Monday, August 5, 2013

Veil Of Corruption II Finally Here

Happy Monday everyone. Happy Civic Holiday if you are on on the good side of lucky if you are like me. As you know today is Machinima Monday and if you don't well then you need to catch up on some of your Gauss reading. You see it was way back on February 7 2011 when I was excited because the trailer for Veil of Corruption II was finally released. You can see that post here. I was excited because it had been so long since the first chapter had been released and it got me hooked on the story. I was so excited that this meant that chapter II was close. That sadly wasn't the case but more than 2 years later we have it. I will warn you this isn't something you can sit back and watch for 5-10 minutes it is a sit down viewing grab some popcorn and watch closes in on 2 hours. So without making you wait her is Part Two of  Veil Of Corruption.

Hope you enjoy it. Enjoy your Monday anyway you can.

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  1. Watched it the other day. Pretty epic I must say