Monday, August 31, 2015

Starcrafts Brood War

Monday! Yes I know it is here and if you are like me than you are still recovering from your weekend. So what better time then now to sit back and watch something to get you right back into the swim of things. Now I know I showed a Carbot Video last week and yes I could say that it was a Heroes of the Storm instead of a Starcrafts, but I am not going to do that. What I am going to do is get hyped up for the new season of Starcrafts with coming this Saturday. The best part about it is we are going back in time to the land of Brood War for some new and exciting episodes. So here is the teaser to get you ready for it!

Now are you as ready as I am?

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Yes that it is that time of the week again and not only is it the end of the weekend, but it is the last Sunday in August so those of you that have to go back to school come September can start feeling worse and worse about everything. But before all the doom and gloom comes why don't I get to the questions for the week.

Do you feel Legacy of the Void will be the last Starcraft game?

I don't want to say the last Starcraft game ever, but I at least think it will be the last Starcraft game for a long time. In fact it may even be the last RTS game for a very long time. The gaming world is moving towards competitive games that are easy to get into but have a high skill cap. While RTS games have high skill cap but are also hard to just get in and play at a respectable level. So as much as I love Starcraft I don't see Blizzard moving it away from its RTS roots and for that reason it may be quite some time before we see it all again.

Do you think we will see more and more games based on Television shows?

I assume you are referring to the Telltale games, but you can also include Defiance as games made popular by their television counterparts. Truthfully I really do think we will see more of this especially from the Telltale side of things because the games have been such a hit with the gaming community and to me I cannot see this as a bad thing.

Why don't you make a best FPS list?

Well because I don't really enjoy FPS games and would probably turn into a least about my most overrated games.

There you have it this week's questions all answered. As always thank you to everyone who sent one in this week as it would not be possible to do something like this without your continued support.

Enjoy what is left of your weekend!

Friday, August 28, 2015

The Khala

So here we are hanging out on a Friday on the internet. If you have been to Gauss Land before you know this is the day of the week where I let you the Readers contribute to the blog. This week I have a submission by Ootarion who wants to scream out and let loose about the Protoss and their connection to the Khala. Now for those of you who don't know what the Khala is well it is the main religion of the Khalai protoss. It is based on a psionic philosophy that maintains a communal psionic link between all adherents. Basically anyone not relating to the Dark Templar faith(The Void) is connected to the Khala. So with that small and slightly explanation here is Ootarion's rant.

I just.....I just heard about this, the Khala getting corrupted and forcing ALL PROTOSS still connected to the Khala to sever their links....I just....just why? The wiki I read said that the particular section I read that in could substantially change over time, and honestly, the loss of the Khala better NOT be permanent.

I know that in the end the Khala and Void are not all that different but umm....yeah no I like the idea of the Khala being such a big representation of Unification, being able to hear one another through your thoughts, but with the Khala effectively gone this means no protoss anywhere can ever communicate to another protoss through thought alone, among other things will be lost to. I just cannot, will not abide by the loss of something that has been a core facet of the Protoss Society for so long. Yes I know Artanis is going to try to find a way to make a Protoss Society that does not use the Khala, but still, the loss of the Khala should not be permanent and if it is going to be, then I cannot and will not ever agree to it.

If it is permanent I say again WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE PERMANENT?! Without a doubt Amon is going to be defeated once and for all since this game concludes the story doesnt it? So why does it have to be permanent? With Amon's defeat cant the corruption disappear to!? WHY DOES THIS HAVE TO BE PERMANENT if it is permanent?! Furthermore, what does it even matter!? If the Protoss have been slowly dying out cause they have issues with reproduction then what is even the POINT in remaking the Protoss Society? WHAT IS THE POINT in robbing them of the Khala HUH!? Unless their issues with reproduction are gonna be solved, I see no reason to make this permanent, and regardless of whether the issue is resolved or not I still see no need for this to be a permanent thing. FURTHERMORE what about Protoss who would later be born with the Appendages? Certainly the Protoss are not gonna abandon all hope of restoring the Khala.

This would basically force Protoss to all be part of the Void cause guess what, unless I'm mistaken cutting yourself off from the Khala = being automatically embraced by the Void, I have nothing against the Void but I hate how THIS could be what finally unites all the Protoss again, they should be able to unite in their own way, Khala and Void, not just Void, Khala and Void would have been far more interesting.

So there you have it. Are you just as upset about this? Or do you really not care about the Starcraft story and just want the multiplayer? Either way, enjoy your weekend

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Macro? What Macro?

So if you are a Starcraft fan and haven't heard what was put into the Legacy of the Void patch notes last week you obviously have been living under a rock and are also in for a big shock. These are the 3 major macro changes being implemented into Legacy of the Void.

  • Chrono boost is being removed
  • MULEs are a thing of the past
  • Spawn Lava is able to be auto casted and 2 larva instead of 4
So I know what you are thinking this is a complete removal of things that separate the good players from the bad. Are you using your chrono boost effectively? Are you wasting energy by not calling down MULEs? Are you on top of your injects? If you are asking these things you would be right. SO why are they removing them? Well I have two thoughts on why they are doing so.

1) RTS games learning curve is way too high above MOBAs

It is pretty simple. Getting into an RTS and learning how to play with all of the mechanics is 100x more difficult than picking up a MOBA. Not only are you controlling way more units, but you also have to take care of your base, and with those 3 things also manage your races specific macro centred abilities. This is a daunting task for new players and from what I have seen myself turns people away from the game and they go and play MOBAs. Now many of you who know how to play will say this lowers the skill cap and will make the pro scene much less entertaining and competitive in favour of allowing newer players a chance to actually play at a higher level. While I agree this takes away something from the pro scene as anything requiring more skill removed does this does lead into my second point.

2)Game is going to be more Micro focused

If you look at all the new units which have been added they focus on being well micro'd, Micro is something which as the player is more and more skilled becomes more and more important. Blizzard is taking the risk that people enjoy micro battles much more than they do macro ones and if you were asking me I would agree with them. Micro games while stressful for the player are much more exciting to watch then someone who can spend and allocate their minerals correctly. While Macro is still important in this type of situation micro is key and will be winning games.

If this is Blizzards thinking I applaud them for it. If they just want to get more players playing and are not thinking of the entertainment value of the game then I would be a sad panda. I do though have confidence they are doing the right thing for the long run of the game. Sure it will be a change, but you forget all of these things existed this way in Brood War.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I Really Shot The Hell Out Of That Guy, Huh?

Wednesday! Yes your week is right in the middle of it again. Which means if you are not sure by now it is time for a list. Now when thinking about what I was going to do for my list this week I thought about what time of year it was. That being getting close to school starting itself up again. So what about if I went with my favourite teenage characters. Originally I thought this list was going to have not that much of a good selection, but with more thought it was the exact opposite. So tough choices aside here is the list.

5. Squall - Final Fantasy VII

The guy who didn't need anyone, well at least so it seemed. Many argue is the foundation for the best cinematic story of all the Final Fantasy games. Game just wouldn't be the same without this character.

4. Sora - Kingdom Hearts

So for a game that when I first played I assumed it was going to be a joke turned out to be tons of fun. Also a game I love replaying again and again because of Sora and his journey.

3. Little Mac - Punch Out

Who doesn't love Little Mac? A story which is all about the underdog making his way up it just is impossible not to cheer for this guy to be the champ.

2. Jimmy Hopkins - Bully

Everyone who knows video games looks highly on the game Bully. It doesn't have all the cheese of the GTA games, which takes away from the actual story trying to be told. Jimmy Hopkins isn't only one of the best Teen characters out there is one of the best in general.

1. Ellie - The Last of Us

For one of the greatest games of all time you have to have one of the greatest characters of all time. Elle isn't just some secondary fodder to Joel is the important piece to the story which keeps Joel focused on maintaining what is left of his humanity. Joel is a really amazing character, but without Elle there he wouldn't be so.

There it is this week's List. Agree of disagree as always let me know what you think. Happy arguing!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

You Fail At Not Caring About Previous Devs Tweets If...

Fail Day! Yes here it is again and what are we to do? Well we are, of course, gong to poke fun at people as we always do. Otherwise it really wouldn't be fail day wouldn't it? As for the topic this week? Well I have had people comment to me time and time again about what this person said and about what this person said about their former job, when really who cares? So I just had to take it upon myself to make a fail day post about it. So here we go

You Fail At Not Caring About Previous Dev's Tweets If...
  • You proceed to constantly blame former employees for things they did to the game you play
  • You are a professional complainer
  • You check in with MMO Champion every time there is a tweet update
  • You hashtag former employees in your tweets to new employees
  • You ask them what they would do different now like it would matter
  • You look forward to people quitting or getting fired so you can then follow them on twitter
  • You feel you can trust what disgruntled employees say
  • You believe it is your right to point out all their flaws
  • You never miss an opportunity to remind them of past mistakes even if they weren't their mistakes
  • You believe you know everything about game design
  • You feel former Devs own you explanations
And Finally

  • You don't play LoL and read Ghostcrawler's tweets

There you have it this week's edition of Fail. Hope you all enjoyed it and got something out of it.

Monday, August 24, 2015

HeroStorm Nazeebro

Here we are at the start of yet another wonderful week. Well maybe not wonderful because you may be also realizing that this is the last full week of August. Or maybe you haven't and I just broke that news to you. If so I am not really sorry, but if you want to believe that I am you may go ahead. Anyways with everything that has been going on you may have missed the newest episode in Carbot Animations Heroes of the Storm series HeroStorm. So that is where I come in to make it right and showing it to you here today. So have a look and have a laugh


Now I know you thought that was as amazing as I thought it was.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Yes it is here once again for all of us to realize we wasted our weekend doing such and such. It is also the time to go through a bunch of emails and find some questions worth answering for you all on here. So why don't I get right to that.

The Monk(Heroes of the Storm). Like him or not?

I think a Diablo support has been needed for quite some time, but I think you were referring  more to his abilities which I think bolster team fights quite well. I haven't had the chance to play him directly as I have been quite busy with other things lately but I believe his kit is best suited for a 2 support combo with Tassadar being the prime choice as the alternate. Now as most of you know I love the Monk style of play as I am an avid Monk Diablo player so I will try to not let that cloud my judgement.

Legion Lore you think this is a smart play?

Well I like the class halls idea, but I am not sure about making iconic characters in the universe dead or not particularly useful, but as always will have to see how it plays out. Also I have always enjoyed Illidan's story as it is one of the most deep and well rounded stories in the universe. So having him back is always a treat for me and I look forward to it.

Why was Halo not part of your vehicle list?

Because it comes from Halo.

There you have it this week's questions all answered. To everyone who submitted a question if I got it or not recognize this could not be possible without them so keep sending them in. Also if I didn't answer it on here as always I will get to it eventually so just be slightly more patient then I am.

Friday, August 21, 2015

The Forsaken and The Light

So here we are at the end of the week wondering if you are the lucky one who gets chosen for this week's Reader Post. If you are Jaspias then you are the lucky one. He goes into how other races religions have interpreted the Light into their own religion to help them become Priests and Paladins. It is a good read and really made me sit back and think. So now it is your turn.

The Forsaken have a pretty shaky relationship with the Light, the only real excuse for Forsaken priests lore-wise is the Cult of Forgotten Shadow. Holy and Discipline are only in the games for balance reasons, with the explanation being "the Light horribly hurts them, but some Forsaken tough it out." But recently I've been thinking; The Church of the Holy Light, (which is what non-shadow Forsaken priests would believe in) views undead as abominations against the Light. It doesn't make much sense, one with strong enough belief in the Light to be a priest would also hate would they become, Just look at Lillian Voss. She was a Scarlet Crusader, it doesn't get much more devote than that, and her response would be typical in Priests. 

So this got me thinking again; the most diverse classes among the races of Azeroth are the Priests and Paladins, especially so on the Horde side. Every race has its own belief, the Tauren worship the sun, the Blood Elves have the Blood Knights, trolls worship the Loa, night elves revere Elune, and so on. This brings us to Legion, where Sylvanas and her Valkyr will play a big part. So...could the Forsaken adopt the Vrykul Religion? Not all of them, of course, but just priests (and maybe paladins some day), adding yet another flavor to the priest punch. The Halls of Valor could be the answer to Sylvanas' death paranoia as well, and give the Forsaken something to fight for, now that the Lich King (the one that they hated anyway,) is gone. What do you think? Would it be a good fit, or do you like the current Forsaken theme of doom, gloom, and plague?

I think such a thing is possible your normal everyday Forsaken, but not Sylvanas herself. You have some examples of Forsaken like Leonid Bartholomew that views undeath as just an affliction of sorts,. He doesn't define himself by his own undeath but rather seeks a spriritual or magical cure for it across Azeroth and beyond. Sylvanas is damned in the most profound manner possible, as damned as the Lich King was for his actions in life. I don't think the Light has anything which could restore her essential "humanity" to her, and even if it did I highly doubt she'd accept it or even recognize it for what it was. But that is just me, what do you all think? Good food for thought for the weekend

Thursday, August 20, 2015


I was thinking the other day how much things have changed gaming wise. Now I still firmly believe that most games today are much easier in difficulty then games of years past as I am sure most of you would agree. This is really do to modern programming able to include difficulty levels into the mix. What also needs to be taken into account is the fact that the internet exists. Now why does this make a difference? Well it used to be your only methods for strats or help was from friends, family, or gaming magazines. If you didn't have a way you were stuck wondering how and developing your own strategy.

The internet has changed that in such a way that if you are stuck well you can just look for a strategy or a walkthrough and you will be set. Sure you still have to accomplish the task yourself, but you have something to build towards. Today there really is no excuse not being able to beat something except for the simple answer that you aren't good enough. Now is this a good thing? Well it is and it isn't. If you are like me you always try to do things yourself at first and see if you can go about doing things your own way. Sure this process can take longer and your strategy itself might be flawed but really I am used to this from when I was younger and playing RPGs. You had no other choice. The thing that bothers me now is people don't even try they go right to the net or their strategy guide and figure out how it is done. I don't see how this can be fun. To me part of the fun of gaming is being able to figure things out and share it with your friends.

Look at the title of this post for example. It is something I will never forget and I would hope no one else who has ever figured it out would either. It was a sense of accomplishment or a small achievement for those of us who were lucky enough. So do me a favour if you don't from now on, try things yourself first and then if you are struggling or think there is a better way then look it up, but not before then.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Welcome To The Revolution, Battlejerks

Here we are getting up and enjoying the fact that it is already Wednesday. Maybe for the fact that the work week is at its half way point or you were just really curious what the list was going to be about this week. For the latter well this week I thought about doing the best "vehicle" sections in video games. Now I just want to point out that to qualify for this the game itself cannot be a vehicle game as that would be cheating. So here we go

5. Motorcycle - Final Fantasy VII

So you are on your way out of Midgar giant sword in hand and all you have to do is ride your bike at the same time. Just one of the many great mini game type things through Final Fantasy VII that made it so fun to play.

4. Streets - Goldeneye 007

So there was that great tank scene from the movie so it better have been in the game right? It was and really turns out to be one of the best parts to the game.

3. Mine Cart - Donkey Kong Country

The game is jsut starting and instead of the normal platforming you get to ride around in your mine cart and wonder how these tracks are still in use. Regardless still one of my favourite levels of the game.

2. Horseback Riding - Uncharted 3

Uncharted is know for its great action sequences and I could have chosen so many from all the games, but went with this one not only for the fun factor, but also for the difficulty one. Riding around just made the frustration that much more fun.

1. Turbo Tunnel - Battletoads

What happens when a really hard game makes a really hard level? Well you get this. Even if you begin to rage the level itself is fun that you just keep trying again and again to get it right.

There you have it this week's list. Do you have a level I may have missed? Let me know one way or another.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

You Fail At Team Objectives If...

Fail Day! Yes here we are that point in the week again where you get to feel just a little bit better about yourself because I am making someone else feel worse. Yes, such a wonderful day isn't it? This week I decided to go with the topic of teamwork because frankly lately I haven't seen much of it when playing with random people and I just have to vent.

You Fail At Team Objectives If...

  • You missed the signal
  • You figure the rest of the team has got it covered
  • You try to take on the other team before anyone arrives
  • You show up after everyone else is dead
  • You didn't know you had to help
  • You aren't exactly sure what you are in fact supposed to do
  • You just rage at people for helping out wrong instead of informing them how to do so correctly
  • You have spent too much time playing single player games
  • You spend more time insulting someone's mother instead of playing the game
  • You just want to be left alone to do your thing in peace
  • Your mic is muted
  • You have serious problems at being given helpful advice
  • You are one of those people who has no business playing a competitive game

and finally

  • You are so bad you believe the team is better off with you not helping at all

There you have it this week's edition of Fail. Hope you all had a good laugh or at least a good rage out moment recollection.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Why ESPN is Wrong About eSports

Happy Monday! well maybe not so happy but it is still Monday. So here I was thinking about what video I would be sharing today when I was just scrolling around on YouTube and noticed that I have never shared a Game Theorist video in all the years I have been sharing videos. Now for those of you who watch Game Theory you are also baffled and are probably making sure I am not actually bullshitting. Those who haven't heard of Game Theory you really should start watching and what better way than with the one I am going to show you today. Now when I was deciding on which to choose I went with one which is actually pretty important with the world we live in today. So sit back and maybe learn something!

Now did we all learn something?

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Yes it is here and just like you I have no idea where it went. When I even was thinking what post I was doing today it didn't even occur to me that it was Ask Gauss and I had to go through some questions. I guess when you go on a little bit of a holiday things get confusing. Regardless it is that time of the week so let's get on with the questions

Do you think the rate they are starting to release Heroes if Heroes of the Storm is going to fast currently?

Truthfully? No. I think it keeps the game fresh. It makes sure the meta of the game is shifting all the time while everyone is learning to play these new heroes and adapt to them. As long as the Heroes are well balanced adding them this quick will never be an issue. I also like the addition of new battlegrounds keeps the game evolving and not stale as the same old same old like some other MOBAs

With all the Dark Souls 3 footage released am I the only one who thinks the game looks easier?

No. I think the game is going to maintain the difficulty as we have seen in the past, but I don think many elements from Bloodborne are going to be incorporated. Meaning the game will be difficult but it won't unfairly punish for making small mistakes. Now some would say that makes the game easier and maybe it does but I think if you do things the Bloodborne way you will see more success and keep people playing while still maintaining the frustration level of a difficult game.

How often will we be hearing YOU ARE NOT PREPARED in Legion?

I don't think you are PREPARED for the amount.

There you have it questions answered for the week. Hope you all got something out of it or it wasn't a complete waste of time. Enjoy what is left of your weekend!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Oh Alleria

Happy Friday! Yes your week is over and it is time for the weekend. As I am sure most of you know and it will continue to be Friday is the time when I take a look at some posts sent to me and decide to share one with you for the week's Reader Post. This week I picked one that has to do with Alleria and what her direction will be come expansion time. Here is Loadbear's take on it.

What do you think they're gonna do with Alleria? She has several reasons to be Alliance, but also has several to be Horde. Do you think she'll be Alliance? Horde? Neutral? I can think of a case for all three.

Alliance: She has a sister in the Alliance. Vereesa. I think that if Vereesa gets to her first, she'll tell her that the Blood Elves are evil and largely attribute Rhonin's death as their doing, and Alleria will be mad and join the Silver Covenant. Also, Turalyon will probably be Alliance, so naturally a big part of her would want to go with him. The Sons of Lothar also are Alliance, along with her former troops from Allerian Stronghold, including Auric Sunchaser. Sylvanas is kind of scary with what she does in Lordaeron, which Turalyon will probably be mad about.

Horde: She also has a sister in the Horde. Sylvanas. She gave up her life on Azeroth, thinking never to return, out of love for her people to protect them and make sure the Old Horde would never be a threat to them ever again. She returns to Azeroth to find that 90% of her race have been murdered by the prince of Lordaeron, were nearly doomed by Garithos and betrayed by the Kirin Tor, lost the Sunwell and were very vulnerable to the Scourge (and Alleria didn't have a husband in charge of a safe magical city to get mana crystals from to wean herself off her addiction like Vereesa, so I think she'll understand the BE's point of view much better than Vereesa), had to resort to siphoning mana from living creatures like vermin driven mad by their own addictions to magic, denied aid from the Alliance and instead spied upon by the Night Elves, were forced to join the Horde to get to Outland, then promptly betrayed by Kael'thas. Vereesa and her friend Jaina aren't very fond of the other 90% of Alleria's surviving people (Please don't say the Blood Elves aren't her people and the High Elves are. Both are her people.) and Vereesa and the Silver Covenant happily beat defenseless civilians in Dalaran and killed armed combatants very sadistically (strangling one over a shark and dropping him in the water to be devoured by it).

Neutral: I think the most likely scenario is that she'll be neutral. She likes the Alliance, so I think she'll be involved in fights against the Burning Legion, possibly being a liaison between the Horde and Alliance via the Blood Elves. I think she'll be Alliance with ties to the Blood Elves, like Jaina was Alliance with ties to Thrall's Horde when he was in charge. I think it likely that Turalyon will join the Silver Hand/Argent Crusade, possibly taking over it, and will try to work at completely restoring the Plaguelands for Lordaeron citizens. Alleria loves her sister, but she also loves her people, and won't just join Vereesa in her Blood Elf hatred and make her life's mission to slaughter every last one of them.

What do you think she'll be?

Speculation: I also have a sneaking suspicion that she'll come back, and lo and behold, she's a Blood Elf (I mean fel corrupted, not that she calls herself that and joined them or anything). I suspect that she's been on that prison world where the Demon Hunters go in their starting experience, and it's very possible that at some point, she touched something she shouldn't have in her hunger for magic and was tainted. I also had an idea that that's how she and Turalyon disappeared in the first place. Very irresponsible on their part, but they could have left because she got fel-corrupted at some point in Outland and didn't want to face her people in Allerian Stronghold.

So what do you think? I do think neutral is the most likely occurrence, but it is fun to take a look at things from all sides isn't it?

Enjoy your weekend

Thursday, August 13, 2015


Respect! Such a simple word, but isn't always given. Especially in the world of gaming. Now I am not talking about the trash talkers. This is always going to be a thing. I am not even talking about the people who go off in game and rant like they are the greatest at such and such and you should bow down to them. What I am referring to in this case is the choice of game. You know the ones you like to play, the ones you enjoy playing. This is something that bothers me every time I am around and see it happen.

Just because someone plays such and such a game gives you no right to go off at them. Call them whatever you want and tell them they know nothing. Now I know what some of you are thinking. I do this all the time. Now when I make fun of certain games or certain ways people play that is if you have never noticed a joke. I always am trying to get a point across that there is more. Just like when non-gamers hear about gamers they think of someone in their mother's basement. They don't realize there is an entire group of people that have regular everyday lives and just happen to like playing video games as well. Also I like to try to get gamers of all types to spread their wings and try other things. Just like me I know the types of games I like and those that are not generally my thing. That doesn't mean I will never play those other types of games, nor would I belittle someone for doing so. Sure I make jokes about xbox and CoD, or ret pallys but that is different than making someone feel like a piece of shit for doing what they do.

This really is something you would expect from a live in a bubble non gamer. With what I was just talking about. If something isn't your thing that is what it is. Don't make someone feel like they are wasting their time or ruining your life just because they have different tastes from you. Gamers come in all different types don't treat one of your fellow gamers in a way some idiotic tool who has never played a game for fun would.

Now have a nice day!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

You Are Banished From Death

Wednesday already? That's what I thought when I woke up this morning. I was though excited to release this list. I thought of it during my holidays and figured I would do it as the first one back. What list is that you ask? Well I was having an argument the other day on what I would define as an "Immortal" I see it as someone who cannot be killed without some highlander type stuff going on. So then I came up with this list of the best Immortal Characters in Video Games.

5. Ganondorf - Legend of Zelda

Now truthfully I am not 100% sure if he is actually immortal or it is just Ninetendo being lazy. I do though recognize his signifgance to the gaming world so he makes my list, but comes in at number 5.

4. Zasalamel - Soul Calibur

Generally in fighting games there really isn't that interesting of a backstory to characters. Zasalamel on the other hand has one of the deepest stories not only for a fighting game, but also most fantasy games out there.

3. Vincent Valentine - Final Fantasy VII

I am sure many of you saw this coming. You may have thought he would have made it higher up the list though. Vincent has one of the most tragic stories of immortality there is. He was a human experiment who only became so because he ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time trying to do the right thing. On the plus side though has pledged his life to revenge.

2. Alucard - Castlevania

The child of Dracula who fights Dracula. Need I say more? Alucard really is exactly what everyone thinks when they think of gaming and immortals. Well at least anyone that I have been talking too.

1. Talion - Shadow of Mordor

So of all the Characters I have here none of these dies repeatably for you to see again and again. Talion is executed but is banished from death to serve a purpose. Sure you can die but you just keep coming back again and again to fight again.

There you have it this week's list. Sure there are people I missed and I will get ripped into about it, but really it doesn't matter make your own list!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

You Fail At Not Paying Attention To Gaming During Your Holiday If...

So here I am starting things all over again back from my Birthday Holiday. Was a good time. Definitely need time to just step away and enjoy things. So for those who missed me I am back. To those who thought I would never be back well HA I sure showed you! I will though on this fail day pay tribute to my holiday on how it was hard to stay holiday focused.

You Fail At Not Paying Attention To Gaming During Your Holiday If...
  • Gamescon was happening
  • World of Warcraft decides to announce their next expansion
  • There were new heroes and skins added to Heroes of the Storm
  • You wanted to know what this Grand Tournament was all about
  • You ended up in a retro games store
  • You had a heated discussion on why SimCity is better than the Sims
  • Someone gives you a new video game to play
  • Someone wants you to play a game with them
  • Someone wants you to show them how to beat something
  • You got so many mosquito bites you had to stay inside one day
  • You realized some video games aren't hard to play while hungover
  • You end up trying to explain the "You Must Construct Additional Pylons" Card in Cards Against Humanity

and finally
  • You needed an idea for a fail day post when you came back

There you have it this week's edition of fail. Hope you all enjoyed it and it is good to be back!