Monday, May 31, 2010

Guild Member of the Month

So I wanted to take this time to recognize the fact I was voted guild member of the month of a guild I am not even a part of. Truth be told this has never happened to me before. Truth be told I have never even been voted guild member of the month that I have actually been a part of. Maybe mostly because they never had guild member of the month, but whatever. Let's all agree that this is a cool thing. Even better was that I was voted guild member of the month of an alliance guild. You know the people that I attempt to kill every time I see them. The people I plot and scheme in order to find new and inventful ways to attack and kill them. The people I constantly poke fun at for rolling races that are well too "pretty" for my liking.

So even with all of this going on I walked into the zone in Dalaran known as Gauss' Mailbox and began my daily quest of sorting through all those special mails. "OMG IS THIS GAUSS", "You have gold to spare?", "I heard I could be invited to your guild", "What does I have to dos to get you to run with me", "I know you hate pallys but I do 3k dps", "Do you honestly think people care what you think?". So even going through all those and more I came upon this:

It is a custom at Spectacular Death to recognize one person a month for outstanding service to the guild. It's usually a guild member but, by popular vote, YOU, yes you have been voted our Guild Member of the Month. Now, don't bother pointing out that you're not a guild member. We're making you an honorary one for this month only. We all chipped in and got you some really nice gifts, things every warrior could use. Congratulations. You bring such a cheer to SD. This is well deserved.


So I would like to say thanks and I guess I will keep on keeping on. To all my American readers enjoy your Memorial Day and have it be celebrated the way it was intended. /Salute


  1. /grats

    That is actually pretty sweet though. What did you get?


  2. lol that's pretty sweet

  3. As befitting your nomination, you provided some new members of my guild an exceptionally fun evening last night. I was on my alt, leveling in Wetlands. "Gimm! Ironforge! They got Bronzebeard! It's Gauss!" I have never ever yelled at my computer to move faster, but I did last night. Why was it taking soooooooooo lonnnnnnnnnggggg to switch toons?

    There was a defensive raid started in Stormwind but it quickly became apparent the leaders didn't know how to defend. My apologies to them if they read this blog but guys, bunching up on Wrynn is NOT an effective strategy. Thank goodness, Spectacular Death members know how to defend.

    We have added a bunch of new people who asked, "What is 'Gauss'?" We dragged them to Stormwind and they had the time of their lives shutting down your raid. "Does this happen often?" they asked.

    As for the rest of the evening, memo to self, do not rez within visual distance of a certain tauren warrior. It's been ages since I was one-shotted by another toon. Nice axe. I was laughing so hard, I couldn't hit the rez button.

    No, I won't tell people what was in those packages we sent. It was a guild effort to collect everything and it was a unanimous vote.


  4. Was good fun last night. Ironforge was pretty flawless although I expected it to be. I dislike doing it first because of the whole not ready for us thing. I felt like I owed it to a few people. Another reason I don't like doing it first is people leave and you can't start looking for more people in trade after a city it just doesn't work.

    We almost pulled off SW with less than a full raid sneaking Varian off in an outter room, but we started to get overun. Having 5 people kill the boss and 25 killing the alliance makes for a slow burn. I love when there is resistence makes it more fun.

    Not going to lie I was complete surprised to see the defence in Darnassus and I was on kill on site all defenders duty from that point on.

    Keep on defending and I will keep on attacking

  5. Oh we we debated. Go to Darnassus knowing that, of the 38 who were actually in the defensive raid, 23 of them left the minute all the bodies turned to skeletons.

    "It's suicide, Gimm." they said. But we talked about it and the 15 who were left in the raid unanimously decided this was more fun than we were entitled to have and who knows, maybe you'd have attrition.

    A couple words on IF/SW. You had half the raid convinced Varian was dead. Brilliant strategy. For about 3 minutes, we were headless chickens but we recovered. And, once we'd killed everyone, there was still confusion because Wrynn wasn't in front of the throne. I didn't see you pull him so I went through the bodies looking for his.

    I suspected IF as a first attack was to make sure people who were in last week's raid got their bear. Threw everyone for a loop. "Wait. He never attacks IF first."

    So we ported to Darnassus and discussed battle tactics. My presence on the Auberdine dock was just to see which way you went. It really didn't matter. We had a mage waiting to port us to Exodar if you'd gone that way first. We knew you would be surprised and that was the whole point. It was not really to defeat your group. We were outnumbered. It was make you go, "Whoa," and pause to actually think about the attack. In that respect, we won.

    It's a day later and guild members are still buzzing about it. I can't promise defense every time but I have enough people within shouting distance of City Defender that we will make a stand when we can.