Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ask Gauss

It is that time again. Yes it is Sunday. This is a special Sunday though, well maybe. That depends on if you are Canadian or not. If you are tomorrow is Canada Day, which means it is a holiday. Unless you are from Quebec, but then we all know you have issues just because of that. Anways, Sunday means it is time for Ask Gauss. The post of the week where I answer some questions, which have been sent to me throughout the week. How do you send in your questions you ask? Well that it easy. There is a button on the top right area of the page. You click on it and pick one of the many ways to get send them in. So with that all out of the way here we go.

Will you be watching MLG this weekend and if so who do you think is going to take it?

Well I always have to go with my Canadian boy even if he hasn't been playing the best lately. It is Canada day weekend afterall so I think this is HuK's time. Other names to look out for especially with the ways they have been playing lately DeMulsliM, Illusion, and Hero. Overall it should be a great tournament. Now Starcraft II is the only real thing I am interested in watching at MLG. Mostly because I don't feel LoL and CoD are actually good spectator games. If you don't watch the MLG or any of the Pro gaming you really are missing out. The players are truly something special to watch. If you are interested here is the link where you can watch Champship Sunday Major League Gaming.

I am having trouble in The Last Of Us with Bloaters. Any suggestions?

The best ways to deal with them is Bombs or Molotovs. I also assume you are not being stupid and standing in the explosions. Also try not to use arrows or regular pistols as they require way too many shots and on higher difficulties are a complete waste of ammo. Put it this way it takes 3 Bombs/Moltovs to kill a bloater so I think that works out to around 30 shots from pistols. Stay mobile and unless you are trying to get the achievement don't be close to them at all.

Don't think it would have been much easier to accept killing Garrosh if they just made him a Ret Pally?

Well they can't be too obvious right?

There you have it this week's questions answered. Enjoy what is left of your weekend if you are Canadian enjoy your extra day tomorrow.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Intoduction To: Safiree Saturdays Gauss & My Adventures

Gauss & Safiree - Mostly Epic Adventures
Safiree Saturday

 Saturday is in full effect! Weekly I'll be posting recent activity on us the humorous flip side of what we do daily. Also giving readers a much needed insight on female gaming and its wonderful light most people find skeptical, or even non existent. People who know me know that I am a funny and inventive gamer. Otherwise known as a joke. lol jk. I have my fair share of trolling/being trolled like anyone else, but with it keeping an endearing spirit with those I play with and against. 

I should really start with Gauss. Before meeting him, I was as casual a gamer as they come. Played World of warcraft for a few years light raiding, and of course console gaming. Within the few years I've known him he has taught me a new way of appreciating scenery, LORE, and other amazing things in game content. Things I've never given any time to. Like actually learning how to gem and socket my RET/PROT pally, without feeling like an idiot. JK he always makes the most of my stupidity. We started phasing out of WOW due to the lack of happiness we had with it and he taught me Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty. Never played an RTS before, and of course I chose Zerg as the race to learn first. Didn't even play the campaign until a few weeks before HOTS. We both have extreme competition interlocked within our ego's so of course most nights we play 1v1 against each other fueling rage, but when we played 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4 there were always guys out there who couldn't believe they were playing against or with a girl. Almost like women didn't even exist. But we use it to our advantage most of the time. I keep them distracted in chat, asking them about their match histories and then we faceroll to victory. Even worker rush them a time or two and won. Starcraft aside, Diablo 3 came around and I hadn't played the diablo games. Gauss explained the LORE to me quite a bit and it interested me enough to experience error 37. Lets just say I'm pretty sure nobody else plays like us... We make hardcore characters get them to 50+ and try to kill each other with tree's, or even bulls. Ask Gauss what "Serenity" means. LOL. Simcity we build regions and compete against people all over the world to get the most wealth, population, even pollution. We name our cities after our favorite game villains, and heroes. 

Most recently we've been doing Simcity, League of Legends, and The last of Us. I ask without spoiling the game, but in the last of us do you guys and gals think there will be a second one? And what do you enjoy most from Naughty Dogs games? Mark this as my intro!! If you want we can have fangirl-gasms of Doctor Who, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, even Toy Send feedback good or back, menstruating or not I can handle it.

Friday, June 28, 2013

SimCity Airships

So there is the video which introduces the new Airships DLC for SimCity. Now think this pack is a great idea. I think the game needs a way to reduce traffic region wide and a better way to bring high wealth tourists in which doesn't take up the massive space that an airport does. Also my cities do get rather interesting when I place the same park all over so having different options for this is great. Especially with them adding the fact the balloons themselves add happiness to the sims.

So yes these things are all great to add to the game. Also I would be willing to pay for such a thing. This though is the second DLC in under 2 months both of which have been priced at $8.99. EA has got a bad reputation for for doing this exact thing. I am not complaining that the content is bad or that it shouldn't even be a DLC. If they want to charge for editions then so be it, but charging $8.99 for a DLC every 3 weeks is going beyond a bit excessive. The game itself is only $60. I just don't see how the higher ups can allow people to make these decisions. If they want to have a DLC every 3 weeks so be it but don't charge 15% of the cost of the game for them. It makes it all look like a cash grab. Maybe I was wrong to give them the benefit of the doubt on the Amusement Park, but with this happening I really don't know what to think.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Garrosh's Death Revisted

So it was some time ago  I did a post around when Garrosh was first announced as going to be the final boss of the expansion. If you never read it the post you can catch up by clicking this.The Seige of Orgrimmar

Anyways, at the time I was slightly pissed off in the way they were killing off Garrosh. How they developed his character so much and liked or hated the guy you had to realize the time and effort, which went into it. Also I just wasn't a fan of him just being corrupted and done with it. It had been done before Deathwing was the prime example of it, and it all just agrivated me even more. So much so WoW Insider featured me with this post Does Garrosh Hellscream Deserve to Die?

Now time has passed and I have had a little time to think about this whole thing and I believe I may have changed my mind after looking deep within everything. I give you my thoughts

When Garrosh Hellscream was first introduced he was an orc without any purpose, plagued by the sins of his father made. Fear, doubt, anger, hatred, violence, and despair were all bottled up into the young Orc's head. This was all he since he was a child. What he lived with every single day. That was until hope came along and liberated Garrosh from all of this negativity. Now filled with pride, he did not just want to make his father proud. No, that would not be good enough. He also wanted to prove to the Horde itself he too could live up to the name "Hellscream".

As we went into Northrend for the campaign against the Lich King, Garrosh achieved skills of leadership along with the ability needed to inspire his troops. Thrall, thinking Garrosh now had enough experience, and the obvious fact he was a Hellscream, gave the Warchief mantel to an Orc who was still compliant.

In Cataclysm Garrosh truly started to achieve the characteristics of a true leader. I went into these in detail in my previous post but as a quick summary. In Stonetalon Mountains he learned the lesson of mercy, and in the Twilight Highlands he learnt how to properly negotiate.

Within the books after the Cataclysm, Garrosh was being barraged with idea after idea after idea. Not just that, but ever since he was first introduced it's been fairly obvious that doubt has been his largest issue. Even at his highest moment when Thrall was giving him the mantel of Warchief this came through.

Garrosh always has doubts he will ever live up to the name Hellscream name and because of that his Pride shadows over it. Going into Mists, Garrosh has literally been thrown into the maw of madness. His own negative emotions are the very thing which drove him down the path he is on.

I think Blizzard cleverly had the Sha's embodiment be Doubt, Fear, etc. because these are all the exact emotions which have been in Garrosh ever since we first met him when we stepped into Nagrand. So I have now changed my mind since looking back the seeds for his descent were planted when he was first introduced.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Voice Acting

Now I have played a lot of games and when I say a lot of games it is too many to actually count. In this scheme of things there has been moments of victory, sadness, defeat, and so on and so forth. Now it may seem like there has always been voice acting in games to many of you. Maybe you have never had the pleasure of playing a game where you had to read walls of text. Voice acting though has added that special factor to gaming making those moments those of memory. So today I decided to share some of my favourite voice acting lines from all of the games I have played. You may or may not agree, but as always I really don't care, but please feel free to share yours.

"This is my story"

Now most of you probably think this is just some simple line and it is. It's the first line in Final Fantasy 10. Now why is this line a big deal to me? Well this was the first time Final Fantasy had any voice acting at all. There were years upon years of me growing up playing these games wondering what some of the characters would sound like. So yes such a simple line is one that I will always remember and appreciate for what it represents.

"Rise up, champions of the light!"

Being a huge Warcraft Lore buff this was a huge moment for me. Not only because I was actually killing the Lich King, Arthas Menethil, something we worked so hard to achieve. That in itself seems like a huge moment, and it is. With every expansion though there will always be those moments of killing the final boss. This was more than that because knowing the lore you know Arthas was one of those characters who was always part of the lore even in the smallest of rolls from the very start. That and his massive roll in Reign of Chaos and Frozen Throne. He spanned 3 games which are some of my favourites of all time. So to me this isn't a phrase you just say. You have to repeat it the very way it was said in game.

"I hate clowns"

Uncharted 2 is on my short list of the greatest games of all time. It has the story and the gameplay that makes it a game that is nothing short of spectacular. If you have never played it well it really is a game that will change the way you think about games. Now for the line, well to contain some spoilers, this shows off Nathan Drake as the hero of heros stating how he wasn't really scared Elena was going to die. Brushes it off as a 4 on a 1-10 scale. He is later questioned what is a 10. Hence, this is when the "I hate clowns" comes into play. Really though it marks the end to an amazing game, and that is why I will always remember it.

"You cannot judge me. I am justice itself"

This scene from Diablo III I would argue is one of the best scenes from any game. Say what you want about Diablo III, but there is no arguing this scene. It was extremely well voiced and gave you those chills you should get from a scene of this magnitude. I could have quoted the entire scene but this line is the one that can stand alone.

"Requiescat in love" 

There are so many great lines from all the Assassin's Creed games. There is also so many scenes which keep you engaged and wanting to play more and more of the game. The death of Christina is one on an entirely different level. It is sad to the point of cruel and is one that compare to every other death scene in any game to. This wasn't a death at the start of a game that got you hooked to play. This was supposed to be a happy ending and it wasn't even close to being such. Again if you have never played the Assassin's Creed games you are missing out, but the Ezio Trilogy or the three AC2 games are what I am referring to here.

There you have it some of my favourites in my gaming history. What are some  of yours? Discuss, complain, or whatever else you can do. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

You Fail At SimCity If...

Happy Fail Day everyone! Yes it is Tuesday once again, so what does that mean? Well it is time to make you feel better because of someone else's misfortune. Unless, of course, it is your misfortune.  If that is the case we thank you for allowing us to feel slightly better. This week I decided to go with SimCity. Why? Well why not? I have been playing it, and playing it rather well so deal with it.

You Fail At SimCity If...

  • When you place a building you add every single module and wonder how it is you are losing money per hour
  • You place water pumps over polluted water
  • You put water pumps where there is no water
  • You put coal, ore, or oil drilling operations where there is no such resources
  • Your city goes bankrupt
  • You build a grade or high school and forget to put down bus stops
  • You forgot to connect your ferry to the roads
  • Your only good cities are in sandbox mode
  • You think the achievement of getting 100,000 people is actually worth an achievement
  • You are one of the those people who complains about it always being online
  • You place a casino and then proceed to complain about crime
  • You scream at the game for traffic being horrible, but you are the one who made a city with 20 intersections within 1km
  • You try to kill homeless people with disasters
  • You are one of those people emailing me telling me to play Cities XL
and finally
  • If this happens

    May all your cities be radiation free....

Monday, June 24, 2013

We Are The World Of Warcraft

Monday morning and don't be so depressed it is the first Monday of the summer at least for those of us in the North. Now if that doesn't work I am still going to be doing my Monday service of Monday Machinima Monday. The day where I take of machinima, animations or in this week's case a music video from the gaming world and showcase it for all of you to see. This week I decided to go with a music video that was featured on the Late Show with Jimmy Falon. He was having his video game week and paid homage to one of his favourite video games, World of Warcraft. Did so with a parody of the song "We are the World" with "We are the World of Warcraft". And here it is

See your day started out ok afterall.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ask Gauss

Sunday the end of the weekend is drawing near. Always a depressing time, but Sunday always means pancakes for breakfast and when is that not awesome? I know you're jealous something you will just have to live with. Sunday also means though it is time for Ask Gauss the post of the week where I choose questions sent to me throughout the week and answer them here. How do you send in a question you ask? Well that is simple. There is a little button near the top right of the page which lists all of the ways to get a hold of me. Pick one and you are off to the races. So let's see what we got this week.

Have you finished the Last of Us? If so how is the difficulty? I have been watching some streams and maybe they were just bad, but it seems difficult.

Whenever I play games I always start on the hardest difficutly. Why you ask? Well because ain't nobody got time for easy mode. So what that means is I started playing on hard. Survivor mode is not unlocked till you have completed hard mode. Now I beat the game and there where parts, which were pretty nuts and I died quite a few times. The sewers, the restaurant, the subway,  and the hospital come to mind as the most difficult spots in the game. That was on hard mode. By comparison I just started survivor mode and everything is at the difficulty of the sewers was on hard mode. The sewers was on a new level of insanity but not impossible to the point it was impossible. Basically if you make a mistake you are dead simple as that. Now I am only speaking of playing on the 2 hardest difficulties but the game isn't easy at all.

What do you feel is the best way to learn to play SC2 better?

The best way to learn to play better is to understand how all 3 races play. You do this by playing random. This way you have the understanding of what someone is capable of doing. If they have early gas if they built such and such a building you would understand why they would be getting those things. This also let's you understand counters much better because you have to deal with them. Also take your time and work on one build for each race until you master the timings. Not a cheese build but one you can build off of and modify easily once you get used to it. Works best if these are timing attacks. Then once you are confident with the build try another till you have 3-5 go to builds for each race you can do. Even if you play one race horribly worse then the others that is fine at least you are learning the mechanics of the race and you now know what is hard to play against and hard to hold off when you play vs that race.

So you going to take back all the Xbox hate because of the changes?

There you have it questions answered for the week. I know shouldn't have gone there with the Game of Thrones with it going to be forever till the next season, but I couldn't resist. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Your Feedback Forced Us To Change

In an interesting turn of events Microsoft has changed their mind on 2 of the issues that caused an insane amount of uproar.

An internet connection will not be required to play offline Xbox One games – After a one-time system set-up with a new Xbox One, you can play any disc based game without ever connecting online again. There is no 24 hour connection requirement and you can take your Xbox One anywhere you want and play your games, just like on Xbox 360.

Trade-in, lend, resell, gift, and rent disc based games just like you do today – There will be no limitations to using and sharing games, it will work just as it does today on Xbox 360.

If you are interested in reading all of the corporate explanation of why they caved you can do so by clicking on Xbox News Update

Now I am not an Xbox fan. I have no interest in any of their exclusives and have always found it caters to a teenage audience or to preteens who think they are just awesome because they have microphones. With that in mind I think this is actually pretty hilarious that so soon after E3 this has happened. Did they think people would react differently to the fact that they were basically requiring blood samples from people to use their system? Using the argument that this is the way gaming is going was a stupid one. It is telling the customer the way things are going to be. You cannot expect people to switch over instantly or tell them if they don't want to be online all the time then sorry sucks to be you. You do things in steps to lead to the same goal therefore making the change less of a forced one and that of a transition. To me that is smart business, and you would have thought Microsoft would know something about that.

Now I still have no plans to ever buy an Xbox One but I thought it is worth mention for the very fact that being that "Special Kind of Stupid" applies to the makers of the games and systems as well. Enjoy your weekend. Hope its a good one.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Legend of the Dragoon

So a couple months ago I noticed one of the favourite playstation games was finally on PSN. You see many of you know about the games I enjoy. Hell I talk about them a lot, I quote them. One of my favourite quotes in any video game comes from Legend of the Dragoon.

"Those who flaunt their power disappear when the truly powerful appear."

I love this quote because it doesn't apply only to the game itself as it can apply to anything if it is reworded. Anyways back to the game. You see when I saw this on PSN I had to get it. Sure it is a first generation Playstation game so some of you younger people will find the graphics unplayable. Games are not all about graphics though. Although I believe this is one of the first rpgs to actually have voice acting. This game had a great story and characters which were well developed and had connections. Sure there was some old school RPG cheese in it, but that is to be expect from this era of games. I remember countless hours of play in this game when I was in high school leveling up each characters additions. Also remember this was back when RPGs had a much steeper difficulty curve. Something I have always enjoyed in any game rather than the linear type difficult of modern games. 

Also this game had one of the most interesting turn based systems I still have ever encountered. It revolved upon you being able to complete additions, which were really combination moves with your auto attacks. Over time you got better at or you really had no chance of getting anywhere in the game. Word of warning though when playing this game on a PS3 you realize that the modern controllers have much quicker response time then they did take in the PS1 days. So truly it makes completing the attacks harder than it ever was.

Really though what is there not to love about an RPG with dragons, magic, the end of the world all tied into a love story.  If that is not enough to convince  you to spend what I believe was $9.99 the main character Dart looks epic in this picture.

Worth your time you can say thanks to me after you play it.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Those Things Gamers Say

Today is all about knowing where things cam from. Well not everything just a few gamer sayings you have heard all the time.

Pwned: There are many versions of where this word came from. Some believe it was originally a Quake player some say a Starcraft player who misspelled the word "owned" since the p and the o are close on the standard keyboard. The person shrugged it off and made it seem like the typo was intentional. From there the word has been used in all games as a term to refer to total domination of another player or team ever since.

GG: The orgin of this can trace back to even before the original Starcraft where it has always been important to have good manners saying "gg" or "good game" after you have lost. Where it came from though is to believed to be Counter Strike and is the reason it is shortened. In counterstike the shortcut for dropping your weapons was g and to drop bother your weapons required you to "gg". Doing so would cause you to surrender. This was later adapted into the gg we know now as good game or the common phrase "gg no re" good game no rematch.

Nerf: This is used in all sorts of RPGS ARPGS, and MMOs where it is used to explained how a skill ability or technique won't be as useful as it once was. Where did this come from as there seems no connection? Well it actually comes from the children toys brand NERF which makes toys less harmful for kids because of what they are made out of.

Noob: This comes from newbie. Where newbie means someone who is new to something and therefore is still learning the ropes per say. Noob is used to describe someone who plays like they are new when they are not. Meaning they are horrible and really have no excuse to be as bad as they are. Or like I say "Special kind of stupid".

Leet: This is actually one of the most interesting cases. As most know this is derived from the word elite. What others may not know is it also refers to the word written in leetspeak which is why it is commonly written as l33t. Now where did leetspeak come from? Well it is believe that leetspeak was developed on the old BBS as a way of communicating about topics which were forbidden ie hacking and cracking. This was a way for people to converse with each other and able to get through the filters without the moderators knowing exactly what was going on.

So there you go. A little history and information on gamer lingo. Hope you enjoyed!

Or in other words

$0 tH3R3 Y0u Go. @ lI77l3 hi$70rY @nD iNf0rma7i0N 0N Gam3R LiNG0. h0p3 y0u 3Nj0y3D!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

You Fail At The Last Of Us If...

So it is Tuesday meaning it is time for everyone to enjoy the failures of others by pointing and laughing at those who do stupid things. Why? Because this is what we all live for. Fail Day gives us this chance to realize some people just suck more at things then we do. Now this week since I spent a lot of my weekend playing The Last Of Us I decided to make it the Fail Day post because well I just thought it was fresh in my mind so why the hell not. Also there are no spoilers which are story related so no worries there.

You Fail At The Last Of Us If...

  • You run straight at people while they are shooting you
  • You forget that one needs to breath while swimming underwater
  • You don't try to make Elle say "oh fuck" every time you kill someone
  • You don't always have an extra shiv
  • You don't wonder an arrow to the chest is a kill shot but a gunshot isn't
  • You forget to pickup your arrows out of the corpses
  • You don't run out of bloater explosions
  • You don't kill people that say "please don't kill me"
  • You don't tape scissors to your melee weapons
  • You don't find it odd how Elle always finds you ammo health kits
  • You have walked into tripwires more than once
  • Better yet you run into a tripwire you just ducked under
  • You don't use focus hearing to your advantage
  • You have ever died from falling
  • You wonder why people keep seeing you without realizing your flashlight has been on for an hour
and finally

  • You repeatably try to punch a clicker and wonder why you keep dying.
The you have it this week's edition of Fail. Hope you enjoyed it. If you are still not playing the game well I don't know what to say to you.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Arm of Hades: Thundercats

Monday morning why do I hate you so much. Maybe it is because I played too much The Last Of US since when I hear any sort of clicking noise my head twitches or I instantly crouch down to hide. Yes, that actually happened I hate to say it. With Monday though comes Machinima Monday. The day we look at some sort of Machinima or gaming related animation and try to forget that it actually is Monday. Today I chose one that may date me but I could careless. You see ThunderCats was awesome and still is. So when I saw this recreation of the opening intro down as a WoW version I just had to share it. I have to give credit to David Nguyen  for creating this awesome recreation. He gives credit to the Fifth Element for their creations inspiring them. SO without making you waiting for forcing you to scroll down even further to skip to the video here it is

Try to stop watching it! Enjoy the rest of your Monday!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Ask Gauss

Sunday. Hard to believe it is Sunday already. Where did the weekend go? Like really? Sunday here in Gauss land it does mean it is ask Gauss. Now this is the first week back, but still I would like to thank everyone for the support. I have received many emails thanking me for returning and posting again. Like something in their life was missing. Now I am not going to insult anyone, but even saying something like that is just a little creepy. Even so although I received plenty of emails those of the question variety that would actually be useful to answer during this blog were not a selection that I would be happy picking through each and every week. So that means click the button on the top right where it says how to get a hold of me and do it. Not hard, ask your damn questions. SO with that in mind here are this weeks questions.

Gauss I know you are a Final Fantasy fan, so what did you think of the E3 FF presentation? Like what Lightning returns is bringing? What XV looks like?

You are correct. I am a huge Final Fantasy fan. Play every single one of the games. Enjoyed everyone one of them. Even enjoy princess dress up for what it was. To ask your question though everything I have seen from Lightning Returns E3 or otherwise has looked great. Lightning as a character is extremely well done. Even if I was shocked that XIII-2 didn't have the normal all is happy ending we are used to in a Final Fantasy game the game as a whole played well and was fun throughout. Something which I thought lacked from part 1. I am though confused with the whole Snow is a villan thing and really want to know more and truthfully February cannot come soon enough so I can play this game.

In regards to XV I think the trailer that we saw at E3 speaks for itself. I know it was in Japanese but when it is that epic of a trailer does it really matter? For those who haven't seen it.

Is the Last of Us as good as people have been saying?

Now I haven't beaten the game yet, but I would say if you have a PS3 it is worth it. I would even go so far as to say if you don't have a PS3 it is worth getting one just to play this game. The story so far is extremely well done as you would expect from Naughty Dog. They have a way of connecting you to characters. Part of the reason Nathan Drake has become so iconic. If you liked any of the Uncharted games this game is just as good and I will say without any doubt you won't be disappointed. 

So how about that Xbox One?

Honestly who let Bagellord design a gaming system?

There you have it. All answered for the week. Send them in and maybe next week yours will be answered. Enjoy what is left of your weekend!

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Last Of Us

So as you are reading this I am probably already playing this game as it came out today. This is actually a game I have been looking forward to for quite some time. I am a huge fan of Naughty Dog. The Uncharted Series in one of my favourite Uncharted 2 being one of my favourite games of all time.  The Last Of Us has already received numerous 10/10  and you can't always take people's word for it it is kind of hard to ignore it. If you don't feel like watching the video here is the description

"The Last of Us is genre-defining experience blending survival and action elements to tell a character driven story about a population decimated by a modern plague. Cities are abandoned and being reclaimed by nature. Remaining survivors are killing each other for food, weapons and whatever they can find. Joel, a ruthless survivor, and Ellie, a young teenage girl who's braver and wiser beyond her years, must work together to survive their journey across what remains of the United States."

For those of you who are playing it tell me what you think so far. For those of you who have an Xbox and can't well /facepalm to you. Enjoy your weekend I know I will be.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Open Challenge

Simcity. Who plays it? Well if you don't you should it is actually pretty fun. Sure it has a few bugs which are rather bothersome. Repeating sounds every so often, lost mouse cursors, and so on. It is an EA game you learn to accept things not being perfect. Anyways, my point is I am issuing a challenge to all Simcity players. You see I have this region

Yes you are seeing that correctly I named all my cities off of Final Fantasy City names. Your jealous you didn't think about that. Also you may have noticed I am #1 on the global Leader board for population. Yes that happened and is currently happening. Think you can do it? Think it is easy? Then prove it. This is an open challenge Join me on the North America East 1 server and prove it. Also feel free to take a look around my cities and see how I did it.

If you do manage to pass my region take a screenshot just like myself and send it to me. I will feature you here on the blog for doing so and we will do our own region together in an effort to top another one of the categories, which I will write about from time to time here on the blog. Before any of you ask, yes you can have friends with you in the region and the same rules and such will apply. So do any of you have what it takes to beat Gauss himself? I am waiting to see you Fail...

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

PS4 Reveal

So before anyone asks about it 0. No I am not going to be doing an Xbox reveal. I could say all sorts of bad things about the new Xbox and frankly you probably might even enjoy me going off on a random tangent about how awful so many of the "amazing" features it has are. When it comes down to it I am not 12  year old Call of Duty brat that is talking crap about your mother because I feel like the most amazing person in the world because I have a headset. Yes, headsets are that awesome it's the truth look it up. Also I could careless about the people writing comments "blah blah playstation has call of duty too Noob, U mad bro??????" So now that I got that crap out of the way.

So PS4. You seen what it looks like? No well why not? Here it is.

Looks like a PS2 that went on diet. That is not a bad thing either, I loved the look of the PS2. Even after I paid for it and it had no games for months. The thing had a DVD player! The hardware in the PS4 though is pretty impressive along with some of new features they are adding. I of course will be overpaying for this the day it comes out. But will I? $450 and $399 for holidays when this thing comes out. That was something I wasn't expecting at all. I paid $1200 for my day 1 PS3 seems technology comes cheaper these days. I am actually looking quite forward to see what kind of games the new generation will produce on this.

If you are interested in more of the specifics can get that by clicking  ON ME. If you are on the fence on getting a console or you for some reason have an Xbox. Check it out I think you will be pleasantly surprised. If you  are one of those clueless people who electronics just know "PS4 Good" and you get the gist of it. Tell me what all of you think of the PS4 or maybe you looking forward to a specific game. Just don't make it a Playstation vs Xbox war not really interested in that crap mostly because we all know Xbox is crap.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

You Fail At Quitting Blogging If...

So here we go the first Tuesday back and how could I not give you all a Fail Day. Oh the day where we poke fun at all the random idiotic things you may encounter. Don't these moments deserve a laugh? Course they do. It is perfectly ok to point and laugh at someone. Sometimes it is better to only do so if you can run quicker than them, but hey lessons learned. Sometimes though when it is yourself, well we all get a kick out of making fun of ourselves don't we?. So at my own expense here goes.

You Fail at Quitting Blogging If...

  • You maintain your blog as your browsers homepage
  • You still read everyone one of your fan mail
  • You were still interested in your weekly page view stats
  • You never took the blog down
  • Whenever you witnessed something classified as "a special kind of stupid"  you started to create the beginnings of the post in your head
  • You kept writing
  • You still took notes while gaming
  • You kept telling people you need at least 10 reasons for people to Fail at that
  • You never stopped reviewing machinima
  • You still find ways to compare people to Bagellord
  • You miss your own Bagellord references
  • You feel dirty for all your internal rage that against Ret Pallys that hasn't been able to find an escape
  • For some twisted reason you missed comments and pictures about turtles
  • You contemplated buying an Xbox
and finally
  • You couldn't pass up the opportunity to make this meme

Yes I went there...

Monday, June 10, 2013

Carbot's Latest

Monday Morning the bane of the human races existence. Also Game of Thrones finale last night. How awesome was that? Like seriously? For all you people who don't watch Game of Thrones, what's wrong with you? Like seriously? Should get yourself checked you have a problem. Got sidetracked forgot where I was going with this whole thing. Why do I write like I talk, and why have I not erased this yet, because it is Monday and the backspace key is too far away. So /focus. Ok Monday, meaning  Machinima Monday. For those of you who forget or those who are new. I like to take a random gaming machinima or animation and share it. Why? Because it is Monday and if you were actually doing work you wouldn't be here reading my mindless babbling.

So if you play Starcraft or have ever heard of Starcraft and have never heard of Carbot Animations then I truly feel sorry for you. He is an animator who has created a series known as "Starcrafts" which is a spoof of the game of Starcraft. I know pretty difficult to connect the two of them. Tons of inside jokes and random cute drawings of vicious aliens. What is there not to love? Anyways, he has a new episode every Saturday you should really watch them all if you haven't and if you just missed this passed Saturday's well here it is

I know it was awesome. Too bad the rest of your day won't be.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Return

So before I start writing this, I know what you all are thinking. Where did I go? Stopped writing without warning didn't answer any emails like WTF GAUSS???. Many of you thought I was dead. Not kidding. In fact I was even linked to a series of blog posts about how that must be the case. So before I write about anything I believe I owe you all an explanation.

Warning:If you have the attention span of gnat or tend to curl up in the fetal position and cry when you have to read too much or could careless about an explanation. Scroll down. You will know when to start reading again I made it rather obvious

When I started this blog it was a blog about my adventures in World of Warcraft. I wrote about anything on my mind WoW related. Sometimes funny, sometimes completely meaningless, somethings insulting, and sometimes frankly I had no idea what I was writing about it the words just ended up on the page. For some reason or another you all enjoyed it. No matter what it may have been. I started getting requests on a massive scale and I did my best to make people's visions come to life. The blog evolved and I had specific days people would look forward to for a particular post. Fail Day being the most recognizable and popular of them all. The best part of all of this is I enjoyed writing them all. No matter how hard at times it was to write something I think you all would enjoy or that I thought had enough of "Gauss" to make it worth reading.

As time went on I started writing about other things and not just WoW. No one complained and I thought for the most part everyone just enjoyed reading what I had written(no matter how poorly) regardless of the topic,but  I never forgot how it all got started or where most of my readership came from.

Over the last few months before I stopped writing I stopped playing WoW. Not because I didn't enjoy the game, but because I wasn't playing it how I wanted to. You see when I game I commit to it, and want to play at the highest level possible. I didn't have the time myself to commit to leading a guild and raid leading like I used to. My progress slipped and I wasn't happy and I knew I could never be happy playing WoW causally.

I did though continue to write, but I got to the point where I felt as if it wasn't right for me to go on writing especially about WoW when I didn't play the game anymore. That is not to say I wasn't informed, far from it really, but I was an outsider. It felt like I was betraying part of my readership, the ones who were there from the start. So I stopped writing cold turkey without even thinking. I wrote a posts explaining why, but never posted them no excuse really. It felt even more worse as time went by and reading the countless emails I received asking "what happened?". Yes, I did read every single one. Sadly, I didn't reply because I knew all of you would convince me otherwise.

But I came to that realization myself. I enjoy writing this blog no matter how awful I am at actually putting words together. I still have an opinion about everything, and I still have no problem at calling people out for being that special kind of stupid. So I am back to put those Adventures of mine into words. So this world that has existed without Gauss' Adventures?

So there is that long winded explanation, which some of you may have actually read. So what will I be posting about then? Who the hell knows. I still know more about Warcraft Lore then Red Shirt Guy, still spend too much time playing video games, and of course have a soft spot in my heart idiots of all shapes and sizes. So no worries there will be plenty of facepalms, spitting out of your drink, and aloe vera needed for a long time.

Before I forget and anyone asks Machinima Mondays, Fail Day, Ask Gauss, and the Reader Posts will all be returning. I have also updated the look of the blog because I can and that includes the sidebar which includes how to get in touch with me among other things.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Gauss is Returning...

Yes... I am not dead you read that correctly. I will give you all a few days to prepare....