Wednesday, September 1, 2010


This is a series that is a few weeks old, and thought may of you would enjoy. It is made by the Hackleman Bros. the same people that brought us Illegal Danish. If you don't know what Illegal Danish is then I really don't know what to say. The ROFLBear series basically pokes fun of little things all throughout WoW. You have the jokes about gearscore, PUGs, Arthas, and so much more. I really recommend checking it out each day. The best thing is the little sketches are normally no longer than a 3 minutes. Here is my favourite so far.

I really think I enjoy them because I joke about all the stuff they do all the time. Also there is nothing better than when Arthas shows up and you just know something stupid is going to happen. This particular episode makes me so thankful I don't run pugs at all. I can only imagine all the crazy headaches of not only organizing them, but dealing with the people once they are in them. It is crazy enough for me raiding with the same people with their quirks. 24 random other people would probably takes years off my life each and every raid I attempted. Hey, I guess this is why I dislike alts, as well, because I think once they get to max level I would have to go through the land of pugs, and that is enough to make me never think about leveling.

Enjoy your Wednesday and your first day of September. The unofficial end of Summer is upon us.


  1. LOL that was epic. "I don't think he is coming back"

  2. I am in so many raids with that reserving crap it always pisses me off.