Friday, September 24, 2010

GM Stories

It is Friday which means it is time for the weekly Reader Post. This is the post where I take all of your submissions on the topic and pick a few of them to put up for everyone to see. This week I asked people to submit their stories about funny GM encounters. So let's have a look.

Basically I made a ticket when vanish failed and demanded I get reimbursed a flash powder or the cost of one. After he said he couldn't do it I just kinda screwed with him. Luckily he was pretty funny. This was his last comment before it ended. "Well, I thank you for your time sneaky rogue =) May your poisons act swift your blades always hit their mark, and your vanish never fail(and happy birthday!)"

I had one pretty funny experience with a GM. My bro and I were leveling up and we had that elite bird in Nagrand bugged. Anywho, my bro petitioned and the GM finally came but I couldn't see her. We had a full group sitting there just talking, we were guildies so it was no biggie. The GM unbugged the damn bird then turned all of us into Female Ninjas, even my bro's pet. Was pretty epic riding around as Female Ninjas. The GM followed us around for about 5 - 10 min because we had a Durid in our party and when he shifted it broke it, so the GM just continued to change him back. Was fun, nothing too funny.

I've seen a screenshot of someone elses GM chat...went something like this
GM: *Anything else I can for you routine*
Person: I just have one last question, what happens when the unstoppable force, and the immovable object collide?
GM: Chuck Norris dies.

Back when Molten Core was still new a bunch of us (alliance side) were sitting in MC recovering after a wipe. Our MT (Human Warrior) opened a ticket stating that "The existence of Night Elves in the game is a bug and it needs to be corrected." Unfortunately the GM didn't see the humor and offered the response of "Opening unsubstantiated tickets is a bannable offense."

That is it for this week. As always the topic for next week's Reader Post will be revealed on Sunday during the Ask Gauss post. If you want to be part of next week's post be sure to get them in on time and go from there.

Enjoy your weekend!


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