Tuesday, August 31, 2010

You Fail At Knowing Your Class If...

Before I get started. I assume everyone can see the new Screenshot at the top of the page. It is located the Shatterspear tribe village, otherwise known as the dancing troll village. The screen was taken by Vinletsu and purple swirlies of death were courtesy of Mithvana and a series of duels. This is actually a great place to take the screen and immortalize it, since come Cataclysm not only will this place be completely changed, but it will also me much more accessible than it is today.

Anyways, it is a new raid week which means it is Fail Day, everyone's favourite time of the week. The motivation for this was some great stories I heard from random pugs, enjoy!

You Fail At Knowing Your Class If...
  • You are a DK that rolled on a Spellpower ring because you thought it was class specific
  • You are a Hunter who asks which spec is replenish spec
  • You don't know that Icy touch spam will pull aggro
  • You have said "Druids can sleep dragons?" in Ruby Sanctum
  • You do less bubbles than a holy priest when you are a disc priest
  • You think "the cap" doesn't exist and will gem for it anyway
  • You are a warrior who gets feared
  • You think having extra hit will make up for having not enough expertise
  • "What's a parry gib?" is a question you cannot answer
  • Taunt is your only method of maintaining aggro
  • Your mirror images know which target to dps more than you do
  • The inscription who you bought your glyphs from knows they are useless and you don't
  • You are a hunter who specializes in melee DPS
  • Your ability to use cloak of shadows is hindered by the ability that you have no clue what it does

and finally

  • Your name is Metapod

That is it for this week. Hope you all got some good laughs. Enjoy your last day of August what many consider their last official day of summer regardless of when the actual end is. Good luck this Free Loot Tuesday everyone.


  1. Like to point out that my level 54 hunter does amazing melee dps

  2. Remember when Blue tried to Melee DPS Brutallus - Oh. My. God. What a crazy hunter to spec that way.

    Good times~

  3. Was it Brutallus or Supremous? "I ran out of bullets so I have to melee" was one of the best lines ever