Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Nation's Moments

So as yesterday was the first year Anniversary of this blog, because of this I had to push the Reader contribution post to today. Now keeping with that theme I wanted everyone to send in their favourite Gaussafication moments of the past year. I received message after message telling me all of these things that I may have said or done that stuck with people. Just knowing that and hearing all those responses is motivation enough to keep this going for a long time. Without waiting any longer here are some of the submissions I got.

The Parody you made "Happy Patch Day" was absolutely amazing and hilarious. Every time I here the song I find myself singing the lyrics that you wrote and not the ones of the actual song. I really hope you keep writing some parodies and find someone to actually sing and make videos for them.
There are so many one liners from the past year that I always use to make others laugh. The few of my favourites have to be "telling a doctor he fails at maxing his profession when he sends you to a specialist", "Food buffs are for African children", "proving we are ok with minorities by electing a brown orc". Thank you for all the laughs I will be here reading this everyday until you stop writing it.
I know it is sad and probably a fail on my own part, but I never wait for Tuesday to see what you will end up saying. I do this thing where I read the entire thing to my guild during trash. I even think you used a few of the topics I suggested. Keep it all coming you are awesome.
Your series of posts about the pony mount were quite amusing. I can never look at someone in the right light if they are riding that mount thanks to you. I find myself yelling TRH or "omg wtf get off that crack pony".
Can it really be anything but Bagellord? That post where you explained where he got his name I swear I never laughed so hard in my entire life. Not to mention that time last Halloween when we all were in Brill and he didn't realize he was a celebrity just because of you. Will there ever be another Bagellord, or will he come back?
I have always enjoyed your heroic posts. They have made me appreciate so much when I actually get a group that can go through the entire instance flawlessly. Not to mention whenever someone says we should do all the bosses for badges I just direct them to your blog for the explanation of why we shouldn't. I also call anyone who fails in a heroic Wally and when they ask me what I am talking about I cannot help but laugh my ass off.
The best moment of the year has to be the joke that has lasted the entire year. 71 points in frost! I read a lot of WoW blogs and I swear everyone has heard of and uses your 71 points in frost joke all the time. It is really funny how something can spread like wildfire like that. I just though you would also like to know how you yourself have had an effect on the WoW blogging community as a whole. Congrats man and keep all coming over and over.
Gnome King Kite! This was craziest thing I have ever seen. First off who wakes up in the morning and decides to kite the gnome king across the entire Eastern Kingdoms. I really hope you can pull off the Tyrande kite it would be beyond amazing to see that video. So here is to a year worth the posts and good luck on getting the priestess to take a trip to see Thrall.
Hands down when you used WoW voice lines to make a conversation with a visitor from some sort of marketer. I have never laughed so hard in my life reading something on the Internet. I really wish you would do something like that again with a different type of conversation it would be epic beyond all proportions. Keep it all coming Gauss you are awesome.
I love when you complain about Canadian and American holidays that effect your raiding or whatever else with WoW. They are always amusing, the "not my turkey day" and the "superbowl" post had to be the best ones in my books. I will admit when you said "might as well stick my raid schedule in deep fryer" I spit my everything I had in my mouth right at my computer screen I was laughing so hard. Really though man there are so many things from the last year you have said that have made me laugh unbelievably hard. I look forward to this next year and not only what funny things you will say, but the crazy shit you will do.
That is it for this week's Reader Post. Thank you all for the submissions and the well wishes and congratulations I have received. It has been a great year and I am glad I was able to make everyone part of the nation enjoy it that much more.


  1. Man I could never pick my fav, just so many idiots and noobs to pick from lol

  2. What the hell ever happened to baggellord? O.o just noticed it now lol.

    Gratz on the anniversary btw.