Friday, May 21, 2010

Take My Quest

Friday before a long weekend(at least here) and just like any other Friday it is a Reader Post day. This week's post is about that quest that you love or hate doing. So sit back and remember the joy or the incredible amount of pain from doing these quests.

One of my favourites is the one that starts with that boat wreckage in Un'goro Crater. "It's a Secret to Everybody" I think its called, goes on from level 47 to level 56, lots of different parts. Probably a lot more fun to those that get all the references in the quest, which I did not, but still, one of my favourites. Gotta love Legend of Zelda.

Kodo roundup is very fun, I do that one on all my characters, the Deeprun rat roundup is a laugh as well. The ones from the mad dwarf in Burning Steppes are kinda fun as well, they're fairly standard quests but the text when talking to him is very funny. Oh and Are We There Yeti - great one for a laugh, I really must get to the end of that chain on my alt so I can do it again.

Fordring quest line in EPL is also my current favourite; I'm now going to have to go to Stratholme to "see" the painting on my own eyes. Another very nice quest chain that ends in EPL is to kill Nathanos Blightcaller - raid quest. When I was doing that with my first lvl 60 char I was so scared because of what everybody writes on the internet. I couldn't get enough people from my guild so I was asking people in IF (it was before the global LFG channel) and was constantly told "you need at least 25 people" and "how many people do you have? 15? That won't be enough" etc... Finally we decided to go in about 17 people and as my toon was hunter I got to kite one of the dogs. Before I got out of sight with the dog, Nathanos was dead. It took maybe 10 seconds.

The Battle for Undercity is the greatest quest WoW has ever made. There is nothing more epic and I don't care what anyone says. If you haven't done it you are missing out. Fighting besides your faction heroes to kill the traitors is unbelievable. I hope they do something like this again in the expansion it was just so amazing.

One of the absolute funniest quest lines I have ever done in World of Wacraft is the Redemption chain, it's like seven tough quests and a nice reward afterwards, it has a good story and it's not too hard, but it's tricky from time to time, for everyone who haven't done it, do it as soon as possible. Another very interesting and one of a kind quest is Cortello's Riddle, it's basically riddles who lead you to different places around azeroth, I enjoyed this quest very much, but I thought it was too easy and too short. If there's a quest that I would like to be expanded it would be this quest!

Pristine Tigris Fang... I hate this quest more than anything in the world. I spent close to 3 hours trying to get this damn thing and wanted to kill myself over and over again.

"Shizz Work". This is one of the funniest quests so far progressing into Outlands. You are required to summon a fel hound (provided) and kill a boar. Then the fel hound eats it and poopies on the ground and you click on it to find the key. Got mine on the first try. Later you get a debuffed "Stanky; You smell funny." which gives you a green smoke cloud around you.

The quest in Zangermarsh where you release the murlocs. I never laughed so hard in my WoW career. Also it was a break break from killing all those annoying ass broken who make you want to end your life.

The Darrowshire questline is by far the best questline in WoW. I am not one to read quests or pay much attention but I did so here. I would completely advise anyone to do the same.

(He really didn't do much justice explaining it. Let's have Cranius do it)

That is it for this week thanks for all the submissions.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I love Darrowshire!!!!!!!

  2. Relesing hte murlocs always entertains me


  3. That video is awesome