Monday, August 16, 2010

Oh RNG How I Hate You

So today I was already to post a topic on how I finally completed my Shadowmorne. How even though I had been having weeks upon weeks of horrible shard drop rates that I had worked through it and would be wielding the Legendary. Well I was denied by the RNG. For those of you who have no clue what RNG is, "Random Number Generator". I am sitting at 49/50 shards although Lich King is left to kill this evening. Now his drop rate for the shard is about 25% on normal, but the plan of getting it beforehand and getting the items off of him this evening is now gone. This is beside the point though waiting to next week is fine, but let me explain the hate I have for the RNG.

The Turtle Mount: You don't want to know how much I have fished for this stupid thing. I have been trying daily since this mount was announced. Tried in every type of pool, every zone and so on and so forth. Now anytime you can mount in a raid instance I am taunted with an army of turtle mounts.

The White Polar Bear: The daily in storm peaks I did everyday since it was possible. This was of course 3 days after Wrath was released and I was high enough level to do it. After 16 months the bear was finally in the bag and I could stop doing the stupid daily and throwing the snowballs in the bag at the quest giver.

Plate DPS Neck off BQL: Now I could even say necks in general. I have no clue how many times we have killed Blood Queen but I do know a neck has never dropped. Not even once. Sure all our casters love that the staff drops every week.

Traps in Plague Quarter: So this has happened 2 or 3 times. The whole raid goes to the neck Abomination runs through and I am left doing loot. When I start making my way to the next boss some how I hit a trap that no one else has and the crackheads come and own my face.

So that is why I hate the RNG, and that of course is just what I have dealt with in rather I could go on forever with everything from the past.


  1. Thats sucks man no worries though you will get it in no time.

  2. Remember your Hand of Rag? you should be thankful this didn't take that long lol

  3. I have a turtle on 3 alts. Bet that makes you feel awesome