Tuesday, June 18, 2013

You Fail At The Last Of Us If...

So it is Tuesday meaning it is time for everyone to enjoy the failures of others by pointing and laughing at those who do stupid things. Why? Because this is what we all live for. Fail Day gives us this chance to realize some people just suck more at things then we do. Now this week since I spent a lot of my weekend playing The Last Of Us I decided to make it the Fail Day post because well I just thought it was fresh in my mind so why the hell not. Also there are no spoilers which are story related so no worries there.

You Fail At The Last Of Us If...

  • You run straight at people while they are shooting you
  • You forget that one needs to breath while swimming underwater
  • You don't try to make Elle say "oh fuck" every time you kill someone
  • You don't always have an extra shiv
  • You don't wonder an arrow to the chest is a kill shot but a gunshot isn't
  • You forget to pickup your arrows out of the corpses
  • You don't run out of bloater explosions
  • You don't kill people that say "please don't kill me"
  • You don't tape scissors to your melee weapons
  • You don't find it odd how Elle always finds you ammo health kits
  • You have walked into tripwires more than once
  • Better yet you run into a tripwire you just ducked under
  • You don't use focus hearing to your advantage
  • You have ever died from falling
  • You wonder why people keep seeing you without realizing your flashlight has been on for an hour
and finally

  • You repeatably try to punch a clicker and wonder why you keep dying.
The you have it this week's edition of Fail. Hope you enjoyed it. If you are still not playing the game well I don't know what to say to you.


  1. I am guilty of punching clickers over and over...