Thursday, August 5, 2010


Topic for today is an interesting one. For all of those who are in a raiding guild probably have come across what I am about to speak about. If you are an officer in a raiding guild you probably know this topic way to well. First off let's start with a definition.

Entitlement: to believe you have the right to do or have something; qualify; allow

This applies to raiding in several ways. People show up and they expect raid spots no matter their performance, attendance, or past actions. This happens a lot with long time members who feel they have "earned" the spot. You see as a raid leader you have to first of build a successful raid and a fair one. If someone has been gone or has never done the fight are they truly a benefit to have in the raid? Of course not.

This also applies to loot. That item is my best in slot I should get it. I deserve it. Maybe it is someone else's bis, maybe this person is here more, maybe this person getting it would benefit the raid more. Loot whores are normally people who have a very high sense of entitlement. Anything and everything that they need should go to them because they are there and should get it. If they don't they feel they are betrayed.

To be in a successful raiding guild you have to realize no one is entitled to anything. If you show up do your thing like you are supposed to you will be rewarded for it. Never believe that you deserve something over someone else. The best players are the ones that realize this and are there for the success of the raid not the success of themselves.

The whole argument can be applied to the Shadowmorne items themselves. The wielder of the Shadowmorne feels entitled to the items because they came from his weapon. Forgetting the fact where the weapon came from and who allowed him to get it.

If I have any message today it would be "get over yourself"

Reminder that tonight is the last day to get in your submissions for tomorrow Reader Post which has to do with what you or someone else has decided to put in the guild bank.


  1. Well said oh great one. I have met way to many people who feel entitled to anything and everything.

  2. Having been on a loot council myself I always felt like items should go to tanks & healers first. Yes, people are going to feel entitled but in the long run you have to think about the raid as a whole - You will get your rewards soon enough.