Monday, May 31, 2010

Guild Member of the Month

So I wanted to take this time to recognize the fact I was voted guild member of the month of a guild I am not even a part of. Truth be told this has never happened to me before. Truth be told I have never even been voted guild member of the month that I have actually been a part of. Maybe mostly because they never had guild member of the month, but whatever. Let's all agree that this is a cool thing. Even better was that I was voted guild member of the month of an alliance guild. You know the people that I attempt to kill every time I see them. The people I plot and scheme in order to find new and inventful ways to attack and kill them. The people I constantly poke fun at for rolling races that are well too "pretty" for my liking.

So even with all of this going on I walked into the zone in Dalaran known as Gauss' Mailbox and began my daily quest of sorting through all those special mails. "OMG IS THIS GAUSS", "You have gold to spare?", "I heard I could be invited to your guild", "What does I have to dos to get you to run with me", "I know you hate pallys but I do 3k dps", "Do you honestly think people care what you think?". So even going through all those and more I came upon this:

It is a custom at Spectacular Death to recognize one person a month for outstanding service to the guild. It's usually a guild member but, by popular vote, YOU, yes you have been voted our Guild Member of the Month. Now, don't bother pointing out that you're not a guild member. We're making you an honorary one for this month only. We all chipped in and got you some really nice gifts, things every warrior could use. Congratulations. You bring such a cheer to SD. This is well deserved.


So I would like to say thanks and I guess I will keep on keeping on. To all my American readers enjoy your Memorial Day and have it be celebrated the way it was intended. /Salute

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ask Gauss

If I had a cat maybe today would be it's birthday. Since I hate cats and frequently try to run them over I probably will never have a cat, meaning my cat would never have a birthday. So that was pretty random, but I was at a loss of how to open today. I could have said something about tomorrow being Memorial Day or crap like that, but that would be to expected. So back on topic. Today is Sunday, which is not my cat's birthday, so it means that I attempt to answer the questions people have asked me throughout the week.

Are you going to miss the way the zones looked after the Cataclysm happens?

I think change can be a good thing. I also know that I will miss certain zones for things which went on there while I was leveling or just exploring around. Azshara is a zone I have always loved the look of. The whole eternal autumn thing was just something I enjoyed looking at. Although changing it into a tourist type place and a home of the goblins is cool. I think I will miss the feel of the zone. Thousand needles is also a place I have many memories of, but I look forward to being able to say to new players "When I leveled we walked around thousand needles not swim!"

So as I will enjoy the revamped zones, I also have taken the time to go around Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms and take massive amounts of screenshots. So I will actually have a piece of what it looked like before. Maybe I will even do a before and after thing who knows.

I know you are into Lore. How does this effect you and your raid over vent and such?

Well in simple terms I tell people to shut the hell up. Honestly, though that is what I do. Many people play the game to see this lore and how the game is progressing. Now everyone should take it upon themselves to respect that. Yes lore can get bothersome when you have seen the same thing over and over again. Like pulling Illidan "YOU ARE NOT PREPARED" became this joke all around the WoW community. But if I can teach people anything would be to be respectful of people that first time so others who are not as forward as myself and won't say "Shut the Hell Up".

I heard you were race changing to a goblin in Cata.

I am also leveling a pally and faction changing to alliance...

So that is it for this week's questions. Keep on sending them in. This week's reader post I want you to list who you think are the greatest Lore Characters in WoW. Give me your top 5 or top 10 and I will compile a list to get the "Gauss Nation's" picks for the best lore characters.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Maybe It Is Time...

I wanted to take this opportunity to list a few things I have that may have offended, hurt, or otherwise ruined someones gaming experience

I'm Sorry For
  • Killing the quest giving over and over you are trying to turn something into
  • For driving up the price of enchanting mats
  • Standing next to you holy pallies in my pally set which out gears yours
  • Informing you after I buy out your auctions which were below vendor price
  • Telling you are horrible in a not so polite way
  • Explaining the reason Bladeward sucks after I enchant it on your weapon
  • Asking you over and over how is it you are so bad
  • Selling you a tank gun
  • Summoning you off a boat
  • Referring to you as a ret pally as "Fail"
  • Facepalming at your gem choices
  • Having an open arguement with you in trade you cannot win
  • Sending you pointlessly to Silithus
  • Assuming you are fail because you are from Ragnaros
  • Wiping you for wanting to do optional bosses
  • Running over your corpse, then backing over it to make sure you know it wasn't a mistake
  • Making you believe you could learn to speak common

There are probably countless other things, but really I am not sorry for any of them. In this spirit I thought this would be the perfect time to release an idea for a Gauss Nation T-Shirt.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Me and My Mods

It be Friday and another insanely hot day outside. Almost too hot to do anything, almost being the key word. I am inside nice and cool writing this so of course I can do something. It is Friday, so there is a lot of copy and pasting going on, but regardless it is something. This week's reader post for all who didn't participate or those who could careless is about those mods that you cannot go without. I really didn't go into much detail about how I wanted people to present said mod, but it worked out pretty well without a lot of direction. So congrats to you all for doing your own thing and having it work out. So here goes maybe all you default UI people will learn something.

DBM: do I really even need to explain.

Grid is a life saver. I use it to see my entire raid and can pick out anyone in the raid very quickly. It can be small or larger. I can set it to see debuffs if I am healing or just the group if I don't care about healing them. It really is an addon I cannot live without.

Prat is the greatest addon this game has. I never used it until I saw you post and talk about it. It makes the chat in WoW so much more manageable and of course appealing and easier to read. I would say everyone would get it and even go as far as say Blizzard should really take a loot at what this addon has done and make it part of the primary interface.

IceHUD is probably the best HUD around. It has a serious of options to customize everything you want to be see or anything you don't. I know HUDs aren't liked by everyone, but if they are something you like to use there is nothing better than IceHUD.

OneBag is the greatest and most obviously needed thing Blizzard needs to put into the regular interface. I understand the whole RP thing with not having one bag, but at least make it an option. It makes going through everything much easier and so much less time consuming

Power Auras Classic is the greatest Mod made for World of Warcraft. You can set anything and everything as a trigger to remind you to use cooldowns, abilities, or just random crap. You can queue it with sound, text, visuals, or even all three at once. If you have never seen it or used it I would say get it and see what you are missing.

I believe Postal is the mod I could never live without. No idea why Blizz makes you open 1 mail at a time or even 1 item in each mail at a time. Postal lets you go to your mailbox click open all and then leave and come back and everything is all well and good. WoW without Postal is like like eating without a fork, you can do it but why would you.

Auctioneer is the greatest addon ever made! Without it I would never be able to make any gold in this game. Sure it takes up a lot of space but the time and effort is worth it. I love you auctioneer don't ever leave me.

Recount lets me know how awesome I am at the game or how awful the people I am playing with are. Isn't that what playing wow is all about? I thought you would see it my way.

That is it for this week's Reader Post check out the mods if you so wish. Enjoy the weather and the weekend.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A New Raid Leading Strategy

Yesterday during my guilds raid I discovered something I wish I found out a long time ago. I always assumed the best and treat it as if they actually understood what I was talking about. When of course yesterday after there was a "mess up" with an iceblock I decided that enough was enough and we were going to pretend to do the encounter before we actually did it. Now of course this was rather humorous probably to partake in and everyone probably felt a dumbass, but the thing was the next pull was perfect. Everyone went where they were supposed to! I don't know if I should be happy or if I should be sad that it took this in order to execute something correctly. Now I guess I should always do things in this way. Assume everyone is a dumbass and success will follow you. I feel like I have been given the secret to WoW...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Other WoW Players Quotes

Anyone who has every played with me knows that sometimes I say things during that people tend to always remember. Be it for good or bad reasons. I actually even did a blog one day of peoples favourites. Since then readers have been sending me all sorts of things they have seen or heard. This was when I came up with this idea. I must say though there are some beauties here that will really make you laugh.

Disc: The art of binding 25 keys to 'Power Word: Shield' and dropping an angry weasel on the keyboard.

I keep Mortal Strike bound to Q partly for the convenience, but mostly for the irony.

You know what sucks about applesauce? It's not apple pie. And it never will be. Man, that pisses me off.

I like the fact that the Shadowmourne questline punishes the healers, and not the one on the quest.

Fighting a warrior is like fighting a blender. You can easily unplug it from feet away, even shut the power off, but if you stick your face into it, you're going to lose.

You can do anything with a bayonet except sit on it.

Sitting there helpless as a bunch of alliance crowd around me like I'm a japanese girl in a bukake video is soo much better

Playing a warrior is easy Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Mortal Strike, Execute.

I want a trap that throws bears at people. We will call it Bear Trap. It will be slightly misleading, but still awesome.

Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but I feel some of you abuse the privilege.

PvE is like playing Chess against a retard who will make the same moves every time you play against him. PvP is like playing Chess against 2 retards who will make the same moves every time you play against them.

We'll just kill the biggest tree we can find in there. Then, we will come back later and do it heroically, because you find better magic swords stuck in trees if you kill them heroically.

Easy classes attract idiots. This does not mean that all hunters are idiots, but that most idiots are hunters.

You realize how lucky it was that The Exodar landed in a level 1 area.

Arena is not pvp. It's counterstrike for people who can't aim.

$15 dollars a month buys you a login. Nothing about that fee buys you a win.

Locks are like the Fox News of WoW. They claim to be fair and balanced, but we all know that's a load of crap.

Hope you all enjoyed those as much as I did. Have you heard someone say something funny? Feel free to share it. Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

You Fail At Guild Banking If..

So happy Tuesday! Icecrown buff goes up again today at least that is what I am being told. So which probably means people will be killing shit they haven't yet. Whatever that may be. Tuesday is of course Fail Day, and this week's post is something which is near and dear to me. We all know those people that some how some way find a way to screw it up.

You Fail At Guild Banking If...
  • You have tabs named Stuff 1, Stuff 2, and Stuff 3
  • You alphabetize everything across all the tabs
  • You arrange things in rows instead of columns
  • You have so much junk you have to use the guild bank to hold it
  • Anything ever put in the guild bank is just crap no one will ever need
  • You have an endless supply of mana and healing injectors which are now obsolete
  • You wonder why no ones wants the Dalaran clam chowder
  • You put your pink shirt in the bank when you were putting pots and flasks away
  • All the smoke you keep is white
  • You put flasks back in the tab made for food
  • You put 111g instead of the required 100g because it is easier for you to press "1" three times
  • You think guild bank tabs are too expensive
  • You fill out the notes on each tab thinking that people will listen to the "accepted" tab items
  • You let people prone to being hacked have full access

and finally

  • Your banks needs is based on that of a ret pally

And there we have it. Enjoy the buff kill, kill some bosses, make professor plum proud, and celebrate your Free Loot Tuesday.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Victoria Day!

Victoria Day you say? Learn to be Canadian people! So what is Victoria Day? Well it is a holiday which was created to celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday and the current sovereign's birthday. It is now also known now as the official kick off to the Summer season. All around the country it is a day worth celebrating. All the winter type stuff closes up and it is time to get down to the summer stuff. It is always a good way to celebrate with fireworks and of course the drink of choice being something from a "two-four". That would be Canadian slang for a 24 pack of beer.

So what does this have to do with WoW? Well the kickoff to the summer season is a big deal. Reminds us of all the holidays players will have coming up. The breaks people will want to take along with the mass recruitment that generally happens. Many players now have the opportunity to play more so many will be looking for new guilds trying to get more out of their game time. Also it is a time where many players can suffer a burnout because there is many more things to be aware of and do.

So I guess it acts as a warning to be prepared for what is to come. But sit back enjoy yourself and relax for a day, because tomorrow is when the fun will begin and you will have plenty to deal with.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ask Gauss

What a beautiful day outside today. Maybe it seems like a better day because I know it is a long weekend and there is one more day left. But long weekend or not it is Sunday, which of course means it is time to answer those questions sent to me I didn't have time to reply within that one day period. I mean...the questions I chose because I thought maybe more people would like to know the answers to them. Good save on my part there. Here goes!

Do you think inflation will be a major problem in Cataclysm?

Well first of all they are raising the gold cap per toon, which means they think it may be more of an issue. That doesn't mean inflation is the problem just that gold will be easier to come by. Now the fear is does this mean the gold you currently have collected will not take you as far. The problem with a game like WoW is that people have something known as "old money" meaning they have played for awhile and been able to collect on it. Also at the end of expansions like we are coming to now prices drop by a significant amount and therefore everyone's "stockpile" rises. Old money inflation causes problems with new players, which in turn makes Blizzard have to make obtaining gold easier. This then causes even more inflation. Do I think there will be a large amount of inflation come Cataclysm? Yes, I think it will probably even worse than the two previous expansions. There are more players, two new races, and of course the new secondary skill which everyone will be involved in. Now will this be a problem? Inflation has never truly been a problem for the average player except during the first month of the expansion. So do I think all the crazy panic I am hearing about is worth it? Not at all.

What are your thoughts on the Death of AVR and AVRE?

Now Blizzard has made their encounters based on the fact that they know raiders will be using something like DBM, Bigwigs, or any other boss mod. Now I do think that it scared them having to design encounters around the use of AVR. Let me show you what I wrote on my realm forums.

"I am not going to argue that it made things easier, because obviously when I can say so and so with the "X" goes here with the giant "X" on the ground it makes it easier. The range finder on AVRE can be argued is no more useful than DBMs range finder. One thing I will miss and something Blizzard should really think about is how it can be a benefit for explaining strats. If there was some way it could be made to only work out of combat. Yes one could argue you could just watch a video, but most people seeing is believing. Maybe this will make blizzard put something in the game to better explains strats without just using smoke."

I believe there is something to say that AVRs range finder is not much different than DBMs. Arguments could be made for the "Friendship Circle" around you, but how much different is it than a list of names who are in range of you. Both are in effect doing the same thing.

For explaining fights though AVR was a great tool. People could see exactly where they were supposed to go in a very simple and easy manner. Now having this active during the fight I think where the problem was, and I understand that. Now having it just not active during combat is an idea Blizzard should think about. If encounters are going to visual and spatial this gives us something to help explain those things. Smoke isn't always an effective use.

If you and a Ret pally were on an island what would you do?

Shoot myself before I was killed by his non stop complaining.

That is it for this week. Next week's Reader Post will be about the Mod you cannot live without.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I Need A Healer

So I know I haven't done a parody in awhile so for all of you who have waited paitently you will now get what you have asked for. "I Need A Healer" is taken from Bonnie Tyler's song "I Need A Hero". Hope you enjoy it and tell me what you think.

I Need A Healer
Where have all the good toons gone, and where are all the old gods?
Where's the raid-wise disc priest to fight the rising odds?
Isn't there a blood knight upon an epic steed?
Late at night I toss and I turn and think of what the raid needs.
I need a healer, I'm holding out for a healer 'til the end of the night
He's gotta be gemmed and hes gotta be fast
And he's gotta be flasked for the fight
I need a healer, I'm holding out for a healer 'ti the morning light
He's gotta be buffed and he's gotta be bright
And he's gotta top up that life, top up that life.
Somewhere after raid night, in my wildest fantasy
Somewhere just beyond guild reach
There's someone responding to me
Raiding on the server and put in the hot seat
It's gonna take a kingslayer to sweep me off my feet
Up where the tanks meet the bosses above
Out where chain lightning hits me.
I could swear there is someone somewhere, who could heal me
Through the goo, and the gas, and the fire, and the frost, and the flood
I can feel his heals, like the fire in my blood
I need a healer, I'm holding out for a healer 'til the morning light
He's gotta be buffed and he's gotta be bright
And he's gotta top up that life
He's gotta be gemmed and hes gotta be fast
And he's gotta be flasked for the fight
Well that is it for today. Plan is to do an Ultimate For The Horde tomorrow. So if you are on Llane that means 3+ raid groups to take over the cities after we are done killing the leaders. Enjoy day two of the long weekend.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Take My Quest

Friday before a long weekend(at least here) and just like any other Friday it is a Reader Post day. This week's post is about that quest that you love or hate doing. So sit back and remember the joy or the incredible amount of pain from doing these quests.

One of my favourites is the one that starts with that boat wreckage in Un'goro Crater. "It's a Secret to Everybody" I think its called, goes on from level 47 to level 56, lots of different parts. Probably a lot more fun to those that get all the references in the quest, which I did not, but still, one of my favourites. Gotta love Legend of Zelda.

Kodo roundup is very fun, I do that one on all my characters, the Deeprun rat roundup is a laugh as well. The ones from the mad dwarf in Burning Steppes are kinda fun as well, they're fairly standard quests but the text when talking to him is very funny. Oh and Are We There Yeti - great one for a laugh, I really must get to the end of that chain on my alt so I can do it again.

Fordring quest line in EPL is also my current favourite; I'm now going to have to go to Stratholme to "see" the painting on my own eyes. Another very nice quest chain that ends in EPL is to kill Nathanos Blightcaller - raid quest. When I was doing that with my first lvl 60 char I was so scared because of what everybody writes on the internet. I couldn't get enough people from my guild so I was asking people in IF (it was before the global LFG channel) and was constantly told "you need at least 25 people" and "how many people do you have? 15? That won't be enough" etc... Finally we decided to go in about 17 people and as my toon was hunter I got to kite one of the dogs. Before I got out of sight with the dog, Nathanos was dead. It took maybe 10 seconds.

The Battle for Undercity is the greatest quest WoW has ever made. There is nothing more epic and I don't care what anyone says. If you haven't done it you are missing out. Fighting besides your faction heroes to kill the traitors is unbelievable. I hope they do something like this again in the expansion it was just so amazing.

One of the absolute funniest quest lines I have ever done in World of Wacraft is the Redemption chain, it's like seven tough quests and a nice reward afterwards, it has a good story and it's not too hard, but it's tricky from time to time, for everyone who haven't done it, do it as soon as possible. Another very interesting and one of a kind quest is Cortello's Riddle, it's basically riddles who lead you to different places around azeroth, I enjoyed this quest very much, but I thought it was too easy and too short. If there's a quest that I would like to be expanded it would be this quest!

Pristine Tigris Fang... I hate this quest more than anything in the world. I spent close to 3 hours trying to get this damn thing and wanted to kill myself over and over again.

"Shizz Work". This is one of the funniest quests so far progressing into Outlands. You are required to summon a fel hound (provided) and kill a boar. Then the fel hound eats it and poopies on the ground and you click on it to find the key. Got mine on the first try. Later you get a debuffed "Stanky; You smell funny." which gives you a green smoke cloud around you.

The quest in Zangermarsh where you release the murlocs. I never laughed so hard in my WoW career. Also it was a break break from killing all those annoying ass broken who make you want to end your life.

The Darrowshire questline is by far the best questline in WoW. I am not one to read quests or pay much attention but I did so here. I would completely advise anyone to do the same.

(He really didn't do much justice explaining it. Let's have Cranius do it)

That is it for this week thanks for all the submissions.

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Account Hackers

So like anyone who plays WoW I can name a bunch of people I know who have gotten hacked. They may have got hacked in a variety of ways. Go to websites they shouldn't have, guild website was logged, bugged addon, keyloggers, bought gold, or even responded to an email they shouldn't have. Now I don't think I have ever heard of someone who has been hacked because they believed one of those whispers everyone is sent in game. Why? Well I think you all know the English is absolutely horrible and even someone who only speaks broken English can obviously tell it is fake. Think for a second, if the language made sense would you think twice about it? Now I would tend to argue many would. Regardless, you might pick up on the name and clue in to the fact that why wouldn't Blizzard just cut off your account. The point being some people are idiots, but even idiots can tell when someone cannot speak English.

So what is this all about? Well I fear for the day that these account hackers learn how to at least type sentences that make a moderate amount of sense. Also this brings me to the point that, they should know this. They should know that you could basically fool 50% of the WoW population by typing in a form of English that at least that 50% would see as correct enough. They would of course get the result they were in fact looking for.

Guess I just gave a pro tip to the hackers. Long weekend starts tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Female Worgens

Since Blizzcon people have been wondering what the female worgen model was going to look like. Since all the shots were of male worgens. We saw of course male and female goblins so why such the wait? It was obvious to me Blizzard was holding back for a reason. My guess was they wanted to get the "feral" look but as well as something that was I guess "not bad" or "pretty" to look at since of course it was female, and well alliance. Blizzard has this thing that all alliance races have to be "pretty". You could argue that that the Draenei are not, but I would argue otherwise. From the description of Draenei in every Warcraft novel they were "prettied" up. I am sure it was on purpose to make them more "playable" by the people who want to play toons that are "pretty". Did I really say "pretty" that many times.

Blood Elves aside who were overdone to the point of it is even being part of the jokes Blizzard has put in the game. The question should be "why is this so important to people?" This is a game of fiction and fantasy and is unneeded. All I can think of could it possibly increase the player base? Because people don't want to play a game where everything is "ugly" to look at? This of course could be done with architecture, and not the characters, but hey that is just my opinion.

Oh ya this post was supposed to be about Female worgens. I would just like to say I dislike the model for the very point stated above. It is too "pretty" for me. You be the judge.

That is it for today. Insert grandma's house joke here _____. Reminder that tomorrow is the last day to get in your quest likes and dislikes and of course the stories along with them.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

You Fail At Wiping If...

Happy Tuesday, otherwise know as Fail Day. Seems last week had a theme so I decided to incorporate it into this weeks fail post. Something, which holds dear to everyone's heart. Now I give you what you all are waiting for.

You Fail At Wiping If...
  • It was only a wipe because you forgot to bubble
  • You taunted the boss as DPS
  • You thought an army of iceblocks was code for awesome
  • You confuse "Skull" with "Box"
  • You heal people standing in Death and Decay
  • You are unaware of the fact dragons cleave
  • You keep dpsing when wipe is called
  • You are unsure what tank the beam means
  • You go on with healing the tank if a wipe is called
  • You don't have a hearthstone macro
  • You are unaware of how to "hug a crusher"
  • You never have attempted hardmode trash
  • Your best assisting happens on MC'd targets
  • You interpret "Stop DPS" as "Blow all cooldowns mindlessly"
  • You DI the mage

and finally

  • Your wipes are pointless because you never kill the boss

That is it for this week. May your wipes all have a purpose!

Monday, May 17, 2010


So I get a requests a lot of the time to showcase videos, artists, or machinimators. I turn most of them down. Although every so often someone comes across that I didn't know about and I like what I see. Not that my opinion is worth more than others, but people tend to like to hear what I say or think. So what is this all about?

Well, there is a new song just released by Blood Type and Lionsface entertainment. It is a WoW Hip Hop song called Fail. The video is done by Gary Hartmann a machinimator I was unaware of. Of course how could I not love something about fail. Leaving that out it is well written, put together, and of course flows nicely. Most importantly it is not sung by a blood elf, becasue that is getting beyond old.

So without me not talking more about it. Checkout the video and make your own decision.

You can download the mp3 here

Hope you enjoyed it. Good Luck on the last day before reset

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ask Gauss

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope your weekend has been a good one. Mine could be topped off by a new boss kill tonight, here is hoping. It is Sunday though meaning you came here to see what questions I would be answering or you are here for some other reason, but that doesn't change what I am going to post about. So off to the races we go.

It seems my battlegroup loves to run heroics killing every boss for "more emblems". What should I tell them to convince them this is a bad and time wasting idea?

Now he wanted to know specifically what to tell them as a healer, but I will mold this into anyone. You can explain to them about how completing the instance quicker meaning less work and getting the bonus badges quicker, which would actually mean more badges for less time invested, and of course less work. Sometimes though you get those players that don't get the point and this is where I find taking more time to prove the point is worth it in the end, if you can teach them what they are doing is wrong. Saving WoW one noob at a time.

As the Tank this isn't as fun because well you could just go wherever you want and they can't do anything about it, this also means with the diplomatic approach you just have to convince the tank. So sadly it is hard to teach people a lesson. As a healer you have several options. You can just not follow them and watch them wipe on trash. This is not only effective, but funny as hell when they die and complain they got no heals, "that's because I didn't heal you". You can also DI the tank, BoP the tank, pull and fade, or DPS with the excuse "You all are being stupid I thought I would join in". As DPS you can pull trash until the group wipes. After accomplishing this task they will either leave, or of course just give in. In your eyes this is a win-win situation. The hope is next time they enter said instance they will know better.

Now some may think this is stupid and unfair, and I along with others should just suck it up. My view is if said people want to do the extra bosses be considerate and do them after the people who are in there to get it over with are gone.

What is the craziest thing you have done lately?

Well yesterday we decided again to take up the Tyrande kite once again. We decided this time to find the path down the World Tree before we brought her with us. We did find a perfect way down with branches all the way, in addition to arranging how we would heal the Fatigue across the sea. We brought Tyrande with us for a couple of attempts, but it was obvious with only 1 person who could slow fall/levitate it had to be flawless. With the kite path set down and the strat all good it is only a matter of time now before we pull this off. Now if we could find the time to attempt it more than once every couple months then we would be set.

Since you have tanked all the heroics in the Fury style tanking are you going to be attempting a raid boss?

Actually if Naxx is the next weekly this is going to be attempted to see if it is in fact possible. So look for it.

That is it for this week. Thanks as always for all the questions and for being patient waiting for my reply. Next Friday's Reader Post is going to be about that quest that sticks out. It could be a horrible painful one or one you enjoyed. You have until Thursday to get them in.

Enjoy what is left of the weekend!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Trolling Da Forums

So my guild is currently looking at fixing the summer jinx and inviting a couple people in order to maximize potential. With that in mind and the lack of unguilded and geared players on Llane I tend to explore off server. This took me to the Horde Recruitment forums where I saw such classics as
  • 4900gs Resto/Bear looking for guild 10/12 HM ICC
  • looking for highly skill raiders
  • MM Hunter LFG have done all fights on my Shaman
  • LFM to join the party
  • LF Serious RAF Partner
  • Weekend Raiding guild looking for Weekday Raiders

Those were just some of the beauties I saw. Also what is with people posting all the symbols and such. It doesn't make me want to click on your thread it makes me wish I could slap you upside the head. Another thing that bothers me is people who post in a recruitment thread on an alt. Does that even make sense? You think I want to waste my time replying to your thread if you could be crap? Of course not, it is a waste of my time. More things that bug me are people who are looking for a guild way beyond there gear level and experience, honestly you just are making yourself look like an idiot who has no clue. There is also the people that log out in PvP gear or naked so you can't even look at their crap on armory. All of these things even if they bug me at least they lower the number of people I actually have to reply to or check out.

So to all the others trying to fix holes with people wanting to explore the outside with the nice weather at least the Recruitment forums will give you a good laugh, and I feel your pain!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Loose Ends

So it is Friday so time for the weekend to kick off. It is actually supposed to be nice this weekend, not rain like crazy. I know what you are thinking, "Outside? What the hell is that?". You know that place where you go out to get the mail? That would be the place. Or that place where the guy delivering your food is standing when you pay him. Yes, I just did the typical gamers have no life joke. I didn't have a good intro. Regardless, today is Friday which means it is time for the weekly Reader Post. This week was about Lore you want to be taken care of before or at the start of Cataclysm. To all you people who have said there has been too much posts about lore lately, you are probably right, but live with it. On with the show!

So didn't we discover Mal'ganis was behind the whole Scarlet Onslaught thing and then we heard nothing about him when he vowed to make the Lich King pay. What is up with that? I would like some response from Blizzard besides he will still be in CoS.

I would love to know what happened to Maiev Shadowsong after the whole Illidan thing. I know it was her purpose to find and kill Illidan, but with Cataclysm supposed to have a large Nightelf focus I would love to see her back.

The Naga. I want to know more about them, and it really is one of the major reasons I am looking forward to Cataclysm. I want Azshara to make some sort of appearence even if it isn't as a raid boss. Long live the Highborne, and praise to Azshara!

Who is behind the Infinite Flight? Are we ever going to find out? Nozdormu seems like he would be the only one, since they are of course time travelers. Two aspects one expansion is probably asking for a lot, but just thinking about a fight involving The Timeless One would be awesome in so many ways. I would settle for just finding out who it was in the next CoT instance, who knows it could even be Deathwing in some way.

If Azeroth is going to be forever changed will this mean we will finally get to interact with some Pandaren? I am not even asking them to be a playable race I would settle for the same treatment as the Tuskarr. The have a very interesting culture and by how much everyone likes the pet they put in game I can only imagine how much they would be liked.

This isn't a request to finish, but a request to do it well. When Malfurion comes back I don't want it to be "OMG HE'S AWAKE". I want to be something, which is epic enough of a reason that this guy has been stuck sleeping for years. This is of course the first and greatest druid ever to live who has saved the world countless times. Please Blizzard give him the respect this character deserves.

How is Nefarian not dead? Is he just going to come back to life? To me it is baseless and it better be better than just you just killed a shade of the real Nefarian. This isn't a soap opera and people just don't come back to life when we saw them die.

With the Battle for Undercity we saw that Sargeras still has some influence over Azeroth. I would love to see more of this and what he has himself locked into. Could this be Azshara? Could this be the Naga in general? Or is he part of the plans of Deathwing?

It seems many of you have some questions you want answered. Here is hoping that they will be!

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Time To Add New Titles

So after some time thinking and wondering. I have come up with a few new titles, which could be added to the game. Some serious and of course, because it is me, some which poke fun at those special people we encounter.

Recount Star: A prefix title which is attained after padding the damage meter by damaging or killing useless things during an encounter.

The Tomber: Do not move and entomb the entire raid during Sindragosa. This is a suffix.

Waster of Time: Kill all optional bosses in all heroics in a 24 hour period. Suffix.

Facepalm: Defend Silvermoon or Exodar, by killing at least 5 people from the opposite faction. Prefix

Drama Llama: Be a part of five different guilds within a one week period. Prefix.

The Keyboard Turner, The Clicker: I think the title says it all doesn't it? Both are Suffixes obviously.

The Cow Tipper: Kill Bane Bloodhoof while assaulting Thunderbluff.

Freedom Fighter: Participate in the retaking of the Echo Isles or Gnomeregan. Prefix.

Bane of the Black Flight: Kill Onyxia, Nefarian, Sartharion, and Deathwing. Suffix.

Any ideas of your own? Remember tonight is lore last day to get in what lore you want to see played our before Cataclysm or just after. Kill so bosses loot some crap and collect your oh so precious badges.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Real Life Is Not WoW

I thought I would get in on this argument, since it seems for whatever reason a topic people enjoy reading about. The points being made come down to is the way someone acts, behaves, or presents themselves show the way that person is in real life.

So is that guy who ninja'd your loot the type of person who would cut you off in traffic and not care about the results? Is that raid leader who can organize people with efficiency someone who manages people in real life? Is the person that is "too good" to move out of fire quick enough that lazy person who gets everyone to do everything for them?

Now I assume you all can see the similarities between the way some people who act in game or preform that matter, but many of them arguments people are making avoid one important aspect. Playing an online game such as WoW gives that person an opportunity to not showcase themselves or prove they can be something else. So maybe some people are sick and tried of getting bossed around at work all day come home and let it loose. Meaning they use the focus of I can do things better than my boss, watch and see. Or maybe the opposite. I spend all day focused doing all the crap I need to get done, I am going to come home and enjoy myself. Completely not giving a crap how it effects anyone else. This would be "it is a game" relax attitude we see a lot of the time.

Of course if someone is very introverted out in the real world they could use the online experience to let themselves loose. Have a field day and prove in this environment they can thrive because there is no consequences. Now I would argue you don't generally see the opposite a very extrovert person becoming the calm quiet one in the corner. So you could argue that those acting that way in game generally are those type of people out in the real world.

So what am I saying really? Well, people who play this game may use their real life skills and abilities to enhance their game play. This is true and why wouldn't you? Using what you can do well, to do better. No one wants to fail, at least no one I have ever met. Also people may use this game as an escape to prove they can do what they are not supposed to be able to do. So that guy who flips burgers could be your raid leader, or that guy who can't get out of the fire could be an very sucessful executive.

I am no sociologist, but I would expect they would see it from my point of view. When people are given an opportunity in a new society to be whatever they want. They will

a)Without knowing tailor themselves to who they are
b)Try to be something completely opposite

I really doubt there is middle ground. You are either an amplification of yourself or someone completely different. I am also not sure if I even made a point at all, but I am sure you all will tell me.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

You Fail At Warcraft Lore If...

So I have been getting a massive amount of questions regarding the lore of this game lately. Apparently, people are very curious and yet clueless at the same time. So with it being Tuesday and being everyone looking for their taste of weekly fail. Why not do fail in regards to lore? Of course I can just imagine how many questions this post will create, but here goes

You Fail At Warcraft Lore If...
  • You think Illidan is blind
  • You cannot name the two children of Deathwing's we have killed
  • You don't know why sometimes the Lich King is refereed to as Arthas
  • You don't know why we celebrate the heros during the Harvest Festival
  • The orc named Broxigar means nothing
  • You don't find it weird that the healer staff that drops off Arthas is named after Antonidas
  • You are unsure why Gruul is named "the Dragon Killer"
  • You don't know the difference between Blood Elves and High Elves
  • You have know idea who Krasus' Landing is named after
  • You wonder what the weird looking thing is in the middle of your world map
  • You don't know the significance of the Axe missing from Thrall's throne room
  • You do not know who Varian's son Anduin is named after
  • You are part of the group arguing that Worgen should be a horde race
  • You do not know who Durotar and Orgrimmar are named after

and finally

  • You think someone other than Sargeras will be the boss in the last expansion

That is it. Keep the stuff coming I have enjoyed talking lore with many of you lately. Free Loot Tuesday is upon us grats on your badges and good luck on your drops!

Monday, May 10, 2010

More Pony Talk

So we all have our opinion about the horse I have come to refer to as "My Little Pony". Well here are two videos I find quite amusing.

This is basically a commerical making fun of the my little pony mount and Gearscore at the same time. Make sure to read the text during the video while listening. They are just as funny.

Tears of Noobs
This video is informing of us the birth of the Celestial Steed. Of course having the horse having a creepy voice that reminds me of the horses in the "Charlie the Unicorn" videos.
Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did. Last daybefore reset, run out and DPS and heal shit

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ask Gauss

It is Sunday and also Mother's Day. So Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there who deserve this day. Sunday also means it is time for Ask Gauss. Now because of the spot I got this week I had just a few extra mails to go through this week. Many of them were relating to my other thoughts on future Lore ramifications. So I will have somewhat of a theme to this week's edition. So here goes

Do you think we will see Queen Azshara in Cataclysm?

Well first off, at the last Blizcon there was a direction question from the crowd asking if we would see Nazjatar(Naga Capital) or Queen Azshara in Cataclysm. The answer was no. Although on the official Cataclysm site the list of major role players has Azshara listed. Now why could this be? Well we will be seeing Vashj'ir, which doing so obviously we are going to learn more and more about the naga. How can we learn more about the naga without dealing with the Azshara question? My thinking is Azshara will be involved in the expac, but she won't be an encounter. Having Deathwing and Azshara in the same expansion although it sounds great would probably take some of the epicness out of one of them, and we can't have that. For those of you who have no idea who Azshara is, this is her in a nutshell

"The creature moves on five slithering, octopus-like tentacles, its massive round and bulbous body shifting constantly. A humanoid torso covered in thick scales rises from the body, the creature reaching at least 20 feet in height. Four arms extend from the torso, with two hands holding javelins of dark polished wood and gold-leafed tips. Despite the monstrosity of its body, the creature’s face still possesses an otherworldly, feminine, almost elven beauty. Snakes writhe about her head, serving as her hair and as further eyes. A cruel smile plays across her lips, as though she is deciding whether to play with her enemies a moment longer or simply destroy them now."

What do you think Cho'gall's role in the expansion will be?

We are already aware that Cho'gall's clan is going to be in this expansion and playing a major role. This clan being Twlights Hammer. He is presumed dead, but then so have many others only to be revealed not so. Azshara, Vashj, and of course Medvih are perfect examples of this. He is also a servant of the Old Gods and that of the elemental plane intent on destroying Azeroth. One important thing to note was when he said this

"When the child of the three realms becomes as light, the ancient power will be released. The earth will tremble. The seas will rise up in answer, and all will be madness. A new day will dawn, bringing with it chaos or peace. Our master is a god of chaos! Pandemonium will aid the old one's release! To this end, we will weaken the barrier between Azeroth and the Elemental Plane. This will allow our great master to reclaim its former elemental servants and send them to rampage throughout our world."

Does this not sound exactly the point of Cataclysm? We already know Ragnaros and Neptulon will be making an appearence as well. It all seems like it would go together nicely.

What else can we expect in Cataclysm?


That is it for this week. Thank you once again for all questions and comments. Next Friday's Reader post is going to be what lore you want to be built on heading into or during Cataclysm. As always you have until Thursday to get everything is.

Enjoy Mother's Day and the rest of your weekend.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Children's Week Look Back

So being happy that I completed all the achieves for this holiday save the Vertan Nanny I decided to put together the horror stories I have heard about this week or maybe was the cause of. You may call my poking fun pure evil, but in the end does it really matter?

Cupcakes: When does buying a cupcake for 4g each ever make sense? I always find it hilarious when they buy the cupcakes or cakes then send you a mail complaining at how much it cost them. Did they expect me to feel bad and send them their gold back? I only did the thing that made the most sense to me. CoD them another Cupcake or Cake for double the amount they previously paid.

Utgarde Pinnacle: How people fail at this instance I have no idea. How people fail to take their orphan out and then have to do the instance all over again is nothing short of epic failure. 2 people in my daily did this I couldn't help but poking fun at them to no end. You did this instance for one purpose and messed it up. They weren't even from Ragnaros either...

School of Hard Knocks: You have all heard about people complaining about this on and on. Why it is so unfair and how it should be removed from the meta because everyone is working against one another in the Battlegrouns. Apparently all achievements should be as easy as getting a haircut. You have the standard complaining that people doing the achieve and then leaving the battleground. People just letting the flag carrier die in EOTS so they can pick it up and cap it. Although I much enjoyed the story about the mage that was putting Amplify magic on the flag carrier so they would die quicker. The one thing you need to remember is your pain entertains me.

So with that I will miss Children's Week. The constant complaining, the 30 minutes BG queues, the complaining, the comments about the size of my Willie, the complaining, asking why there is no Caverns of time portal in Dalaran, and yes of course the complaining.

Friday, May 7, 2010

I Gots Lots To Do

Friday it is! TGIF right? Anyone see all those crazy Cataclysm screens over on MMO Champion besides them looking pretty awesome. This reminds us that the expansion itself is not that far away, which is a perfect lead into this week's reader post. Almost as if Blizzard knew my plans and planned this, very nice of them. Ok maybe that is going a little far. Anyways this week I asked people to tell me the things they want to or are doing before the expansion. So ya...

I plan on finishing Loremaster not because I want the achievement or the title, but because I have a feeling a lot of those quests are not going to be around any longer. Of course there will be a ton of new quests to do later on as well. I just want to see all the game has to offer before it drastically changes.

Finally do Gnomer at level! I know it is crazy isn't it. Besides being the worse placed and worst designed instance horde wise. Well maybe BFD is placed worse, but they could blow that place up for all I care. I just have always complained about gnomeville for so long I should do it so that when they change it I am actually able to complain about the crap it was in its former glory.

Thinking about going around and taking screenshots of all the zones so I can do a before and after thing. I think it would be rather time consuming but worth it in the end.

Finish all content currently available including hard modes. I know this is probably a loosing battle but at least it is a goal. Besides having a Mimi head would be pretty pro.

I think having a toon every class a goblin could be at 80 would be great. This way I could choose exactly which one is going to be my main without having to start from scratch.

Collect enough Runecloth so that I can become exalted with the goblins ASAP and get me one of those sweet rides. Don't lie I know you are thinking about doing this as well. Who doesn't want to drive a racecar?

Catch up on Lore to see what Deathwing is all about. I see about you talk about him all the time as well as others. The guy seems like a complete badass, would be awesome to know why.

Get a new computer that will actually be able to play the game...

That is it for this week. Also I have thought about collecting runecloth for just that purpose. I am just not sure if Blizzard is going to allow such a turn in. Of course I thought the same thing for Silivermoon and collect the cloth anyway only to learn that I would not be able to ride a chocobo. Of course now everyone can ride anything so this wouldn't be a problem. Anyways, enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Real ID

So I am sure you have all read what this is if not then here are the basics from

Real ID features

  • Real names for friends Your Real ID friends' names will appear next to their characters.
    Cross-Game chat You will be able to talk to your Real ID friends cross realm and in other games like StarCraft II and Diablo III.
  • Rich Presence You will be able to snoop see what games and modes your Real ID friends are playing. So you'll know if they are just hanging around Dalaran. And they'll know the same about you.
  • Broadcast You can broadcast short messages to all of your Real ID friends and view recent messages that they have broadcast.
  • Friend once, see all characters Real ID friends can see all of each other's characters. All. You won't be able to pick and choose which ones can be seen, unless they are on another account.

So I am sure you all can see the pros and cons of such a system. Many are afraid of the privacy concerns this has, which of course has a lot of merit. The main thing is it is a choice. You do not have to participate in such a system. My feeling is that if you have real life friends this doesn't seem like it would be too bad. Unless of course you play WoW or any other Blizzard game to get away from such people. For others that you play with I would think of it like this; if you would be comfortable with said person knowing more about you as if you did meet them in real life and not on a game then, why not? Think of it as if you would become Facebook friends with such a person you have already made such a step. This is a step that should not be stepped into without thinking of course. If you are a person that likes your privacy I would suggest not using it at all. If you are a person that is open and friendly with everyone, I would be extremely cautious to others intentions. Really it comes down to common sense, which I will admit many don't have at times. Anything that could leave you at any risk is not something ever to just right off. So will I take part? Who knows I am still thinking on it.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Deathwing Model?

Well this photo here was leaked yesterday.

Well first off being Deathwing, I like the model for the most part. Now I know this may not even be a real photo, but it does resemble the sneak peak photos we have seen released. For those of you unfamiliar with Warcraft Lore Deathwing, the Destroyer, former known as Neltharion, the Earth Warder let's do a quick bio. He is utterly insane, he hates everyone and wants anyone besides his own flight to die. He makes Arthas look like a puppy dog. He dwarfs everyone which is why I don't like the size of this model. He is supposed to be larger than Alexstraza and Nozdormu. He is also supposed to have his own suit of armor, which was welded to him. Like I said he is insane. Maybe with how viewed out this shot is you can't see the breastplate, and for this I can only hope. Other than that I enjoy the model, what do you all think?

One thing seeing this screen makes me think is when the Cataclysm event comes will we have interaction with Deathwing? Will he be attacking the cities directly? It is about time someone caused some real shit.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

You Fail At Making A Point If...

First off happy Star Wars Day, May the 4th be with you! Ok so maybe that wasn't funny. I was informed I made it on yesterday for my Orphan's Future post in conjunction with their "Daily Quest" segment. Thank you for the mention and to any new readers to join the Nation. Today is Tuesday though, which means it is time for the weekly fail. On with it!

You Fail At Making A Point If...
  • You expect people to take you seriously with lol in your name
  • Your point is mages are hard to play
  • You are telling people how to play but your spec is beyond awful
  • You participate in the Skill > Gearscore discussions in trade chat by saying you know this guy with a 3k gearscore who outdpsed a 6k gearscore person
  • You say you picked a blood elf because they looked cool
  • Your point is about epic flying costing too much
  • You are explaining the quickness of keyboard turning
  • You believe there is a reason you didn't bubble
  • You are trying to prove why Malygos shouldn't be the weekly
  • At any point you say killing optional bosses is worthwhile in a heroic
  • You are trying to prove someone is mean because they told you to go to Silithus to train polearms
  • You at anytime say the horde has the advantage in Alterac Valley
  • You think Blizzard cares that people are making it hard to get your Children's Week PvP achievements
  • You are explaining the importance to white cap hit for a dual wield class
  • You are in the "For the Fish Feast" group

and finally

  • You have TRH(That Retarded Horse)

That is all the fail we have time for today. Enjoy your Free Loot Tuesday

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Orphan's Future

With Children's Week now here it is time to talk about something that I find rather interesting with Warcraft Lore. This has to do with the Burning Crusade Orphan quests, Salandria the blood elf orphan or Dornaa the Draenei orphan. Sure you go around doing all sorts of quests showing them the sights of Outland and of course their home capital cities. The quest that sparks the lore interest in me is the one where you go to the Caverns of Time. If you weren't paying attention the bronze dragon guards try to attack and kill your orphan. They are only stopped by Zaladormu who says

"she will not be punished for things she might do or fail to do in the future"

Also when you give them their dragon toy they say respectfully "Someday I plan to own a real one" and "One day I hope to be lucky enough to have a dragon as a friend".

So what does all this mean? Well it very well could be nothing, but I don't buy it. For me why would the bronze dragons attack them? They know something is going to happen they do of course live in time. So it would have to effect time in some way. This leads me to the conclusion that they are some how connected to the Infinite dragonflight in some respect. I guess we will all just have to see though.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ask Gauss

Let me just say that I have never had the same question asked to me this many times in a week. I guess this means I better keep the focus and answer it well. This is of course what has been on the raiding community's mind ever since the announcement was made. So without leaving you all waiting longer bring on my opinion.

What do you think of Blizzard's idea to have 10 and 25 man on the same lockout?

First of all we do not know everything about the decision behind this, so I may change my mind in the future on it. For now though this is my deal. First off, I have always thought it has been rather retarded since Wrath came out that you could kill the same raid boss twice in a week. So in that regard I like it.

Do I think it is fair people will be getting the same rewards for doing the encounters with less people? Blizzard's original stance was that 10 man encounters were easier not because of less people, but because they were were designed to be more forgiving. They have been chosen as the "not so serious raid". You still get to do everything, but it is easier. If this is too be done right let's look at the options. Make 25 mans on a normal scale as easy as a 10 man or make 10 mans as hard as a 25 man encounter. I don't want to see content watered down so I would be a fan of bringing 10 mans up to the difficulty of 25 mans. Of course 10 mans will still be easier for the simple fact that you will have to organize less people. This is something that cannot change, which is why there has to be an incentive to do 25 mans. The just more loot aspect is probably not going to be enough, which is why I am assuming there has to be something they are not telling us.

At Blizcon it was stated that guilds would be a major focus of Cataclysm. This is why I think the guild talents and leveling system is going to be a huge deal for raiding. Obviously I am thinking this is going to be more focused on 25 man raiding benefits. Everything that I have heard about the system was it was going to be based on how many people in your raids. So buffs, gold drops, and all other things is going to be more efficently used for a 25 man raid, obviously 2.5 times more.

Now the only way 25 mans survive is if everyone thinks the incentives are good or worthwhile. If they aren't no matter how much people like or prefer the 25 man experience it will die, along wiht it larfer guilds. This is the sad truth, but I will explain why. The easiest way to give an example of this is Karazhan. When Burning Crusade came out Blizzard had this idea to slowly get people into raiding by giving everyone a 10 man raid. No matter how hard you tried to make the groups even and even changing the names as to not define them group 1 and group 2, it didn't matter. Why am I not in the good group? The drama whenever one group did better than the other. Even the best intentions left you with people being unhappy. This environment leads to guilds forming cliques within it. If you are in a raiding guild and only raiding with certain people, why are you in a guild with the rest? You saw this all the time during leveling phases of expansions also. People always doing their own things and become involved with what they are doing. So in short guilds may at first have the best intentions to keep everyone together, but it would only be a matter of time before splits would happen.

I hope Blizzard does the right thing for the incentives for 25s because I love the feel of 25 man raids they feel much more epic.

Are you really Gauss?

I think so...

So that is it for this week. Only the one real question, because I thought with how many times it was asked it deserved some attention. Next Friday's reader's post is going to be your list of things to see or do before the expansion.

Enjoy what you have left of your weekend.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


So anyone who has every been in a guild with me knows why this is funny. You see when patch 3.0 hit and the achievement system was brought to us was when all the fun started. People were getting achievement after achievement for the stupid things we had already done hundreds maybe even thousands of times. No matter what, people would say grats like it was this thing that had to be said. Like when you level and you say ding. It is as if you are this mindless robot and just do it. So I had an idea. Someone got an achievement and I say OMG GRATS!!. This happened each and every time. Basically showing how some of the achievements are rather, how can we put this, useless? Yes because getting a shave and a hair cut is of course just as difficult as killing Illidan. At first people laughed, then some people got annoyed, and then people would notice if I was afk because well they would say "Gauss where is my grats?". Every time some new joins the guild they ask if it is a mod or a macro. It is not a mod although I am sure there is one. It is a macro because of course it has evolved from just "OMG GRATS!!" to many other forms.










So what crazy things go on when someone gets an achievement around you?