Friday, August 28, 2015

The Khala

So here we are hanging out on a Friday on the internet. If you have been to Gauss Land before you know this is the day of the week where I let you the Readers contribute to the blog. This week I have a submission by Ootarion who wants to scream out and let loose about the Protoss and their connection to the Khala. Now for those of you who don't know what the Khala is well it is the main religion of the Khalai protoss. It is based on a psionic philosophy that maintains a communal psionic link between all adherents. Basically anyone not relating to the Dark Templar faith(The Void) is connected to the Khala. So with that small and slightly explanation here is Ootarion's rant.

I just.....I just heard about this, the Khala getting corrupted and forcing ALL PROTOSS still connected to the Khala to sever their links....I just....just why? The wiki I read said that the particular section I read that in could substantially change over time, and honestly, the loss of the Khala better NOT be permanent.

I know that in the end the Khala and Void are not all that different but umm....yeah no I like the idea of the Khala being such a big representation of Unification, being able to hear one another through your thoughts, but with the Khala effectively gone this means no protoss anywhere can ever communicate to another protoss through thought alone, among other things will be lost to. I just cannot, will not abide by the loss of something that has been a core facet of the Protoss Society for so long. Yes I know Artanis is going to try to find a way to make a Protoss Society that does not use the Khala, but still, the loss of the Khala should not be permanent and if it is going to be, then I cannot and will not ever agree to it.

If it is permanent I say again WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE PERMANENT?! Without a doubt Amon is going to be defeated once and for all since this game concludes the story doesnt it? So why does it have to be permanent? With Amon's defeat cant the corruption disappear to!? WHY DOES THIS HAVE TO BE PERMANENT if it is permanent?! Furthermore, what does it even matter!? If the Protoss have been slowly dying out cause they have issues with reproduction then what is even the POINT in remaking the Protoss Society? WHAT IS THE POINT in robbing them of the Khala HUH!? Unless their issues with reproduction are gonna be solved, I see no reason to make this permanent, and regardless of whether the issue is resolved or not I still see no need for this to be a permanent thing. FURTHERMORE what about Protoss who would later be born with the Appendages? Certainly the Protoss are not gonna abandon all hope of restoring the Khala.

This would basically force Protoss to all be part of the Void cause guess what, unless I'm mistaken cutting yourself off from the Khala = being automatically embraced by the Void, I have nothing against the Void but I hate how THIS could be what finally unites all the Protoss again, they should be able to unite in their own way, Khala and Void, not just Void, Khala and Void would have been far more interesting.

So there you have it. Are you just as upset about this? Or do you really not care about the Starcraft story and just want the multiplayer? Either way, enjoy your weekend

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