Friday, May 28, 2010

Me and My Mods

It be Friday and another insanely hot day outside. Almost too hot to do anything, almost being the key word. I am inside nice and cool writing this so of course I can do something. It is Friday, so there is a lot of copy and pasting going on, but regardless it is something. This week's reader post for all who didn't participate or those who could careless is about those mods that you cannot go without. I really didn't go into much detail about how I wanted people to present said mod, but it worked out pretty well without a lot of direction. So congrats to you all for doing your own thing and having it work out. So here goes maybe all you default UI people will learn something.

DBM: do I really even need to explain.

Grid is a life saver. I use it to see my entire raid and can pick out anyone in the raid very quickly. It can be small or larger. I can set it to see debuffs if I am healing or just the group if I don't care about healing them. It really is an addon I cannot live without.

Prat is the greatest addon this game has. I never used it until I saw you post and talk about it. It makes the chat in WoW so much more manageable and of course appealing and easier to read. I would say everyone would get it and even go as far as say Blizzard should really take a loot at what this addon has done and make it part of the primary interface.

IceHUD is probably the best HUD around. It has a serious of options to customize everything you want to be see or anything you don't. I know HUDs aren't liked by everyone, but if they are something you like to use there is nothing better than IceHUD.

OneBag is the greatest and most obviously needed thing Blizzard needs to put into the regular interface. I understand the whole RP thing with not having one bag, but at least make it an option. It makes going through everything much easier and so much less time consuming

Power Auras Classic is the greatest Mod made for World of Warcraft. You can set anything and everything as a trigger to remind you to use cooldowns, abilities, or just random crap. You can queue it with sound, text, visuals, or even all three at once. If you have never seen it or used it I would say get it and see what you are missing.

I believe Postal is the mod I could never live without. No idea why Blizz makes you open 1 mail at a time or even 1 item in each mail at a time. Postal lets you go to your mailbox click open all and then leave and come back and everything is all well and good. WoW without Postal is like like eating without a fork, you can do it but why would you.

Auctioneer is the greatest addon ever made! Without it I would never be able to make any gold in this game. Sure it takes up a lot of space but the time and effort is worth it. I love you auctioneer don't ever leave me.

Recount lets me know how awesome I am at the game or how awful the people I am playing with are. Isn't that what playing wow is all about? I thought you would see it my way.

That is it for this week's Reader Post check out the mods if you so wish. Enjoy the weather and the weekend.


  1. It should be My Mods and I, but I am assuming you did it for the 3 Ms...

    I would add BT4, FuBar, CTBuff, Cooldown Count, and Omen all onto the list of the mods I couldn't go without. Otherwise the list there looks pretty good even if I hate HUDs.


  2. Omen, ftw!

    I use some hunter specific mods, too. In SD, we never require anyone to run with a mod but we strongly, strongly, strongly recommend Omen. If we're training a new tank and I'm pulling my usual 4+k dps, I'm going to pull everything off him. I need it to stay under his threat so we can say "do this" or "do that".

    I couldn't get DBM to work on my Mac when I first started raiding so I went with Big Wigs. Now, I wouldn't raid without Big Wigs. I rue the day Cataclysm is released and I have to run around with the default UI and no mods. (Twitches in terror.)


  3. One thing to keep in mind is you don't have to click 1 item at a time in the mailbox. If you shift click the letter in the mailbox, it will empty all the contents into your bags with just that one click. Postal is nice because it can do all your mail itself, but just a heads up.