Monday, September 13, 2010

One Special Pally

Ok so I lot of people randomly whisper me and want to talk about pretty much anything wow related or not. Now sometimes I am able to respond and sometimes I am busy with other things. Now if I am busy sometimes I am able to say something and sometimes I don't get the chance, and people just try again later. Now this seems like the normal reaction, as you would expect as do I or any other normal person would. Now, of course, some people go berserk on you when you don't respond, but you cannot help that. This one ret pally though is very special. As I will explain.

So he talks to me randomly and, of course, I cannot always respond so what does this guy do? Well he goes on the conversation as if I am talking to him. He will answer his own questions, comment on the fact that he understands why it takes time for me to respond. Sometimes I am even in the midst of typing something to him when he has already responded to himself and asked a new question, to which 30seconds later he responds to. I can basically say nothing for 30 minutes and he will go about his merry way and still be talking about anything and everything. The question is does he realize that he is doing it or not? Now I have never tried to mention that I haven't said a word to him and yet if I did would he just ignore it and go on about what he was talking about anyway? It is like being in the middle of a play when a soliloquy is going on. He just keeps going and everyone else is doing their own thing and he seems to have no clue what is going on. Except what is going on in his little bubble. How fititng that he is a pally...