Monday, August 30, 2010

Start Collecting Runecloth

Well at least Horde toons. For if you haven't seen the Goblin racial mount this is what it looks like.

Full on Trike Bike. Think I would look pretty sweet riding this as a Tauren. Not that I don't look awesome on any of the mounts I ride. You see as a Tauren we prove why bigger is better. I actually have been collecting cheap runecloth off the AH ever since they told us that the Goblin mount was going to be a race car or some sort of bike. Making it a Trike bike makes it something original compared to the Hog that is already out there and of course the car that is in the Goblin Starting area. I guess I should say I don't know for sure that you will be able to turn Runecloth in for rep with the Goblins, I am just assuming they will be keeping the same pattern. So don't come back to me and complain if this is not the case.

There, of course, will be the option of gaining reputation with quests, which is always a much cheaper option. I am actually looking forward to going through the new Azshara and experiencing that once I have hit level 85. Head over to the pleasure palace and who could forget the golf course, which will be out there.

To my Alliance readers there is no pictures as of yet, to my knowledge at least, of the Worgen racial mount. So you all will just have to wait and see. I am sure that it will be very pretty and elegant to satisfy not only the Alliance style, but of course that of Gilneas.

Go luck on your final day before reset!


  1. Sooo, question...

    just how, as a tauren, do you hold a putter?


  2. Love the new Pic can actually see what the purple crap is there.