Friday, August 6, 2010

In The Guild Bank It Goes

Today is Friday and time for the week's Reader Post. One thing to note is this week I remembered to give you all a topic to send me stuff for. Which makes organizing this post a much easier feat. So to explain everyday I am sometimes amazing at the things that end up in the guild bank. I wanted to hear about what everyone else has had to deal with. To the fun!

We have this guildie who always enjoys taking each of the stacks of bullets and separating them into singles wasting the entire guild bank space.

There used to be someone in my guild that would put in a "useless item of the day" like soap on a rope, random grey items, or broken I-WIN buttons.

We have a joker guildie you likes to spell swear works with the enchanting mats that people donate.

I always enjoyed donating gold to the guild bank, which was other guild members telephone numbers. This of course wasn't as funny when they figured it out...
My guild master used to disenchant stuff for me all the time and then complained that I was clogging up his mailbox. So instead I decided one day to fill up the entire guild bank with random greens for him to disenchant. After that he never complained about me filling up his mailbox again.

I once take everything out of the guild bank on April Fools Day to make the entire guild think I got hacked. Was the funniest thing ever and was laughing so hard while everyone else was freaking out.

That is it for this week, and I thought people putting stuff back in the wrong tab was bad enough...

Enjoy your weekend!