Saturday, May 29, 2010

Maybe It Is Time...

I wanted to take this opportunity to list a few things I have that may have offended, hurt, or otherwise ruined someones gaming experience

I'm Sorry For
  • Killing the quest giving over and over you are trying to turn something into
  • For driving up the price of enchanting mats
  • Standing next to you holy pallies in my pally set which out gears yours
  • Informing you after I buy out your auctions which were below vendor price
  • Telling you are horrible in a not so polite way
  • Explaining the reason Bladeward sucks after I enchant it on your weapon
  • Asking you over and over how is it you are so bad
  • Selling you a tank gun
  • Summoning you off a boat
  • Referring to you as a ret pally as "Fail"
  • Facepalming at your gem choices
  • Having an open arguement with you in trade you cannot win
  • Sending you pointlessly to Silithus
  • Assuming you are fail because you are from Ragnaros
  • Wiping you for wanting to do optional bosses
  • Running over your corpse, then backing over it to make sure you know it wasn't a mistake
  • Making you believe you could learn to speak common

There are probably countless other things, but really I am not sorry for any of them. In this spirit I thought this would be the perfect time to release an idea for a Gauss Nation T-Shirt.


  1. Classic. I was getting scared there for a second that you might have actually been serious.


  2. Does it come in Pink?

  3. Should come in a brown to match the whole warrior thing

  4. Where do we order?