Thursday, August 13, 2015


Respect! Such a simple word, but isn't always given. Especially in the world of gaming. Now I am not talking about the trash talkers. This is always going to be a thing. I am not even talking about the people who go off in game and rant like they are the greatest at such and such and you should bow down to them. What I am referring to in this case is the choice of game. You know the ones you like to play, the ones you enjoy playing. This is something that bothers me every time I am around and see it happen.

Just because someone plays such and such a game gives you no right to go off at them. Call them whatever you want and tell them they know nothing. Now I know what some of you are thinking. I do this all the time. Now when I make fun of certain games or certain ways people play that is if you have never noticed a joke. I always am trying to get a point across that there is more. Just like when non-gamers hear about gamers they think of someone in their mother's basement. They don't realize there is an entire group of people that have regular everyday lives and just happen to like playing video games as well. Also I like to try to get gamers of all types to spread their wings and try other things. Just like me I know the types of games I like and those that are not generally my thing. That doesn't mean I will never play those other types of games, nor would I belittle someone for doing so. Sure I make jokes about xbox and CoD, or ret pallys but that is different than making someone feel like a piece of shit for doing what they do.

This really is something you would expect from a live in a bubble non gamer. With what I was just talking about. If something isn't your thing that is what it is. Don't make someone feel like they are wasting their time or ruining your life just because they have different tastes from you. Gamers come in all different types don't treat one of your fellow gamers in a way some idiotic tool who has never played a game for fun would.

Now have a nice day!

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  1. I just believe people are idiots. Helps me through the day