Friday, August 16, 2013

Reader Post that is the name of the game today. The post of the week where one of you sends in a story or post about something gaming related and I go through them and pick the one for the week. This week I went with one which has to do with enjoy games on a different level something which you all know I preach all the time. So congrats to Popplecorn being this week's choice.

I just wanted to say I think it is very cool that you allow people to write in and make their voice heard through your blog. I have read your stuff for a long time and no matter what I enjoy it. I know that sounds like brown nosing, but it's true. So for my submission I wanted to explain how you have made me enjoy games more. 

You see I have been gaming for a long time. Longer than even you. Ever since I could remember though I was always rushing to the end. Not really partaking in the stories. This is why up until recently I have never been an RPG fan since the story is forced upon you. I was always skipping text not reading anything and just pull kill rinse and repeat. Since I was a teenager I never really even listened to the music or even cared what the music was. I would always blast mine on my stereo and just do my own thing. This always hell when PlayStation gave you the option of adding your own playlists this was heaven to me.

This was all true until I saw your posts about the lore in WoW. I must admit I never read any of the quest text I would just look to the objective and get it done and then move on. I didn't care that such and such and this and that happened. You though got me interested. I never realized how massive the lore actually was. I just always assumed it was a side thing that only the RPers even cared about. I have found myself reading every quest in MoP and truly have enjoyed every minute of it. I have even taken up some RPGs lately and I can see why you have an addiction to Final Fantasy.

So if I could say anything and get the chance to be selected for the reader post I would just want people to know that knowing the story and immersing yourself in your game makes it that much more enjoyable.

Thanks for the opportunity,

Thanks again to Popplecorn and his submission along with everyone else s. This post wouldn't be possible without your submissions every week so keep them coming.


  1. You really know your lore and do't pretend otherwise. And you have a way of explaining it to people who are or were completely useless in regards to it.

  2. I don't understand how people rush through games. To me knowing the story is what makes games worth while. Gives you something to talk about with others who played the game. Maybe that is just an RPG thing though