Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You Fail At Being A Pally If...

So for a long time people have requested me to do Fail Days on specific classes and I have said to them over and over again that this wasn't the time. Now with this being the end of the expansion though it is a great time to do it since people are deciding if they should reroll and, of course, they want to see what is up with their class. So now will be the time to sit back and laugh at all the other classes and say "omfg that is so me". When deciding which class to start with I thought I would go with the most fail class of the them all. So shall we?

You Fail At Being A Pally If...
  • You think it requires skill
  • You have a "J" stuck to your forehead
  • You constantly breaking CC with your consecrate
  • You don't play with a helmet
  • You are a blood elf male
  • Your ability to play the game is not hindered by your keyboard turned upside down
  • You spam flash heal
  • You don't have Pally Power
  • You named your toon after your ability to bubble hearth
  • You have trouble holding aggro
  • You were unaware of the fact that you have forms of CC
  • You don't write 20 page forum posts on a daily basis complaining how pallies need to be buffed
  • You think mass dispel is the most overpowered thing because you can't bubble and hearth
  • You think when you have to press more than 2 buttons that Blizzard had to have made a mistake
  • You have ever died by falling

and finally

  • You think it is time to change classes because Blizzard has stated they no longer want your class to be able to faceroll

That is it for this week hope you enjoyed it. Remember it will only be a matter before I do your class and let you have it. Reset is upon us enjoy!


  1. he must be an X MAN LOL

  2. lol at helmet that was awesome

  3. You hurt me Gauss by making fun of us pally people! I love my guy and it sure beats the hell out of playing a huntard!

    Uh but I have been one of those who have died by falling...it was like pulling a parachute too late.

  4. LOL at the pally beta forums.