task and hand and always trying to achieve the best in whatever he did. So truly is there any better namesake?

Wireless or wired mouse?

Is this a real question. Did you ever lose a hardcore character because your wired mouse batteries died?

There you have it questions answered for the week. Hope you got something useful out of them. Enjoy what is left of your weekend

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Frequently Asked, Are you kidding me?

Safiree & Gauss
Mostly semi-eventful Saturdays

 Hello everyone! Happy Saturday :D Hope your week wasn't too bad. Mine was actually pretty awesome. Met some new people to join my guild, touched base with some of my older friends, and somehow at the age of 22 hurt my hip. Haha. Good news is NFL pre-seasons started up. Anyone else excited :D? Found some really awesome videos I think are definitely worth watching i'll post down below!

Anyways, this week I wanted to make a post about the delicate questions most male players love asking females in game. Sharing some of the frequently asked questions I will someday figure out why were asked in the first place. Sometimes I wish people could see me facepalm. Just so maybe they understand the SHEER VOLUME OF THEIR STUPIDITY! :D

Most frequent, to How the F*** did we get here.
  •  Why aren't you in the kitchen?
  •  Are you fat?
  •  Are you Gay?
  •  Can you make me a sammich?
  •  Are you hot?
  •  How big are your titties? -btw I hate the word titties lol
  •  Why aren't you on your mat in the kitchen?
  •  You got a boyfriend?
  •  Marry me?

 Needless to say, I have no idea why i'm not in the kitchen, if I were though yes I can make a hell of a sandwich but I don't like mayonnaise so if I were to make you a sammich you probably wouldn't like it too much. Sometimes yes i'm on my period, class mechanics of being a female human :D No I'm not gay, though tequila temporarily changes that at times. I won't tell you my tittie size because if I asked you the size of your structured anatomy i'm pretty sure you wouldn't be honest and I can't trust you to be. 

 Am I fat? How about this. Asking a woman this will ensure your virginity young one. No idea why I have a special mat in the kitchen how about next time you tell me when you buy me presents? Hell yes I have a boyfriend, greatest gamer I know :) Yes webcams can be useful, why not ask out echo test service on skype? ;) Sure i'll marry you. In RIFT. Then we will divorce and you can move on with your life with an elf or something. Hope others can relate to this madness. Have you ever been asked a crazy question in game? SHARING IS CARING :D  Also last weeks request for adventures has been scheduled for next week, Gauss' fault. lololol Enjoy your Saturdays guys!! 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Keyboard Turning

So here we are on Friday the end of the week and the day of the week where I hand the post away to one of the readers. If you don't know it is pretty simple. Email me a post about any topic gaming related. It can have something to do with me or it might not. Could be a story or a rant and just send it my way via email. If you don't know where the email link is it is the top right or if you are blind. 

Now that that is out of the way. This week I had a submission from David aka Crockniel about keyboard turning so how could I resist so here it is.

I must say for awhile I heard your rantings and ravings about how bad keybaord turning was. To be honest I thought you were just being an elitist ass so I didn't pay much mind to it. I kept doing it because it was the way I had always played and I wasn't about to change. I could do everything other people were doing completely fine. As time went on you didn't stop, but I started to pay more and more attention to it. 

Then you had that post I don't know when on things you could do to stop keyboard turning. It was unbinding your "a" and "d" keys until  you got out of the habit and started using your mouse. I figured I would try it out and basically disprove the fact you are a better player if you don't keyboard turn. Well after days of cursing you with deaths resulting in me not being able to turn around I finally broke the habit. Now I didn't notice too much of a difference in raiding, but I was quicker and got out of things easier even if I didn't die to them previously. The biggest difference I noticed was in PvP because players have learned as I noticed to exploit those who keyboard turn by running around them and causing them to shuffle. So even if at the start I wasn't a believer I want to thank  you for breaking my habit and making me a better player as a result of my noobish habits.


So there you have it. Thanks to Crockniel for the post and everyone else's submissions. Keep sending them in always a good read. In honor of Crockniel though I will leave you all with this picture.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Update 7

So if you haven't heard SimCity Update 7 is in production and has some much needed traffic modifications. If you haven't read the latest blog about update 7 check it out here SimCity Traffic Tuning.

The update has a lot of road modifications,  which includes raising roads, overpasses, and tunnels. All of which should make the general flow of traffic much better. Now this should make trading by trucks a much more useful practice and there won't be the need to rush to a trade port to make sure train or boat shipping is available. Something which I always made sure of in my trade cities. It actually got to the point where I would stop making trade cities as the traffic became too much of a problem to deal with and there was days upon days where goods would not get there and back to maintain a productive income. This update should change this. Sadly those these road modifications will not be usable on preexisting roads so rebuilding will be necessary. Programming wise I understand this, Mayor wise this is going to be a nightmare for existing regions and may not even be worth changing.

For those who do not play SimCity or haven't realize how bad the traffic can be well here is part of the current problem.

As you can see from the picture you wonder how this even happened in the first place. So here is looking forward to a much needed update so better late then never.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Music of Music

So here we are once again middle of the week and what has became the day of lists. As I said last week I decided to embrace this concept as I always have a favourite or opinion of about just anything. Safiree will even tell you sometimes my opinions might be be more evident than at other times, but hey not such a bad thing in my opinion. So what is this week about? Well I play a lot of games and have played a lot of games. You have played a lot of games as well, but we all know there are those theme music which is recognizable. Sometimes you didn't even know it was from a game. Some compositions are preformed around the world by choirs, orchestras, and whatever else you could possibly think of. So here goes with my top 5 most recognizable music themes.

5.Super Mario Bros

I don't think there is many people in the world who don't recognize this theme. Sure it sounds like an 8-bit beat-box, but that is classic. The only reason this is not higher is because it doesn't have the distinct of being preform by non gamers or scene as anything but a theme to one of the most recognizable games of all time.

4. Among Thieves

Among Thieves has been preformed or used in a series of gaming conventions. It is used in countless credits and videos on youtube. It is one of those themes you had no idea it was from Uncharted 2 unless you actually played the game. That to me is what puts it on the list.

3. Arthas, My Son

Arthas may be the most well known badass ever to grace a video game. He is a recognizable icon and that in its own right might have put this theme on the list. What brings it up the list you ask? It has been preformed by many well known Orchestras and has was only one of 2 musical themes from video games to be considered for the Legendary Music Collection, which has always been dominated by movies.

2. Baba Yetu

Most people have no idea Baba Yetu is from a video game. It is from Civilizations IV. It has been used in the discovery channels yearly review for years. It has been sung by a countless amount of choirs around the globe, and at one time was sung across 6 different countries simultaneously. I can say myself I actually used to load the game and leave on the Intro screen so this music would play. Truly there is only one which could beat this.

1. One Winged Angel 

Maybe on of the most recognizable themes across games, movies, television shows. Absolutely anything. One Winged Angel has been preformed by countless orchestras around the world. In fact there actually was a competition at one time which orchestra could preform it the best. There are countless videos on youtube of people doing there own renditions using their own instruments. This is the only other musical score besides Arthas, My Son to be placed in Legendary Music Collection to represent gaming. One Winged Angel is simply put is everything the list was supposed to be so how could it not be number 1.

There you have it. As always let me know what you all think. Do you think I missed one which should have made the list? If so comment, email me let me know and why.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

You Fail At Being An Elitist If...

Fail Day! Yes it is that time once again I know it has been a week already. I really think I would do Fail Day everyday though. Actually I kind of do. Something happens and I always get these ideas flowing in my head and a Fail Day post happens to start writing itself down. This week I got my inspiration from  some lovely gentlemen we did an Expert Dungeon with. So here goes

You Fail At Being an Elitist If...

  • You are not actually better than anyone
  • You don't know the mechanics of an encounter
  • You die to something which makes Bagellord look like a pro gamer
  • You have never beaten a game on normal difficulty
  • You call others elitist
  • You are confusing the term with snob
  • Your name contains "noob" "scrub" "wannabe" within it
  • You say that's it I am leaving during a boss fight say have fun dying and then the group proceeds to complete it with you outside
  • You say I am not going to hold your hand but then you require help with something
  • You sit in cities on your mount pretending to be AFK
  • Your accomplishments involve topping the charts playing on Xbox live
  • You spell Elitist Elitest
  • You confuse being in love with yourself as you actually being good at something
  • Your voice is higher than an 8 year old female
and finally
  • You expect others to do something for you afterwards

There you have it this week's edition of Fail. Hope you all enjoyed it and share it with your Elitist or want to be elitist friends.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Veil Of Corruption II Finally Here

Happy Monday everyone. Happy Civic Holiday if you are on on the good side of lucky if you are like me. As you know today is Machinima Monday and if you don't well then you need to catch up on some of your Gauss reading. You see it was way back on February 7 2011 when I was excited because the trailer for Veil of Corruption II was finally released. You can see that post here. I was excited because it had been so long since the first chapter had been released and it got me hooked on the story. I was so excited that this meant that chapter II was close. That sadly wasn't the case but more than 2 years later we have it. I will warn you this isn't something you can sit back and watch for 5-10 minutes it is a sit down viewing grab some popcorn and watch closes in on 2 hours. So without making you wait her is Part Two of  Veil Of Corruption.

Hope you enjoy it. Enjoy your Monday anyway you can.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Ask Gauss

Sunday is upon us once again. This time it being a long weekend so for me at least the weekend isn't coming to an end. Before I hear it, no Canada doesn't have a long weekend every weekend. We don't even have one once a month I just feel non-Canadians always seem to remember us saying we have holidays. Now that we got that little mini argument out of the way. Sunday does mean it is time for Ask Gauss the post where I answer a few questions sent to myself throughout the week. Again if you struggle with the concept of remembering or you are new here all the ways to send me such questions are in the top right. So let's just get on with it.

Why do you think it is so popular to build landmarks from other games in Minecraft?

First off I don't play Minecraft nor do I have an itch to play it, but I can probably shed some light on to this. Gamers will build things they know and what others can relate to so they can show it off. It you built a landmark from your town or even your country not everyone would know it when they see it. Although if you built something from a famous game then other gamers from places all over the world would recognize it. It is the world we live in that more people can recognize Orgrimmar then Istanbul.

On a side note. In my Rift dimension I am making a house or castle basically now and working on a throne room. In the throne room I plan on building the Iron Throne. Why? Because it is awesome, who wouldn't want a throne made out of swords, and it is something people will see and say ya that is the Iron Throne.

What is one of your biggest gaming regrets?

Not catching that damn turtle... No but seriously I tend to have no regrets when I do things. I go all in in mostly everything I do. Doing something better maybe. I used to have a guild in WoW "The Army of Gauss" way back around when the game first came it. It started out as a joke but then people flocked to the guild and it became completely massive. More than someone could possible control. The amount of people created a guild which was like 4 guilds. PvE, PvP, Leveling, and Trade Chat. When I wanted to do more with WoW I had to create a new guild where we could focus on the end game raiding I was getting into so this was how Three Score was born from the PvE section of AoG. That ended up being awesome and had some amazing times. What I wish I did better was leaving AoG. It was my namesake after all.

So what you think Bagellord has been up to lately?

I believe I found a picture to describe this perfectly

There you have it questions answer for another week. Enjoy your long weekend if you have it and if not well enjoy what is left of it.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Dem Feels...!

Gauss & Safiree
Mostly Epic Saturdays

Hello everyone. Happy Saturday!! I had a great friday night. Spent it with family enjoying eachothers company. It got me thinking about a blog topic for today. Guilds. To some people it is just a group of people that associate and do what they need to do and that's it. For me when playing I wasn't one of those guild hoppers. I started playing World of Warcraft when I was 15. At first I didn't take it as serious. As far as talking to others I was very shy.

I was invited to a very well established guild and they very quickly turned the guild invite into a friendship between me and almost 200 other people. Over time there was a group of us maybe 10-15 we were very close. Personally. No matter what I was going through in the real world I had people online who were there for me not in person but in spirit. Unfortunately the leader suffered some major health problems and the guild fell apart. But those 10-15 people became my life long friends. And to this day we are all still very close.

 When I was guildless I didn't mind, but I felt like I didn't belong anywhere. Then when I met Gauss I joined his guild and immediately I felt like an outsider, but at least I had a home. Things were much different. More serious raiding and PVP. After a few months things settled in there own way. Made some temporary friends, and when that guild fell apart the only people I had were Gauss, Lyth, Khullkhum, and a small handful of great people. (Forgive me for misspelling your name Aaron ;). 

Point being, for some people the way you treat someone may or may not actually effect you in game and in the real world. Friendships that will carry on throughout your life. I know most people are shallow players who play to play and that is it. Nothing at all wrong with it. Though I do suggest why not welcome new friends and get the most from your games. (EXCLUDING THE 12 YEAR OLDS IN XBOX LIVE) 

When I talk to people I'm real. Its gotten me many great friends. I feel like experiencing those moments when taking down a boss with the same 25 people you have played with for hours everyday is a feeling that is an amazing spark of good in life. I would love to share all of our stories and I will, but I hope you take from this a new appreciation for those you game with often. Don't be shy :D

Hope you have a great weekend, and as always thanks for the support and emails. I love feedback good or bad. Got a guild screenshot and epic story of victory PVE, PVP, or even other games? Send screenshots of an old victory or new ones. I'd love to help you share that story. Picture and a summary and the most epic adventure will be in next weeks post. I'm excited to see what unfolds. Thanks again guys. :]

Me and a friend of mine. We had nothing at all in common, but were very good friends. R.I.P Patrick <3

Friday, August 2, 2013


So last week was supposed to be the  first week where you the reader would write the post of the week. I would pick one lucky person and let them have their moment. Last Friday, of course was my Birthday so that didn't happen. This week though is  completely different as well it is not my Birthday so we can do this thing.

When I read what Moolot sent to me I was rather confused so I figured I would share and see what you all thought.

I guess I should start off saying I have been reading your blog for a long time back to when I saw your Pi Guy link on WoW Insider. I will be quite honest that it was not at all what I expected but it was something I saw myself reading on a regular basis, which I guess that is a good thing for you.

As time went on I kept reading and shared your blog with a few of my friends at work as it was a Monday when you were sharing a video. It was actually 9 Crimes. I remember because we actually got into an argument about what the song was about and why it was even a part of the video. It has become this thing where we come into work when we hear a song and just saw it to each other as a way of saying "this song would have fit much better". This has gone on for quite some time and I though you should know you are a reason we tend not to get some work done at times.

If this gets picked or not I thought you should know. So keep on writing and I am sure there is many more like us who get a kick out of everything you write.


I want to thank Moolot for his submission and everyone else for theirs. It really was a lot of fun reading them and look forward to next week's for more of the same. Enjoy your weekend everyone and as always don't forget to see what Safiree will be talking about tomorrow!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

When Did It Change?

Sometimes when I am talking to anyone about gaming this picture is kind of how I feel. I have been around this gaming thing for quite some time. I was around when gaming was that secret you didn't tell anyone about because you didn't want them to know. When you try to explain to the younger generation of gamers what games used to be like the response is always "well that doesn't sound fun", "Isn't that unfair?", "Why wouldn't they want you to beat their game?". These are all fair questions and I get that. But...

When did this all change? I have been trying to figure out when companies started to want everyone to see all their content. Was it because the companies themselves realized they were putting all this development money into part of the game that was very getting played? When did games start having difficulty levels? I really can't remember. 

You see I really don't think it is a bad thing the way things have changed it makes sense. Although having bragging rights with friends for getting past a certain point in a game was always a big deal. You would go over and really show why they should bow down to you. There really is nothing like this now. Sure you have twitch where you can watch people do their thing, but it isn't exactly the same. Even achievements seem to be achievements for the sake of achievements now. Rift for example you seem to get an achievement for jumping. Is the self esteem of today's gamer that bad where they need to be congratulated for the silliest of things? Who knows.

So here I am on my chair tell stories of the way things where and what they have become. It feels weird, but I would still like some answers, and maybe one day I will get them.