Tuesday, September 7, 2010

You Fail At Loot If...

It is upon us, a new Fail Day. The day where everyone tunes in just to see what special kind of fail exists. So just sit back laugh, say I know someone like that, and say "oh shit that's me". Without waiting any longer here it goes

You Fail At Loot If...
  • You say something is an upgrade just because it increases your gearscore
  • You don't put gems in or enchant new gear because you are going to upgrade it soon
  • Your alts have better gear than your main
  • Regardless of the loot rules you roll when something you want drops
  • You complain endlessly when an Armor Penetration trinket goes to a class that benefits from it more gets it first
  • You show up once a week and expect your BiS pieces
  • You're a hunter that thinks everything is a hunter weapon
  • You want more hit so you can raid Cataclysm content in level 80 gear
  • You got a Legendary and still believe you can sell items you looted
  • You expect the boss to hand you the loot without learning the encounter
  • Your dice only roll up to 31
  • Whenever you don't get a piece of loot you immediately find your caps lock button and seemingly smash your face on your keyboard to make a point
  • You complain how your class never gets a legendary. We know give it a rest
  • Your 0s and 1s make you feel better about yourself

and finally

  • You're a loot whore

That is it for this week. Enjoy your Free Loot Tuesday hope you get everything your heart desires.


  1. if you think your loot will mean anything come the expansion

  2. "You're a hunter that thinks everything is a hunter weapon"

    But...but...it is, especially the stuff with spell power on it. Every hunter should have a "mend pet" set. ;)


  3. pretty sure my dice only go up to 14