Thursday, May 13, 2010

Time To Add New Titles

So after some time thinking and wondering. I have come up with a few new titles, which could be added to the game. Some serious and of course, because it is me, some which poke fun at those special people we encounter.

Recount Star: A prefix title which is attained after padding the damage meter by damaging or killing useless things during an encounter.

The Tomber: Do not move and entomb the entire raid during Sindragosa. This is a suffix.

Waster of Time: Kill all optional bosses in all heroics in a 24 hour period. Suffix.

Facepalm: Defend Silvermoon or Exodar, by killing at least 5 people from the opposite faction. Prefix

Drama Llama: Be a part of five different guilds within a one week period. Prefix.

The Keyboard Turner, The Clicker: I think the title says it all doesn't it? Both are Suffixes obviously.

The Cow Tipper: Kill Bane Bloodhoof while assaulting Thunderbluff.

Freedom Fighter: Participate in the retaking of the Echo Isles or Gnomeregan. Prefix.

Bane of the Black Flight: Kill Onyxia, Nefarian, Sartharion, and Deathwing. Suffix.

Any ideas of your own? Remember tonight is lore last day to get in what lore you want to see played our before Cataclysm or just after. Kill so bosses loot some crap and collect your oh so precious badges.


  1. I am partial to "the Dragonslayer" when you kill deathwing.


  2. Tomber....

    sadly i know a few of those

  3. Drama Llama

    I know the perfect person that needs to wear this title!

    His name is "KARMIC" well formally anyways

    That man was a HUGE HUGE Drama Queen. Makes you wonder if he is as fail in real life as he is in game.