Sunday, June 16, 2013

Ask Gauss

Sunday. Hard to believe it is Sunday already. Where did the weekend go? Like really? Sunday here in Gauss land it does mean it is ask Gauss. Now this is the first week back, but still I would like to thank everyone for the support. I have received many emails thanking me for returning and posting again. Like something in their life was missing. Now I am not going to insult anyone, but even saying something like that is just a little creepy. Even so although I received plenty of emails those of the question variety that would actually be useful to answer during this blog were not a selection that I would be happy picking through each and every week. So that means click the button on the top right where it says how to get a hold of me and do it. Not hard, ask your damn questions. SO with that in mind here are this weeks questions.

Gauss I know you are a Final Fantasy fan, so what did you think of the E3 FF presentation? Like what Lightning returns is bringing? What XV looks like?

You are correct. I am a huge Final Fantasy fan. Play every single one of the games. Enjoyed everyone one of them. Even enjoy princess dress up for what it was. To ask your question though everything I have seen from Lightning Returns E3 or otherwise has looked great. Lightning as a character is extremely well done. Even if I was shocked that XIII-2 didn't have the normal all is happy ending we are used to in a Final Fantasy game the game as a whole played well and was fun throughout. Something which I thought lacked from part 1. I am though confused with the whole Snow is a villan thing and really want to know more and truthfully February cannot come soon enough so I can play this game.

In regards to XV I think the trailer that we saw at E3 speaks for itself. I know it was in Japanese but when it is that epic of a trailer does it really matter? For those who haven't seen it.

Is the Last of Us as good as people have been saying?

Now I haven't beaten the game yet, but I would say if you have a PS3 it is worth it. I would even go so far as to say if you don't have a PS3 it is worth getting one just to play this game. The story so far is extremely well done as you would expect from Naughty Dog. They have a way of connecting you to characters. Part of the reason Nathan Drake has become so iconic. If you liked any of the Uncharted games this game is just as good and I will say without any doubt you won't be disappointed. 

So how about that Xbox One?

Honestly who let Bagellord design a gaming system?

There you have it. All answered for the week. Send them in and maybe next week yours will be answered. Enjoy what is left of your weekend!

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  1. FFXV definitely looks like one of the best FFs in some time. At least from the trailer