Sunday, August 4, 2013

Ask Gauss

Sunday is upon us once again. This time it being a long weekend so for me at least the weekend isn't coming to an end. Before I hear it, no Canada doesn't have a long weekend every weekend. We don't even have one once a month I just feel non-Canadians always seem to remember us saying we have holidays. Now that we got that little mini argument out of the way. Sunday does mean it is time for Ask Gauss the post where I answer a few questions sent to myself throughout the week. Again if you struggle with the concept of remembering or you are new here all the ways to send me such questions are in the top right. So let's just get on with it.

Why do you think it is so popular to build landmarks from other games in Minecraft?

First off I don't play Minecraft nor do I have an itch to play it, but I can probably shed some light on to this. Gamers will build things they know and what others can relate to so they can show it off. It you built a landmark from your town or even your country not everyone would know it when they see it. Although if you built something from a famous game then other gamers from places all over the world would recognize it. It is the world we live in that more people can recognize Orgrimmar then Istanbul.

On a side note. In my Rift dimension I am making a house or castle basically now and working on a throne room. In the throne room I plan on building the Iron Throne. Why? Because it is awesome, who wouldn't want a throne made out of swords, and it is something people will see and say ya that is the Iron Throne.

What is one of your biggest gaming regrets?

Not catching that damn turtle... No but seriously I tend to have no regrets when I do things. I go all in in mostly everything I do. Doing something better maybe. I used to have a guild in WoW "The Army of Gauss" way back around when the game first came it. It started out as a joke but then people flocked to the guild and it became completely massive. More than someone could possible control. The amount of people created a guild which was like 4 guilds. PvE, PvP, Leveling, and Trade Chat. When I wanted to do more with WoW I had to create a new guild where we could focus on the end game raiding I was getting into so this was how Three Score was born from the PvE section of AoG. That ended up being awesome and had some amazing times. What I wish I did better was leaving AoG. It was my namesake after all.

So what you think Bagellord has been up to lately?

I believe I found a picture to describe this perfectly

There you have it questions answer for another week. Enjoy your long weekend if you have it and if not well enjoy what is left of it.


  1. I miss Bagellord. He was always so entertaining will never forget the time he jumped off the boat.