Monday, September 20, 2010

You Fail At Brewfest If...

How could this not be the Fail Day post for the day? Brewfest is the awesome of the awesome so failing at it must be against some sort of religion. So without waiting any longer the cult of Brewfesters can set a flame to all the failures

You Fail At Brewfest If...
  • You have died more than 5 times trying to get the falling drunk achievement
  • You don't have a mutant rabbit reindeer pet
  • You cannot catch some pink elephants
  • You don't enjoy the music outside the cities
  • You click the mole machine and complain you ended up in BRD
  • Your ram keeps getting exhausted during the barrel runs
  • You ever say "What do the apples do for the rams?"
  • Your screen is ever in focus
  • You cannot defend from the dark iron dwarves
  • You wipe on Direbrew
  • You are not a member of the Brew of the Month club
  • You don't have full getup and flaunt it
  • You have never participated in a mug duel
  • You think Brewfest should be banned because it promotes public drunkeness

and finally

  • You don't participate in all that is awesome

That is it for this week's edition on fail. Enjoy all that Brewfest has to offer and celebrate it like a champ. Enjoy your Free Loot Tuesday


  1. you don't know how much I laugh at people who get their ram exhausted during the keg runs. How can you possibly do that?

  2. Aren't we all not part of the brew of the month club because Brewfest just started? Just saying :P