Friday, August 14, 2015

Oh Alleria

Happy Friday! Yes your week is over and it is time for the weekend. As I am sure most of you know and it will continue to be Friday is the time when I take a look at some posts sent to me and decide to share one with you for the week's Reader Post. This week I picked one that has to do with Alleria and what her direction will be come expansion time. Here is Loadbear's take on it.

What do you think they're gonna do with Alleria? She has several reasons to be Alliance, but also has several to be Horde. Do you think she'll be Alliance? Horde? Neutral? I can think of a case for all three.

Alliance: She has a sister in the Alliance. Vereesa. I think that if Vereesa gets to her first, she'll tell her that the Blood Elves are evil and largely attribute Rhonin's death as their doing, and Alleria will be mad and join the Silver Covenant. Also, Turalyon will probably be Alliance, so naturally a big part of her would want to go with him. The Sons of Lothar also are Alliance, along with her former troops from Allerian Stronghold, including Auric Sunchaser. Sylvanas is kind of scary with what she does in Lordaeron, which Turalyon will probably be mad about.

Horde: She also has a sister in the Horde. Sylvanas. She gave up her life on Azeroth, thinking never to return, out of love for her people to protect them and make sure the Old Horde would never be a threat to them ever again. She returns to Azeroth to find that 90% of her race have been murdered by the prince of Lordaeron, were nearly doomed by Garithos and betrayed by the Kirin Tor, lost the Sunwell and were very vulnerable to the Scourge (and Alleria didn't have a husband in charge of a safe magical city to get mana crystals from to wean herself off her addiction like Vereesa, so I think she'll understand the BE's point of view much better than Vereesa), had to resort to siphoning mana from living creatures like vermin driven mad by their own addictions to magic, denied aid from the Alliance and instead spied upon by the Night Elves, were forced to join the Horde to get to Outland, then promptly betrayed by Kael'thas. Vereesa and her friend Jaina aren't very fond of the other 90% of Alleria's surviving people (Please don't say the Blood Elves aren't her people and the High Elves are. Both are her people.) and Vereesa and the Silver Covenant happily beat defenseless civilians in Dalaran and killed armed combatants very sadistically (strangling one over a shark and dropping him in the water to be devoured by it).

Neutral: I think the most likely scenario is that she'll be neutral. She likes the Alliance, so I think she'll be involved in fights against the Burning Legion, possibly being a liaison between the Horde and Alliance via the Blood Elves. I think she'll be Alliance with ties to the Blood Elves, like Jaina was Alliance with ties to Thrall's Horde when he was in charge. I think it likely that Turalyon will join the Silver Hand/Argent Crusade, possibly taking over it, and will try to work at completely restoring the Plaguelands for Lordaeron citizens. Alleria loves her sister, but she also loves her people, and won't just join Vereesa in her Blood Elf hatred and make her life's mission to slaughter every last one of them.

What do you think she'll be?

Speculation: I also have a sneaking suspicion that she'll come back, and lo and behold, she's a Blood Elf (I mean fel corrupted, not that she calls herself that and joined them or anything). I suspect that she's been on that prison world where the Demon Hunters go in their starting experience, and it's very possible that at some point, she touched something she shouldn't have in her hunger for magic and was tainted. I also had an idea that that's how she and Turalyon disappeared in the first place. Very irresponsible on their part, but they could have left because she got fel-corrupted at some point in Outland and didn't want to face her people in Allerian Stronghold.

So what do you think? I do think neutral is the most likely occurrence, but it is fun to take a look at things from all sides isn't it?

Enjoy your weekend

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