Tuesday, August 13, 2013

You Fail At Being A Noob If...

Fail Day! Here we are on a Tuesday once again. Hard to believe we had one just last week. I know mesmerizing isn't it. So for the longest time I have always received emails detailing why do I always use fail day to make fun of those that may be that special kind of stupid. Why don't you do a fail day post at how great it is to be a noob. Well then I thought hey why the hell not so here it goes.

You Fail At Being a Noob If...

  • Your favourite method of turning is not done by using the keyboard
  • You have the time to make hotkeys
  • You use a wired mouse
  • You play games on difficulties that don't begin with the letter E
  • The number of games you have beaten requires more than 1 hand to count
  • Call of Duty isn't your favourite game
  • You don't think LoL requires more skill than Sc2
  • You know the differences between RPG and ARPG
  • You don't see the Wii as a serious gaming system
  • You don't own an Xbox
  • You don't refresh forum posts every 30 minutes to see if someone replied to your thread
  • You do not think LFM stands for Looking for Man
  • Your idea of a gamer girl isn't a girl wearing glasses and holding a controller from 1985
and finally
  • You don't strive to be as awesome as Bagellord

There you have it this week's edition of Fail. So no more bugging me about picking on those who are that special I gave you your own Fail Day.


  1. LMAO that was awesome

  2. Hello,
    My name is Pai.
    I want to use the Noob figure to create a new badge.
    May I use this figure?