Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Countdown Is On

So as many of you know 4.0 is on the PTR. Now all that is active on this is the talent trees, new glyphs, stat changes, and a few other minor tweaks. The graphical changes are not there, the new changed zones are not there, the new zones are not there, Goblins and Worgens are not there, and a bunch of other things to do with Cataclysm are not there. Now what does this mean? Well it means 4.0 is coming and Cataclysm is closer than a lot of people expected. There is a rumor going around that it could be out as soon as November 2nd to me this does seem a little soon since Blizzcon begins on the 22nd and I would think they would probably officially announce the release date there.

Now regardless with 4.0 on the PTR this should be a big wake up call to people to really finish anything that they are wanting to do that will be leaving the game. This includes things such as ZG, quests in forever changed zones, troll and gnome events, Loremaster, exploration, and so much more that I cannot think of at the moment. This also means, raiding wise, this will be your last chance to kill bosses and such before 4.0 hits when everyone will be wanting to do something other than raiding. For the PvPers this will probably also be the end of the last arena season before Cataclysm. I guess this would be the time that everyone will start to practice their rated BG strategies.

So pretty much the final warning is upon us and everyone can get psyched up for Cataclysm, which means I will be without a beta invite for yet another expansion, thanks blizz.


  1. Woot it is upon us!!!!

  2. ",,,finish anything that they are wanting to do..."