Tuesday, August 31, 2010

You Fail At Knowing Your Class If...

Before I get started. I assume everyone can see the new Screenshot at the top of the page. It is located the Shatterspear tribe village, otherwise known as the dancing troll village. The screen was taken by Vinletsu and purple swirlies of death were courtesy of Mithvana and a series of duels. This is actually a great place to take the screen and immortalize it, since come Cataclysm not only will this place be completely changed, but it will also me much more accessible than it is today.

Anyways, it is a new raid week which means it is Fail Day, everyone's favourite time of the week. The motivation for this was some great stories I heard from random pugs, enjoy!

You Fail At Knowing Your Class If...
  • You are a DK that rolled on a Spellpower ring because you thought it was class specific
  • You are a Hunter who asks which spec is replenish spec
  • You don't know that Icy touch spam will pull aggro
  • You have said "Druids can sleep dragons?" in Ruby Sanctum
  • You do less bubbles than a holy priest when you are a disc priest
  • You think "the cap" doesn't exist and will gem for it anyway
  • You are a warrior who gets feared
  • You think having extra hit will make up for having not enough expertise
  • "What's a parry gib?" is a question you cannot answer
  • Taunt is your only method of maintaining aggro
  • Your mirror images know which target to dps more than you do
  • The inscription who you bought your glyphs from knows they are useless and you don't
  • You are a hunter who specializes in melee DPS
  • Your ability to use cloak of shadows is hindered by the ability that you have no clue what it does

and finally

  • Your name is Metapod

That is it for this week. Hope you all got some good laughs. Enjoy your last day of August what many consider their last official day of summer regardless of when the actual end is. Good luck this Free Loot Tuesday everyone.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Start Collecting Runecloth

Well at least Horde toons. For if you haven't seen the Goblin racial mount this is what it looks like.

Full on Trike Bike. Think I would look pretty sweet riding this as a Tauren. Not that I don't look awesome on any of the mounts I ride. You see as a Tauren we prove why bigger is better. I actually have been collecting cheap runecloth off the AH ever since they told us that the Goblin mount was going to be a race car or some sort of bike. Making it a Trike bike makes it something original compared to the Hog that is already out there and of course the car that is in the Goblin Starting area. I guess I should say I don't know for sure that you will be able to turn Runecloth in for rep with the Goblins, I am just assuming they will be keeping the same pattern. So don't come back to me and complain if this is not the case.

There, of course, will be the option of gaining reputation with quests, which is always a much cheaper option. I am actually looking forward to going through the new Azshara and experiencing that once I have hit level 85. Head over to the pleasure palace and who could forget the golf course, which will be out there.

To my Alliance readers there is no pictures as of yet, to my knowledge at least, of the Worgen racial mount. So you all will just have to wait and see. I am sure that it will be very pretty and elegant to satisfy not only the Alliance style, but of course that of Gilneas.

Go luck on your final day before reset!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ask Gauss

Sunday it is the last day of the weekend unless there is some unknown holiday I don't know about. This week also significant because it is the last week of summer for those still under 18. Meaning the population of Alliance will drop by 50% most of the time. Well with everyone knowing that you should all feel better and I can now get on with the questions of the week. Do you really think offering gold for people to preform is a good idea?

It is something I just decided to do for the week in order to show people what they were actually capable of. It is the end of an expansion people are kind of bored of the content. So giving them a little push and give them something to shoot for works. Besides a little friendly competition never hurt anyone. Although, many people said they preformed the exact same way they do every time. Which to me is perfect and I hope they keep it up from every week on. You see people probably won't admit it if you ask them, but everyone strives to be the best. So don't think of it as rewarding people for poor past performances instead I think of it as rewarding the current performance and giving everyone a reason to be at the top of their game for every possible pull.

How are you able to complete so many successful For The Horde?

In all honesty I just assemble everyone together, tell them what needs to be done, and give them directions to do so. I don't play everyone's class or control their keyboards and mouses. It is just like a boss fight; their is a strat and if you execute it correctly for the most part then you will get the job done. Now with FTH things are a little different and the strat cannot always be the same, but there is also more forgiveness for people wavering from the strat compared to a PvE fight. I guess people decide to listen because they have heard from others that I can get the job done. So they come in listen and don't question my choices. So who knows if I wasn't successful in the first few runs I did then who knows right?

There is talk that when people join a raid of mine they are more inclined to listen and do what is asked of them more than other people. I have no idea if that is true or if they are just scared that I will poke fun at them and they will become the new Bagellord. Whatever it is, I will take it. The FTH runs will keep happening into Cataclysm and beyond and for as long as I play this game and as long and they are still part of it. So I look forward to throwing the Alliance new tricks each and every week just as they look forward to trying to shut me down each and every week.

Do you think you will ever get into beta?

When a ret pally uses more than 2 abilities and a hearthstone.

That is it for this week. Just so everyone knows this week's Reader Post will be pushed till Saturday. So you will have one extra day to get your submissions in. Why you ask? Well Friday is actually the 1 year anniversary of this blog and I think that is worth celebrating. This week's Reader Post will be about your favourite blog moments of mine from the last year.

Enjoy what is left of your weekend and your summer.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Well let's just say today's For the Horde was pretty much flawless. There was some resistance of course not the amount I was expecting, but still some. I added a little trick for Ironforge and I believe it confused the defence when they saw us there. All city leaders went down without a problem. Having the pro foundation to the group with the expectation of massive defence helped out quite a bit. The Alliance up in the tree on the way to Darnassus was pretty original. You even killed Vin because he refused to let it go and head back to the boat till you all were dead.

What I enjoyed most was how 12 people seemed to cause quite the uproar in the Trade District when it was all over. Gimm, pretty sure my axe met your face quite a few times. I wanted you to get up close and personal with the wrath of my purple swirlies. Running into the house at the end when it was getting crazy was quite amusing also. Apparently, I got hit by 63 different people in span 5 minutes while we were in that house. So eventually after pissing the Alliance off enough killing everything they brought the rain and took us to the ground. I couldn't see a damn thing in there stupid with it being a human building, being a Tauren, and of course the mob of alliance all in that little tiny space.

Hopefully if we get it up and running again tomorrow and there be some good resistance and wipe the floor with the Alliance in their house all over again. Lok'tar Ogar!!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

World PvP Moments

For this week's Reader Post I decided to ask the Gauss Nation what their favourite or most memorable World PvP moments have been throughout their WoW career. Some of them were ridiculous, sad, or down right hilarious. Hope you enjoy the ones I decided to share.

My favorite isn't exactly a personal best, but definitely the best moment I had ever experienced. Decided to pick some fights with some allies today outside SW and started to mess around SW. I would run by the gates where all the ally would chill and duel and when one would give chase, I would take them far enough away from them to kill them alone. Was working fine for a while, until a rogue happened to be around when I thought it was 1v1 with a mage. Needless to say, I died. I did my normal gtfo after I rezzed at my body. I trapped him, he trinketed, then I scatter shotted and mounted. The rogue gave me a chase epic enough to be put in any movie. We ran through Elwynn, to duskwood to Westfall. At Westfall however, I happened to chance by 5 beautiful angels. At 50% I didn't have a chance on a rogue who was clearly intent on killing me in his full wrath set. But I just so happen to run into a 5 man ganking party. I quickly dismounted by them and began to eat and drink as I watched with a smile on my face as the rogue got mutilated in a gory mess. I couldn't have planned a better ambush if I tried in all honesty.

I was out in Arathi raising Herbalism, when I see a Horde in a bike carrying a passenger. I decided to push my luck; the Hordie came riding towards me (but not really paying me much attention) and I did a quick burst rotation on his passenger. The orc flew from the bike and fell over the cliff. His driver was so confused by what happened that we just stared at each other (I was laughing too hard behind the monitor), and after the shock was over I got thunderstormed off the same cliff. I loved every moment of it.

I was out in Icecrown the other day doing some daily quests and I flew up to what I thought was Orgrimm's hammer, but it was actually the Alliance gunship, the Skybreaker. Realizing my mistake, I was about to head off when I figured i'd take a look around, since I don't have any alliance characters over lvl 70 and had never explored the skybreaker before. I slaughtered some guards and killed their captain, even getting caught below the floor at one point because my flying mount phased through the geometry of the ship. A lvl 80 demonology gnome warlock eventually showed up to ruin my fun. We were evenly matched, both in about 5 pieces of pvp gear. We must've fought 20 times in the next 40 minutes or so, going back and forth between orgrimm's hammer and the skybreaker. I'd pull back to my gunship after killing him at his, and he would retaliate and counter-attack on my home turf. Once defeating him again I would go back to the skybreaker again and cause more trouble, and he would jump me and dispatch me. The best bit was when he dotted me as i was floating over the Skybreaker and he chased me on his flyer back to my gunship wanting the kill. I quick landed on orgrimm's hammer and dropped a grounding and began to heal. When he landed, my grounding ate his death coil, he went demon and tried to get at me. I just kited him all over the ship as the guards repeatedly netted him to the floor. He eventually just jumped off and fell to his death. Was quite funny actually, his demon wings desperately trying to remember how to fly before he went splat. In the end, we shared a brief exchange of respectful emotes while on our flying mounts, and then went our separate ways. It was quite enjoyable. I hope I run into him again someday.

Back in S5 though when melee was ridiculous, i was on my warlock camping 2 ret paladins in the place near sons of hodir with all those chick only people (you know the one!). Anyways, I was camping them both separately since they'd try to rez and kill the lonely warlock separately. One would rez and die while the other was flying to their corpse. This went on for a bit till they realize that I'm camping 2 and decided to rez together. This was S5, there is no way i was gonna live through 2 of them in my half deadly and half hateful gear.

I teleported to a nice location above the building and mounted up with 10% HP. One of the ret followed me on his mount with crusader aura up and caught up to me in no time. I knew he was gonna try and use his hammer of wrath (range execute) on me. He dismounted and used his HOW, dropping me to a bout 1% and then he bubbled. Or so he thought...he used his 50% dmg reduction instead of his full immunity all the way up in the air. Needless to say, he dropped on the ground and SPLAT! This was a pretty funny moment for me in WOTLK and just pure epic.

I was doing a few laps for the Time Lost Proto Drake last week and got jumped by a mage. Mage dismounted off his flyer, shot a spell, then feather falled down. Well as a Warrior who searched for the TLPD, I keep a stack of the slow fall beer on me in case I ever have to tag it in the air. I fall, drink the beer, and float safely down the to the ground. I enter a battle royal with the mage, and end up winning. Right as the mage dies, my addon goes nuts, saying the TLPD is near! I quickly Enraged Regen. and mount up looking for it. I spot it, dismount, and heroic throw to tag it. I go to drink the beer again....and its still on cooldown. I fall down to my death, and land right next to mage I just killed. Who hasnt released yet, and prolly saw the whole thing.

A ret pally friend participated in a raid on Undercity, Aman'thul server, for the Alliance bear mount, when they get inside the raid leader asks "Where's the Queen ?" ..... no one knew. My friend bubbled and hearthed ...

Back in tbc days while i was lvl 68 on my hunter i went to Rachet for some reason and came across some lvl 70 mage in t4 gear ganking lvl 15 horde guys, so thought i would try and sneak up on him and kill him, now at this time i still considered myself a noob, but i guess he was more of one cause he died, at any rate he released and came back to kill me and he died once more. At this point he gave up and i assume he left back to shat, so i run up and jump on the boat when a lvl 10 ally come running up the walkway to the boat...being all impressed with myself, i one shotted the kid and got killed for my troubles by the guards.

That is it for this week. If you enjoyed this week's stories be sure to try and be a part of it next week. I will release next week's topic as always during Sunday's Ask Gauss post. Enjoy your weekend and to all the Alliance be ready for an Epic For The Horde tomorrow.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


So in tribute to the new Nub Tales video I have decided to list of things would go to hell for doing in WoW. Before reading this I suggest you go watch the new Nub Tales video, which can be seen here.

And so the list...
  • Kill Stealing
  • Training Mobs on you
  • BoP you during a boss pull
  • Taking your herbs while you kill all the mobs around it
  • Killing people your mounts passenger seat
  • Kicking someone out of your random just before the last boss of the instance
  • Corpse camping lowbies
  • Dancing in Defile on Lich King
  • Thunderfucking someone off a cliff
  • Iceblocking the raid on Sindragosa
  • Pulling a Valk while running up to the frozen throne
  • Killing a mindcontrolled player
  • Dispeling someone's Parachute while they are floating to Dalaran
  • Pulling a boss during a ready check
  • Mind Controling someone off the Lumber Mill
  • Leaving someone in an iceblock to die after Sindragosa dies
  • Running into Blue Balls on Lich King
  • While riding a turtle mount trading someone who doesn't have one the second turtle mount you fished up

That is all I can come up with for now I am sure someone will say something or do something to me over the next few days that will make me scream PEOPLE GO TO HELL FOR THAT!!!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Motivational Raiding

So since I have this gold that I really don't know what to do with it. No, this is not an opportunity to explain to me why you deserve some gold so don't bother. I decided to make raiding this week a little bit of a competition, offering prizes for the week based on specific performances. These include Add Damage, Healing, not getting hit by crap, and any other fun thing I could think of. Basically I am going to be rewarding people on specific fights for being the top in each category for each boss. Then on each boss someone will be in a "pro" category for being let's say the top 3. Also since there is a pro category there has to be a fail category being reserved for the bottom 3.

As an example, bonespike Damage on Marrowgar. The Top Damage on bonespikes gets the gold reward and the top 3 get on the pro list. While the bottom 3 would be on the fail list. Then at the end of the week the person with the most (pro lists) - (fail lists) will get the big money reward at the end of the week. Which will either be a hog or the money for one. The raid itself will also be rewarded for boss kills with no deaths and wings with no wipes. Of course, this is all in good fun and basically a way to motivate people for an instance, which they have been doing for 9 months.

To all of you that are thinking I am crazy for giving away close to 100k gold away for the week. You are probably right and yes it will probably delay my quest for 1,000,000 gold for a couple weeks. It is fine with me though if people will be fired up to come to raid and see what they can do that night in a little friendly competition for the good of the guild and for progress.

I'll be sure to tell you all how it goes.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

You Fail At Killing A Boss You Have Already Killed If...

So it is Tuesday and yet another Fail Day. I got an email asking me if I will ever run out of topics for Fail Day. I simply responded "No, because there will always be ret pallies running around". Regardless of who is around playing this game everyone has their "moments". Shall we get to poking fun at people for the week?

You Fail At Killing A Boss You Have Already Killed If...
  • You forget all the time and effort that went into killing it before
  • You decide that you are no longer needed to DPS the correct add
  • You think decursing is for people with shitty DPS
  • You kill Mindcontroled people
  • You have call Marrowgar Professor Bonestorm
  • It is your goal to inflict everyone in the with vile gas
  • You chains of ice a zombie by all the healers and it explodes there killing them
  • You forgot dpsing in front of a boss if bad
  • Your shadow prison stacks are higher than your level
  • Instead of moving out of defile you decide to /dance
  • You try to tank the Lazer of death
  • You are unaware of the characteristics of Dragon fights
  • You make up your own strat completely different during all the times the boss was killed
  • You treat it as a joke because it is not the current tier of content

and finally

  • Some how some way you wipe on gunship

That is it for this week. Hopefully when you start this week's raid week you have none of these problems and it all goes smoothly.

Good Luck on your Free Loot Tuesday!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Guild Unity

This topic comes up because we are nearing the end of an expansion, and what happens at the end of an expansion? Well pretty much nothing. Raiding gets old, Arena Seasons ending, BG are uneventful, and Dungeons are a cakewalk among many other things. So what tends to happen is people get to know their guildmates much more because they are not as "busy" as they were before. People talk more and something that may happen is they realize that some people in the guild are like them and some are not. Of course, then some cliques start to develop where people always hang out with certain people and might end up not having space or time for others. These cliques although are great for people getting friendly with one another you have to be careful because they can break up your guild. When people get the attitude that they don't want others in on their runs and all that jazz.

Come Cataclysm this is even more dangerous because if you don't promote guild unity then with the revelation that 10 man guilds are going to be even more popular. Come the expansion these people won't think twice about breaking off and doing their own thing. So during this time I would suggest still doing things as a guild. If you are not doing the current raids then have nights to do something old school and make it fun. Make a day to do achievements. Do a guild free for all in the STV arena. Anything to do things with one another to keep that unity together. Then when that stuff is not going on people can do their own thing and they still have that freedom, but the guild is not going apart at the same time. Just something to think about as a lot of guilds may be "shutting down" for Wrath.

I'll leaving you with a little quote I saw on the Greedy Goblin

Horndreaper: Can I have some money plz I am saving for my epic flyer plz
Reply: I have hidden all my money on the beasts of Azeroth. Kill some to claim your share!
Horndreaper: Where do I kill the beasts?

Enjoy your Monday

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ask Gauss

Happy Sunday everyone! The day you wake up and hope the sun is out and it will be a wonderful day because it will all end when you have to wake and go to work the next day. So even if it is a happy day you will be shafted come Monday morning. Also Sunday means it is time for Ask Gauss. So let's get to the questions.

Do you feel like you have to make every single raid because you have Shadowmourne now?

Well I am the Raid Leader and Guild Leader so I already feel like I have to make every single raid. But to answer your question I do feel like I owe the guild something because I received the legendary. Just like I did the last time because I was chosen to represent them. Now I don't think this is a bad thing. It promotes commitment to the guild and guild unity. Along with having the person with the best weapon in the game no matter the legendary in the raid when you are trying to progress or just kill bosses. Obviously players who receive legendaries are normally a higher quality of player so that also helps in making good raids.

What you have to be careful with is people who feel the raid expects them to be there each and every night. It is guild induced and not player. It is all well and good if the player expects it of themselves, but when the guild would make it a requirement this is when things can lead to problems of resentment and often times people will end up quiting the guild or the game in general. So just something to be careful with.

How do you motivate people for raiding when the expansion has greens so quickly that are better overall?

People raid to kill bosses. Loot should always be secondary. If you raid for loot you will always be behind, because there is always something new and better coming around. If it be a new patch with a new instance or an entirely new expansion. Killing bosses is what raiding is all about. The great feeling about executing something perfectly and getting it down. If you raid for loot you will never be happy so trying raiding for fun.

The best thing you have heard about Cataclysm at the moment?


That is it for this week. If you want to have your question answered just send it along and maybe you could be part of the post next week. On another note Friday's Reader Post is going to be about your favourite World PvP moment.

Enjoy what is left of your weekend

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Super FTH Fail

So I don't know what it was about the run I tried to put together today, but the normal For The Horde magic wasn't there. Get over the fact that you could say they were tipped off. The Alliance knows I am coming and it has never been an issue if the proper preparations are made. There was plenty of healers although they didn't appear to be healing too much. Besides Whirl and another guy whose name I cannot remember. There was also that crazy Mexican kid that got on vent, but he can't be blamed for it. Instructions were given maybe not followed perfectly, but they were given. Just so happened that the raid ended up being a complete failure. Shutdown in Ironforge then followed by Darnassus. Really rather depressing. Didn't even get to own that many faces with my Shadowmourne.

Regardless there will be hell to pay tomorrow. I will bring the main crew tomorrow then fill in with the people I find in trade. Don't want the crap that happened today to happen again. So to the resisters I will be back and with a vengeance. Hope you are also there tomorrow to fight back for we all know it is much more fun that way than roflstomping through city to city.

Congrats on your victory today for it will be short lived come tomorrow.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Memorable Deaths

For this week's Reader Post I wanted everyone to submit their most memorable deaths. You know something everyone could either have a chuckle at or say wow too. So sit back and enjoy the Gauss Nation's ability to die in fancinating ways.

On Argent Dawn when the AQ gates were opened, the server had some really hilarious seizures before it finally died. The best having been dumping all of Sillithus' PC population into the nowhere swirly zone you get when you fall under the world and then it promptly barfing us all out in the wetlands. At the Inn in Menethil harbor... Well, about 100 yards above the Inn in Menethil harbor.. The pancake stack of corpses on top of the Inn was pretty funny.

Of course the embarassing death I'm sure everyone has had at least once. You finish doing something on a high spot, go to hit your mount button and jump off when the mount pops....Then halfway down you realize you hit your ground mount instead of your flyer.

There was a recently dinged 80 person in the group, a Rogue, one who apparently didn't know about the little knockback deal the things do. Well, I positioned myself to the side, whereas they went directly behind the Giant, and whispered me, asking why I didn't get behind, and telling me that I wouldn't be able to use Shred. Just as I was about to say that the Giants had a knockback, and how I could still pull off Shred in my current position to the side...BOOM! He's flying through the air, back toward two of those Golem things. He's flattened in no time. Almost immediately, I reply with a "That's why." Luckily, the snarky comment didn't cause any issues. I just wish I had been recording or something. It was kinda comical, how he just flew through the air like that.

I have a habit of getting rocket boot malfunctions in crowded places, which throws me a hundred feet in the air, and I only have my Parachute cloak bound in one of my specs. So I end up constantly falling to my death in a crowded Dalaran street wondering why I used my PvP trinket instead of my cloak.

When I'm flying out of WG and heading back to Dalaran, sometimes I'll tab out, because it's a pretty straight flight. Sometimes when I tab back, I'm lying dead in the Dalaran streets. It took me a while to realize that's because you can't fly in Dalaran, so my mount would get stuck flying into one of the towers, disappear, and I'd fall to my death. Good times.

While still leveling, I was making a bee-line to Revantusk Village, and as it's a fairly long run from Hillsbrad to said location, I made use of auto-run. Not a single issue 'til a little over halfway there. I, stupidly, tabbed out while running toward the cliffs. I only tabbed out to change my music, and when I came back...I saw myself falling, with maybe about a quarter of my health gone, due to wolves taking a chunk outta my hide as I ran by, not to mention the close calls I had had with the hostile trolls. The funniest part was probably the fact that I kept looking for Shadowmeld (despite falling), and Flight Form, as my first Druid was a Night Elf. Terrible flashback, I guess.

I was in hellfire taking the stadiums and a level 70 thought it would be funny to chase me down. When he did manage to catch up with me he took me out, bannered my head, and started teabagging me. He was so busy celebrating his victory over a toon 10 leverls lower than him that he didnt see the Fel Reaver coming his way. Can you say roflstomp? I've never laughed so hard at someone else's misery in my life.

I was in an AB on my holy paly right? My friends and I had been ganking this Relentless Belf DK who seemed to REALLY want to kill me. He never succeeded that game, except once. We had just held off the zerg at Blacksmith and I had bubbled at (I !!%! you not) 1 health. We finished them off quickly enough and I was laughing too hard at my 1 health to heal myself. I sat down to eat as my bubble reached about 2 second and as it dropped a Death Coil comes out of the sky and kills me. I look up to see the DK had rocket boots and parachuted off of LM for the sole purpose of finishing me. As he landing he started doing one of those ridiculous macroes that spams /spit, /rude, /laugh, ect... all at the same time as my Wrathful Ret paly and Wrathful Warlock friends proceeded to rip him apart.

My best so far was giving an IC speech in Hellfire, and the Fel Reaver ran up and stepped on my face halfway through. Wish I screenshotted it.

In a Warsong Gulch one time, I got pulled around five time by death knights before I finally died. I simply sat there, mouth agape as I watched poor little Darrai get yanked from place to place within a fifteen foot circle. When it was over, I should've gotten the achievement: [Keep Away] Get Death Gripped at least five times in thirty seconds.

For me...Back when I was playing my DK I would get in the habit of hitting Horn of Winter whenever I wasn't doing anything while out levelling. There was at least a couple times when I was on my flying mount heading somewhere and that instinct kicked in. Cue blowing horn sound and me falling to my death.

I had one happen just this year during the Midsummer Festival. I went to Thunder Bluff to steal the flame from the city. I cleverly disguised myself as a Blood Elf, hopped on Baron Rivendare's mount (a disguise that -always- works and -no- one suspects a thing, don'tcha know >.>) and ran through the city. I grabbed the flame and hurled myself off the edge of the rise, popping levitate, laughing and congratulating myself at my own cunning escape. As I glanced back at the flame, I saw a lonely low level tauren shaman. He smiled sweetly and sent a small globe of lightning at me. I chuckled at his attempt to give me the equivalent of a small static shock... until I saw the shock was enough to interrupt my levitate, and before I could hit it again, I had a mouthful of grass and dirt and a long run back to my corpse.

That is it for this week's Reader Post. If you want to get in on next week's be sure to check out next week's topic this coming Sunday during Ask Gauss. Enjoy your week everyone, I'll be sure to give my Shadowmourne a tour of Alliance cities this weekend.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Yes it is true! After paying 3000g per saronite for the 25 needed for Shadow's Edge. After getting the bloods from the Abominations. After seeing the Zombie Apocalypse in Frostmourne Cavern. After collecting 1000 souls within Icecrown Citadel. After obtaining the Unholy Infusion from Putricide after some horrible luck. After gaining the Blood Infusion with a little help from healers. After some blessing of freedoms and Guardian spirits while getting the Frost Infusion. And finally after weeks upon weeks of horrible drop rates on shards last night I got the 50th Shadowfrost Shard needed to complete the quest to gain Shadowmourne. This is what Darion had to say

It is complete. Where most would falter you have overcome. You have withstood the torment of the Lich King himself and now Shadowmourne is yours. Go now wield this mighty weapon and direct the countless living souls that empower it. Go now and defeat the prince of darkness!

I want to thank my guild for all the bosses we have killed shard drop or not. I would not have this weapon if it wasn't for all of you. One person doesn't make up a raid, you need 24 other people to do what we have been able to accomplish. This weapon is a symbol of everything we have been through. Every wipe, every kill, every trash pull, and of course every joke. So thank you all for every raid and of course allowing me being that person to wield this. It really is a great feeling to be done with it. Not having to see that stack of shards sitting in my bags wondering if it will every get finished. Not seeing that quest that is incomplete in my log. Now it is just time to kick some ass with some purple swirlies.

To everyone who reads this blog you no longer have to hear me bitch and complain about lack of shard drops. All my complaining can now be directed to not getting into Beta and well ret Pallies. Also to everyone who reads this blog I said when I got my Shadowmourne there would be a new top header to the blog. So I am looking for suggestions as to where the Screenshot should be taken and how it should be taken.

Thank you everyone for the support and encouragement that it would get done, and Ziggie I hope your shard collection goes a lot smoother than mine did.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I said it the word no one wants to hear. No one wants to be replaced and it is always something in the back of everyone's mind. Whenever I invite someone to the guild and they are the same spec or same type of toon as someone else the tells begin. The first thing that pops into someone's mind is that they are going to be replaced and the freak out begins. Sometimes this could actually be true. Someone could not be pulling their weight, not showing up enough, causing stupid wipes, bad positioning, or causing unwanted drama. In most cases this is not the case.

Maybe it is just the type of world everyone lives in. They are always thinking the worst every time. Let me tell you all this, their is not a secret plan for me to ruin you and everything you have always held dear to you. There isn't someone outside your window right now so you don't have to "hide your kids and hide your wife". Let us try not to be super paranoid all the time. Sometimes players come around that cannot be passed up and ya things will change a little bit, but it doesn't mean your world is going to end and you will be replaced and slowly pushed out of the picture.

To explain a little bit of guild management. It would be my job to make sure all the roles of the raid are able to be filled any given raid night. If they aren't this means that recruitment has to be done to fill the holes. Now sometimes there are these nights where everyone for some miracle or another is on. Those days are when the panic happens and people get all crazy and start packing their can goods and hide in the basement. Flukes happen and this isn't a bad thing. Sometimes people may want a rest or a night off and this could be a great day for this to occur. See what I did there. I was thinking positive and not in a crazy world is ending negative way. Amazing what can happen when you think of things on the other side. Can you all try that for at least today and see what happens?

On another note screw you Blizzard! Where the hell is my damn shard?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You Fail At The Ready Check If...

Happy Fail Day everyone! Looking through my list of topics for Fail Day I noticed that I never actually posted this one. All of my guildies know how important my ready checks are to me. So although I am sure many of you will fun some hilarity in many of the things I will post I think my guildies will be beside themselves laughing at this one. Without making you wait any longer, it begins!

You Fail At The Ready Check If...
  • You do a ready check to see if people are ready for the ready check
  • You click yes for ready then say you need buffs
  • You don't click no when you are not ready you wait for it to say you are afk
  • You do a check during the middle of a boss pull and cause a wipe
  • You take an Armor pot instead of doing a ready check
  • You say you're ready when you haven't buffed
  • You are alt tabbed playing farmville during the ready check
  • You do a check when you are the only one standing in front of the boss
  • You find the concept click no if you can hear this difficult
  • You say yes then say brb
  • You click yes thinking it is a rez
  • You say yes even though you have absolutely no idea what you are doing on the coming pull
  • You are talking non stop on vent and completely miss the check
  • You say you are ready and haven't even zoned in

and finally

  • You click yes then mysteriously disconnect

That would be it all. Hopefully your Free Loot Tuesday goes well.

1 more shard wish me luck!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Oh RNG How I Hate You

So today I was already to post a topic on how I finally completed my Shadowmorne. How even though I had been having weeks upon weeks of horrible shard drop rates that I had worked through it and would be wielding the Legendary. Well I was denied by the RNG. For those of you who have no clue what RNG is, "Random Number Generator". I am sitting at 49/50 shards although Lich King is left to kill this evening. Now his drop rate for the shard is about 25% on normal, but the plan of getting it beforehand and getting the items off of him this evening is now gone. This is beside the point though waiting to next week is fine, but let me explain the hate I have for the RNG.

The Turtle Mount: You don't want to know how much I have fished for this stupid thing. I have been trying daily since this mount was announced. Tried in every type of pool, every zone and so on and so forth. Now anytime you can mount in a raid instance I am taunted with an army of turtle mounts.

The White Polar Bear: The daily in storm peaks I did everyday since it was possible. This was of course 3 days after Wrath was released and I was high enough level to do it. After 16 months the bear was finally in the bag and I could stop doing the stupid daily and throwing the snowballs in the bag at the quest giver.

Plate DPS Neck off BQL: Now I could even say necks in general. I have no clue how many times we have killed Blood Queen but I do know a neck has never dropped. Not even once. Sure all our casters love that the staff drops every week.

Traps in Plague Quarter: So this has happened 2 or 3 times. The whole raid goes to the neck Abomination runs through and I am left doing loot. When I start making my way to the next boss some how I hit a trap that no one else has and the crackheads come and own my face.

So that is why I hate the RNG, and that of course is just what I have dealt with in rather I could go on forever with everything from the past.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ask Gauss

Sunday is upon us and besides a breakfast with pancakes and sausage it also means it is time for this week's edition of Ask Gauss. Let's get down to it then and answer this week's questions.

How did you or will you decide you gets the items out of the Shadowmorne chest?

I actually have done this a little bit different then most people or guilds have done it, I think. I am not just giving it away to my best friends or loot counseling them. I am not doing it with an open roll with people in the raid at the time the chest is rewarded. So how then you ask? Well because I am a lore guy and all I decided to use that to decide it. I asked anyone interested in an item to PM me on the forums or send me an in game mail telling me why they would like that item. I said not just to say "I want it" or "because it is awesome". I wanted them to explain to me why that item and the significance it has. I was not disappointed in the responses I received and people really for the most part took to heart what I was trying to do. After all they are vanity items and I would like them to go to someone who would actually enjoy it for all the time they would be playing this game.

Do you like the idea that Cataclysm is going to be the expansion of the healer?

Well I don't mind it at all. BC was all about getting people in the frame of mind that DPS is important. That rotations were something to be paid attention to, and that everyone would be specialized to fill a specific role to benefit the raid. Wrath has been about tanking. Tanks being able to kite, control and manage adds, position, all the while taking big hits from bosses. Healers through Wrath have never had to really worry about mana. They just spammed their heals without thinking what the cost was to keep the tanks topped off, because basically almost any boss could 2 shot a tank. In Cataclysm healers will be more responsible for their mana and have to make more decisions on what heal to use. Rather than just mindlessly spamming. This of course won't ignore what the DPS and Tanks have learned in BC and Wrath as it will carry on all to make the game better overall.

Do you know what would be funny? If you got a beta key the last day of beta.


That is it for this week. As always if you want a question to be answered just send it along to myself and yours could be one of the ones used next week. For those who have been waiting, next week's Reader's Post is about your most memorable death. Just like always you have until Thursday night to get them into me.

Enjoy what is left of your weekend!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I'm Gonna Punch That Dragon In The Face!

So for all of you who don't know about Simon and Lewis they are 2 friends who make gaming videos including World of Warcraft Beta. I guess this is where I get my fix with Blizzard being the way they are and deciding not to give me a beta key. The two of them form THE YOGSCAST. I seriously recommend watching these videos they are absolutely hilarious. Of course they are not completely informative, but that is not the point. I don't want to give away what is going on in Cataclysm, but things like this are fun to see. They take tours the changed zones, the new starting areas, new fishing dailies, Vashjr and, of course, Hyjal. Anyways, I will link my favourite video of theirs dealing with the beta now. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did

And I only have one thing left to say. I'M GONNA PUNCH THAT DRAGON IN THE FACE!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Gauss Nation's Favourite WoW Music Videos

So this week's reader post was all about your submissions of your favourite WoW music videos. I decided to make this into a Top 10 with all of your submissions counting as votes. So without waiting any longer.

10. Take My Quest

9. Ni Hao (A Gold Farmers Story)

8. No Love For This Pug

7. The Story


5.Cruel Cruel Moon

4. Honor Kills

3. Big Blue Dress

2. Forever A Nub

1.Don't Make Me Get My Main

There you have it the Gauss Nation's top 10 WoW music videos. If you want to be involved in next week's Reader Post look for the topic this Sunday at the end of the Ask Gauss article. As always thank you all for the submissions and have a great weekend

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Clearing Up Confusion

I have been thinking and I have decided to do a public service to everyone and explain what people mean when they say specific things. You really wouldn't believe how people get so easily confused.

"Stacking": This means you stack up like a deck of cards this does not mean be in generally the same area. This does not mean run off in the middle of no where. This means stack up like a deck of cards.

"Group Up": This means be in generally the same area. Generally said in the sentence "group up for buffs", "group up for better raid heals". This again does not be in the middle of no where and do your own think like some sort of mindless retard.

"Don't Tab Target": This means don't press tan to cycle through mobs. This is used often when "Don't tab target and kill MC'd People"

"Ghosts are bad": This means don't let them hit you and kill you along with all others around you. This does not mean stand there and let it hit you or don't move enough and kite it to other people.

"Switch Targets": This means switch targets in order to dps down and add of some sort. This does not mean keep nuking the boss fail to switch and let the add kill the raid.

"Stop DPS": This means stop doing damage to the current target. This does not mean blow all cooldowns and watch the numbers fly. Doing this just shows you are an idiot.

"Don't AoE": This do not use area of effect spells. This is not a comment directed to everyone but you. When it is said "No one use AoE" you are actually included in the "no one" part.

"Stay away from everyone like they are your grandmother with Herpies": This means do not be close to anyone. Unless you have a desire to get herpies...

There we have it. Glad I took the time to clear that up for everyone hopefully now there will be no confusion.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Things To Accomplish Before The Expansion

I have been seeing this a lot around all the WoW blogs I read. Therefore I have decided to make my own list of things I would like to accomplish before Cataclysm hits us. I can tell you though my list probably won't be like most you have seen, but then really I am not out of the norm category.
  1. Get my Shadowmorne(7 more shards to go)
  2. Kill Heroic Halion 10 or 25
  3. Amass 1,000,000g account wide
  4. Break 6k Gearscore with my Holy Warrior Set
  5. Get a Turtle Mount
  6. Kite Tyrande to Orgrimmar
  7. Reach 10,000 deaths
  8. Participate in the retaking of Echo Isles
  9. Do a tribute to Carine Bloodhoof
  10. Defend Wintergrasp more than twice in a week

So there are my 10 things. I am sure it is much different than yours, but then everyone has what they feel is important to them. I will inform you all when I do something off the list and we will see if I am able to accomplish all of them in time. I do have a feeling though that the turtle mount is going to be my downfall. Wish me luck and I will say right now good luck to you all in accomplishing what you are trying to in time. Who knows we may have more time than we think to do so.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

You Fail At Wintergrasp If...

Today is Fail Day and today I will be doing a topic which has been requested since I started the whole Fail Day thing. So without waiting any longer one of the most anticipated you fail posts is upon us.

You Fail At Wintergrasp If...
  • You are looking for a VoA group when the opposite faction controls Wintergrasp
  • You complain people are killing you while you are doing your fishing daily
  • The saying "incoming west wall" is confusing.
  • You stand their as range letting the turrets own you
  • Once you are promoted you run to get a catapult like some sort of obsessed crackhead
  • The concept of wait for the other vehicles evades you
  • Range the door is confused with let your demolisher get destroyed while you try to make it to the door
  • You say "Share Quests" more than 10 times in 30 seconds
  • You ask how long till Wintergrasp while standing in Dalaran
  • You have no idea you can use explosives
  • You don't think it is funny Blizzard added the quest "Defend the Siege" to help idiots understand the importance.
  • You need a quest called "Defend Towers" in order to actually defend them
  • All the vehicles are going West wall and you are on the East side and ask where everyone is
  • You didn't know the vehicles had gun seats

and finally

  • You feel as if you are the greatest for getting the Orb

That is it for today. Hope many of you feel my pain and can pass it on to others. Free Loot Tuesday is upon us and 8 Shards to go maybe finally I can get some luck.

Monday, August 9, 2010

What To Do

So here we are all content prior to the next expansion has been released and what is there to do? Sure I still clear ICC and do Ruby Sanctum each week, but as I have been starting to see with my guild and maybe even a bit with myself is there is a lull where people may have had enough of this content. This is my guild who is actively trying to get down more hard modes and gear up for what is ahead of us. I can only imagine people who are not doing this.

With what I have heard(since we all know how Blizzard loves to give me a beta key) the beat is still pretty buggy at the moment. Meaning it is not close to being released. I have heard talk about a January or February release of it. Is this something the WoW public is going to wait for? With no new content available? This is getting into that area, which happened between release and Ulduar people had nothing to do but the same old stuff and of course got bored, quit, or in many cases caused drama in their guilds.

I hope Blizzard learned from this and has something to keep the game active while we wait. I know there is the Troll and Gnome recapturing coming soon. There also is the "Cataclysm" itself. But is this really what is expect to keep the game going for months while we wait for the expansion? I really hope that something else is coming so I don't have to convince my guild that everything is going to be ok while we wait for the expansion.

Let's all hope that the wait doesn't kill everything.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ask Gauss

So it is Sunday afternoon and pouring rain outside. Why does it always seem to rain when I plan to be doing something outside? But alas, this means I come inside early and post this earlier than expected. Sunday as most if not all of you know is Ask Gauss. This is where I go through everything I have been asked for the week and post a reply for everyone to see. Time to get to it.

How do you deal with drama within your guild?

Well everyone has their own ways to deal with it, but before that you have to realize some things. There will always be people in your guild that won't get along. There will always be people that tend to hang out with some more than others. Not everyone is going to like the same things and mesh with other personalities. Knowing that it is important not to let drama build up. If it is a raiding guild understand that tempers will flare if you have not so good nights or the raid just has an off type night. On these nights you have to try and keep a level head and keep things smooth between all the parties.

Sometimes though you cannot do anything to stop the drama and it is at those times you have to decide if it is best for the guild to part ways with some members. Remember you play this game for fun and you don't want it to be a nightmare for you when you log on.

What is your best tip for making gold?

Simple, Auctioneer. It is an addon that allows you to scan the auction house and with ease find whatever you need. For those new to it I would not recommend using the resale option. What I would suggest is using the snatch tool. What this allows you to do is set specific prices you are willing to pay for items. I use this for all professions where I can buy or bid on all the materials I need at or below a specific price. The vendor option is also a good an funny addition. Basically this will bid or buyout anything on the auction house that people have at below the price it will sell to the vendor. Yes people do that...

I used to scan the AH 5+ times a day and would make serious amounts of gold with little to no effort. Now I scan once maybe twice a day and still make at least 3,000g on a slow day and frequently see 10,000g days. Now of course I am involved in a lot of markets on the AH, but still anyone can do it. Just need about 15minutes a day.

What bothers you on vent?

Open mics

So that is it for this week. Keep sending them in and I will keep answering them. Next week's Reader's Post is going to be about your favourite WoW songs. I will probably do a top 10 and have them all post up here. So send in your votes and some reasons for it.

Enjoy what is left of your weekend!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Who was that?

Ever been online and someone leaves the guild and you are like, who was that? Of course you have. Then what proceeds for at least for 30 minutes is people arguing and talking about who this person was or could have been. I always sit back and enjoy these conversations because half the time no one really has a clue who the person was.

Of course it gets even better when people log on throughout the day and check the guild log and see that someone left. The the whole thing starts over again except this time with epic stories about how they left. "Ya they bitched out like 30 people said you all fucking suck", "Ya he also took shit out of the guild bank", "Loot whore!". This is of course all stupid because no one even knows who this person is in the first place.

The next part comes when someone everyone knows actually leaves the guild. People start talking how they followed that bastard who left earlier, and he ninja'd them out of the guild. This is a course false, because no one still has a clue of who that person was in the first place. Including the person that actually left.

So this was my tribute to that guildie. The one no one has a clue who you are or why you left. You won't be missed, but your effect on the guild will be forever lasting.

Friday, August 6, 2010

In The Guild Bank It Goes

Today is Friday and time for the week's Reader Post. One thing to note is this week I remembered to give you all a topic to send me stuff for. Which makes organizing this post a much easier feat. So to explain everyday I am sometimes amazing at the things that end up in the guild bank. I wanted to hear about what everyone else has had to deal with. To the fun!

We have this guildie who always enjoys taking each of the stacks of bullets and separating them into singles wasting the entire guild bank space.

There used to be someone in my guild that would put in a "useless item of the day" like soap on a rope, random grey items, or broken I-WIN buttons.

We have a joker guildie you likes to spell swear works with the enchanting mats that people donate.

I always enjoyed donating gold to the guild bank, which was other guild members telephone numbers. This of course wasn't as funny when they figured it out...
My guild master used to disenchant stuff for me all the time and then complained that I was clogging up his mailbox. So instead I decided one day to fill up the entire guild bank with random greens for him to disenchant. After that he never complained about me filling up his mailbox again.

I once take everything out of the guild bank on April Fools Day to make the entire guild think I got hacked. Was the funniest thing ever and was laughing so hard while everyone else was freaking out.

That is it for this week, and I thought people putting stuff back in the wrong tab was bad enough...

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Topic for today is an interesting one. For all of those who are in a raiding guild probably have come across what I am about to speak about. If you are an officer in a raiding guild you probably know this topic way to well. First off let's start with a definition.

Entitlement: to believe you have the right to do or have something; qualify; allow

This applies to raiding in several ways. People show up and they expect raid spots no matter their performance, attendance, or past actions. This happens a lot with long time members who feel they have "earned" the spot. You see as a raid leader you have to first of build a successful raid and a fair one. If someone has been gone or has never done the fight are they truly a benefit to have in the raid? Of course not.

This also applies to loot. That item is my best in slot I should get it. I deserve it. Maybe it is someone else's bis, maybe this person is here more, maybe this person getting it would benefit the raid more. Loot whores are normally people who have a very high sense of entitlement. Anything and everything that they need should go to them because they are there and should get it. If they don't they feel they are betrayed.

To be in a successful raiding guild you have to realize no one is entitled to anything. If you show up do your thing like you are supposed to you will be rewarded for it. Never believe that you deserve something over someone else. The best players are the ones that realize this and are there for the success of the raid not the success of themselves.

The whole argument can be applied to the Shadowmorne items themselves. The wielder of the Shadowmorne feels entitled to the items because they came from his weapon. Forgetting the fact where the weapon came from and who allowed him to get it.

If I have any message today it would be "get over yourself"

Reminder that tonight is the last day to get in your submissions for tomorrow Reader Post which has to do with what you or someone else has decided to put in the guild bank.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thinking You're Awesome

Today I thought I would break it down for people that have trouble determining the differences with people who shall I say think they are better than they truly are. This is a fine line that people will do anything to show how they are superior to others, but fail or don't do the easiest of things.


Don't switch targets: They do this to inflate their DPS numbers and total damage so they appear higher on the meters. This means they will keep burning the boss and not switch to adds. This obviously causes the encounter to last long and many times could result in a wipe because someone is not pulling their weight. This is a common theme for some DPS and is easily seen on World of Logs when they have very low dps on bonespikes, adds, slimes, oozes, and iceblocks. But hey did you see those big numbers!

Don't Decurse, CC, or Battle Rez: works the same way as switching targets they don't want their numbers to suffer. Of course everyone can see how stupid of a decision that is when an MC'd target kills half the raid.

Don't stop or slow: There are many encounters where transitions and the timing they happen is important. So the people that go on with regular dps to keep there numbers high are making the encounter more difficult just so they don't see a dip in there numbers.

AoE when you shouldn't: There are times when AoE is great, but there are also times when it will cause you to pull aggro, break something early, or wipe the raid pointlessly. All because you wanted to top the meters. In my books killing a boss is more important.


Standing In Damage: Healers who stand in damage so they can spam heal themselves to make their HPS look higher. When more damage goes out and you have to heal this. It doesn't make you like a better healer it just makes you look like you care too much about your numbers.

Raid Healers Spamming the Tank: Raid healers that spend 50% or more time healing the tank and not healing the raid because it is much easier to spam the tank are not a benefit to anyone. Sure their numbers will appear much higher than the other raid healers, and they will feel "omg I am awesome these other people are terrible" the difference is you don't heal the raid, the raid dies it is a wipe, but hey at least your HPS was high.

Not healing or dispelling yourself: Do I even need to comment on this?

Immune to encounter design: Just because you are a healer doesn't mean you ignore all the aspects of the encounter other people have to deal with because you heal. You still need to move, you still need to stack, and of course you still need to dispel or decurse.

Trying to do everything and accomplish nothing: When a healer tries to do everything they end up doing nothing useful. Although of course their numbers will appear to be huge because omg look at all the people they have healed.


Cooldowns: Oh look I popped them all at once I will live through that but not through anything else.

Hit: Oh look I have 84093094039402909HP but I can't hit a damn thing and my taunts always miss, but hey look at all my health!

Taunt..Taunt...Taunt...:Yes tanking can be mindless but when it is your time to taunt you should do it now and not after it was said 20 times.

There are some of things that bug me about people who raid. When you don't do what you are expect or supposed to you are never being the best player you possibly could. You are just making it harder for everyone else.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

You Fail At Leaving A Guild On Good Terms If...

Happy Fail Day everyone! As is custom every Tuesday we celebrate the fail throughout the World of Warcraft. This week I decided to go with something, which has happened in my guild lately. I decided to not only use some of those things, but of course some gems from the past I thought you all would enjoy.

You Fail At Leaving A Guild On Good Terms If...
  • You refused to heal people during a raid
  • You complained about loot when you had more heroic pieces then anyone else in the guild
  • You are a raid healer who is constantly getting out healed by JoL on the raid
  • You created a forum post to complain why you got kicked
  • You spazzed out about not getting an invite when you were 15 minutes late
  • You called out people during the middle of a pull and died because of it
  • You spread gas to wipe the raid pointlessly
  • You did a weekly quest and caused a wipe over your 5 badges
  • You told other members you were going to find them in real life and slit their throats
  • You think you are awesome but fail horribly without the ICC buff
  • You tell people to do your job, but yet you cannot dispel or decurse
  • You spam my email box trying to get others kicked from the guild and have a tantrum when it doesn't happen
  • Your tattling abilities exceed your playing abilities
  • You were invited as a social then complain you are not getting raid invites
  • You always had a drama fit when asked to step out for someone

and finally

  • You executed a stash and grab to perfection

That is it for this week hope you all enjoyed it and found some fun and humility in it all. May your Free Loot Tuesday bring you everything you desire.

Monday, August 2, 2010


So for anyone who has seen the movie by close to the same name they will understand why this is awesome.

If you haven't you will still think it is good just may not understand all there is too it. This is by the same machinimator as everyone's favourite Azerothian Super Villians. To anyone who hasn't seen any of those well you are missing a great laugh. If you had opinions of Kael'thas before this will just make them come true in so many ways. So check out his channel and I will bet you won't be disappointed.

If you have any other movies you think I should check out send them along as always if they are your own or not. Now as a disclaimer there is only so many times I can tell people I don't want to see dog seizurevideos. So I hope that was the last time. Enjoy your last day before reset may you kill that boss or get that loot you were after, and don't forget to turn in your weekly.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ask Gauss

Sunday! The last day of the weekend if it wasn't a holiday tomorrow. Well it is a holiday for me because Canada is awesome. What an interesting week it has been. Some crazy M'uru syndrome happening in ICC this week and, of course, the whole Starcraft II release. Shall we get to what is on everyone's mind for the week?

How do you think Real ID is working across the games?

I would have to say very well. I don't like how some of the options work in Starcraft II, but that doesn't really matter to this. It has made swapping in an out much easier for the raid week, because sometimes you don't want ask people to stay on vent the entire time they are not in the raid. In the past I would always have to send a text to them telling them I am ready for them to switch back in. Now I can just send them a message while they are on Starcraft and tell them to come back over. Of course, this only works with your Real ID friends, but some are better than others.

There has also been no issues game wise that have gone wrong with the system. You probably heard all the horror stories like I did. Battle.net would be crashing left and right and we were going to have server resets after resets to try and fix the problems. I can honestly say I don't think there has been any extra down time. Blizzard really wants this system to work, which makes wonder why they can't take these thoughts when running out patches. Anyways, overall I think the service has been working out really well.

What are your feelings about trash looking at what Ruby Sanctum has to offer?

I think this is a great thing. What is the point of having trash which you can just group it together and AoE it mindlessly. Trash where you have to think about how you are going to execute the pack is great. It gets people in the thought process of doing a boss. People can't afk because they are not needed for it. Having to CC mobs is something I have always been a fan of. There is a lot of players today that cannot effectively CC, kite, or interrupt on queue. This is because they never have to do it until that one boss, and they haven't got a clue on how it is done. which leads to pointless wiping.

My opinion is having trash that is worthless and requires you not to think does not help in improving players. It just turns into a time to see how many times the fury warrior can die before we get to the boss. I know that having more difficult trash builds raid focus and attentiveness and makes an overall better raid. Of course there will be people complaining that they are wiping over and over on trash, and to those people I only have to say is figure out why you are wiping and fix it. The problem probably is because you just want to group it together and AoE. That has seemed to be a moto for Wrath even if they did give all this CC to other classes. I am glad "group it up and AoE" is dying come Cataclysm it has been a long time coming.

Any luck on the beta?

...at least I can play Starcrraft II

That is it for this week. Next week's Reader's Post topic is about the stupidest things you or someone in your guild has put in the guild bank.

Enjoy what is left of your weekend!