Friday, August 23, 2013

More and More

Here we are Friday morning sitting and wondering what today's reader post would be about. I must say there were quite a few choices this week which were rather deserving and as I stated to some of them I may include them in a future week because I feel they were that good. I did though come to the decision to let Hilly speak his mind. Frankly it is a topic which I have felt about writing about, but always but it to something I would write about because it is not seeming to be going away. Regardless if I do or not here is Hilly's Reader Post

Being a reader of your blog for quite some time I have noticed you seem to talk about pretty much everything. One thing which you have never touched on though is the cost of gaming. I don't know if this is because you don't want to get into it or you feel like it is going somewhere you don't want to deal with. I find it is something which is extremely important to the average gamer though.

You see with consoles in the $300-400 range and a capable gaming PC in the $800+ range  it is getting out of control. Now these systems themselves are not a huge problem, but with games being $60-70 and plenty of games out there to play. I was amaze to find out I spent almost $4,000 just on gaming in the past year. Granted I did upgrade to a better PC and bought a PS3 but doesn't that seem a little crazy to you? Now you might say its a hobby and if you enjoy it then just like going to the movies, or to a play you would be spending about the same if that's what you liked to do.

Now I was thinking I am a lucky one. I had the money to spend and I actually enjoyed every game I purchased and never saw it as a waste at the time. Looking back though I am wondering if I didn't play a game enough to be worth the money. I am more concerned though for those who couldn't enjoy what I was able to. The won't be playing these new games and on these knew systems because it is pretty damn expensive. Isn't this wrong? The purpose of gaming is to give the enjoyment to those doing it. I don't know the numbers but I assume people are able to but less and less and just tend to enjoy what they have. It is sad when you think about it really that some games will never get played as much just because some had to pass on it.

Thanks for letting me speak my mind. Maybe you agree, but I hope you at least took the time to read.


Thanks Hilly for your Reader Post. I not only read it but I shared it with everyone. Enjoy your weekend everyone and don't forget to check out what Safiree has to say tomorrow!

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  1. I tend to pick about 5 games a year I say are must have and then make other purchases based on a budget. This way I get everythign i truly want and then some extra!