Saturday, August 28, 2010


Well let's just say today's For the Horde was pretty much flawless. There was some resistance of course not the amount I was expecting, but still some. I added a little trick for Ironforge and I believe it confused the defence when they saw us there. All city leaders went down without a problem. Having the pro foundation to the group with the expectation of massive defence helped out quite a bit. The Alliance up in the tree on the way to Darnassus was pretty original. You even killed Vin because he refused to let it go and head back to the boat till you all were dead.

What I enjoyed most was how 12 people seemed to cause quite the uproar in the Trade District when it was all over. Gimm, pretty sure my axe met your face quite a few times. I wanted you to get up close and personal with the wrath of my purple swirlies. Running into the house at the end when it was getting crazy was quite amusing also. Apparently, I got hit by 63 different people in span 5 minutes while we were in that house. So eventually after pissing the Alliance off enough killing everything they brought the rain and took us to the ground. I couldn't see a damn thing in there stupid with it being a human building, being a Tauren, and of course the mob of alliance all in that little tiny space.

Hopefully if we get it up and running again tomorrow and there be some good resistance and wipe the floor with the Alliance in their house all over again. Lok'tar Ogar!!!


  1. Thanks for the bear good sir

  2. The tree was an enlightened idea. Connacher said, "We should snipe at them from the tree. This is how you can get up there." I'm always looking for creative ways to be the mosquito.

    You had me really confused when, boom, you're just, well, there. I had been spamming, asking for defense and then there were elephants outside the king's room. I will repeat again. I admire and respect your abilities as a leader.

    I changed my "Target Whirlwinder" to "Target Vinlestu" as Whirl wasn't in Ironforge. I thought maybe you'd given him the day off.

    Let's see, we killed Vin, Shadon (something like that), Peterlorre and someone else whose name I didn't get.

    You got me once in Ironforge and for sure when I jumped off the tree to target the poor sap who ran over the freeze trap, and twice for sure in SW. I really didn't get to see what happens when it procs. My goal is to last more than 3 seconds in combat. The last time I died before you guys decided to leave, it was Vin AND Whirl on me. I'd really like to know just how many have "Target Gimmlette" macros.

    I'll be there tomorrow but I'm giving up trying to get defense other than announcing on that day. If everyone who replied, "Oh yeah, sure Gimm, I'll be there and I'll bring x number" had shown up, it would have been one of the best PvP events ever. As it was, well, you saw the green tabards, few and far between like weeds between stepping stones. I'm reaching the point where I think people are humoring me so it's best to be just a mosquito, a tenacious mosquito, but a mosquito nonetheless.

    As always, it was well done and I don't mind dying. Exodar's run back stinks. It's worse than Goldshire.



  3. bunch of llane scrubs lmao dont know anything about pvp, please stop acting all pro.

  4. pretty sure this is world pvp and Gauss has probably done more sucessful FTH runs then anyone on any server. It also isn't always the same people he brings a new group everytime and gets the job done. There is no reason to rag on someone who is probably one of the best there is at leading this.