Sunday, August 30, 2015

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Yes that it is that time of the week again and not only is it the end of the weekend, but it is the last Sunday in August so those of you that have to go back to school come September can start feeling worse and worse about everything. But before all the doom and gloom comes why don't I get to the questions for the week.

Do you feel Legacy of the Void will be the last Starcraft game?

I don't want to say the last Starcraft game ever, but I at least think it will be the last Starcraft game for a long time. In fact it may even be the last RTS game for a very long time. The gaming world is moving towards competitive games that are easy to get into but have a high skill cap. While RTS games have high skill cap but are also hard to just get in and play at a respectable level. So as much as I love Starcraft I don't see Blizzard moving it away from its RTS roots and for that reason it may be quite some time before we see it all again.

Do you think we will see more and more games based on Television shows?

I assume you are referring to the Telltale games, but you can also include Defiance as games made popular by their television counterparts. Truthfully I really do think we will see more of this especially from the Telltale side of things because the games have been such a hit with the gaming community and to me I cannot see this as a bad thing.

Why don't you make a best FPS list?

Well because I don't really enjoy FPS games and would probably turn into a least about my most overrated games.

There you have it this week's questions all answered. As always thank you to everyone who sent one in this week as it would not be possible to do something like this without your continued support.

Enjoy what is left of your weekend!

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