Tuesday, May 18, 2010

You Fail At Wiping If...

Happy Tuesday, otherwise know as Fail Day. Seems last week had a theme so I decided to incorporate it into this weeks fail post. Something, which holds dear to everyone's heart. Now I give you what you all are waiting for.

You Fail At Wiping If...
  • It was only a wipe because you forgot to bubble
  • You taunted the boss as DPS
  • You thought an army of iceblocks was code for awesome
  • You confuse "Skull" with "Box"
  • You heal people standing in Death and Decay
  • You are unaware of the fact dragons cleave
  • You keep dpsing when wipe is called
  • You are unsure what tank the beam means
  • You go on with healing the tank if a wipe is called
  • You don't have a hearthstone macro
  • You are unaware of how to "hug a crusher"
  • You never have attempted hardmode trash
  • Your best assisting happens on MC'd targets
  • You interpret "Stop DPS" as "Blow all cooldowns mindlessly"
  • You DI the mage

and finally

  • Your wipes are pointless because you never kill the boss

That is it for this week. May your wipes all have a purpose!


  1. But I must pump the meters before we wipe it makes me feel so much better.


  2. mages are pro rezers