Tuesday, August 3, 2010

You Fail At Leaving A Guild On Good Terms If...

Happy Fail Day everyone! As is custom every Tuesday we celebrate the fail throughout the World of Warcraft. This week I decided to go with something, which has happened in my guild lately. I decided to not only use some of those things, but of course some gems from the past I thought you all would enjoy.

You Fail At Leaving A Guild On Good Terms If...
  • You refused to heal people during a raid
  • You complained about loot when you had more heroic pieces then anyone else in the guild
  • You are a raid healer who is constantly getting out healed by JoL on the raid
  • You created a forum post to complain why you got kicked
  • You spazzed out about not getting an invite when you were 15 minutes late
  • You called out people during the middle of a pull and died because of it
  • You spread gas to wipe the raid pointlessly
  • You did a weekly quest and caused a wipe over your 5 badges
  • You told other members you were going to find them in real life and slit their throats
  • You think you are awesome but fail horribly without the ICC buff
  • You tell people to do your job, but yet you cannot dispel or decurse
  • You spam my email box trying to get others kicked from the guild and have a tantrum when it doesn't happen
  • Your tattling abilities exceed your playing abilities
  • You were invited as a social then complain you are not getting raid invites
  • You always had a drama fit when asked to step out for someone

and finally

  • You executed a stash and grab to perfection

That is it for this week hope you all enjoyed it and found some fun and humility in it all. May your Free Loot Tuesday bring you everything you desire.


  1. awesome lol. full of win in so many ways.

  2. Oh man Gauss you didn't...

  3. Some of this sounds awfully familiar (things from the past) too funny.

  4. How about dying because you couldn't even dispel yourself and then complain the tank healer wasn't doing his job of dispelling you.