Saturday, November 30, 2013

Less QQ, More PEWPEW

Safiree Saturdays

Happy Saturday! Hope everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving had the greatest day. I did a lot of cooking, and cleaning...eating..more cleaning. :D Had a lot of great send ins for the pictures I requested. Some of them were pretty interesting. One of them, the person had a bunch of pipes on the walls, almost like they are forced to game in the basement...or garage. I'm sorry man, that sucks lol. Others were crazy. One guy had a bunch of $1 bills on the desk. haha not going to say anything on that. I picked 4 that I loved the most. In the end Gauss and I had to pick one. So grats Nazaraki :) 

Getting to know the guild you're in.

The Overly Helpful: Hears every request, and without inquiry the task is finished in seconds. Even offers to fix the guild bank tabs for you on a regular basis.

The Stoner: One of the most loyal members you will come across. Really easy to recognize on vent, because they hardly talk, and even when they do it's usually to laugh about something, or argue politics.

The Hothead: Things don't go their way they make it a priority to let everyone else in the guild know what a horrible leader you are, and how they could've done better if it were them you gave all the loot to all the time..Offers help to nobody

The No-Lifer: No matter what time of day /night you log on. They are online. Stay away from these people. They have nothing to lose.

The Sweetheart: Genuinely cares about everyone's well being, personable and sweet. Often used as the guild therapist.

PVP GOD: Pvp is life, that is it. PVE does not exist nor will it ever.

The Young One: Ambitious, always ready for raids unless mom says no. Will stand by your side, until age 16. Then you are the reason for their bad rotation.

The Fill Ins: You have no idea who they are, or who invited them but they are always on. Never talk or offer any sort of attachment to the guild in any way.

God: The one who leads all events and raids, deals with everyone's inevitable communal menstruation, and as always the result of all the glory. 

With the Holiday's hitting, black Friday/boxing day happening, there are incredible deals happening for all aspects of gaming. Peripherals, games, systems, game credits, and bean bag chairs. 

Battlefield 4: Sticks to its signature emergent chaos, that makes multiplayer remarkable. Conquest mode, allows 64 players to have at it, in one great big map on next gen systems, and PC. Obliteration game, where a bomb randomly spawns, both sides fight over acquisitions in getting it to one of three detonation locations on the map. Domination, holding places on the map, where certain modes prefer particular maps. So much to look forward to, alot of console gamers seem to be anticipating this game more than Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag has more than been covered by Gauss so I will excuse it.

2013/2014 Is where it's at.

Kingdom Hearts III
Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
The Elder Scrolls Online
Watch Dogs
The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt
Star Wars Battlefront

That is all. Happy Weekend :D


Friday, November 29, 2013

For Hellscream

Here we are with another Friday bringing about another Reader Post. I didn't get too many submissions this week I have a feeling this has to do with the holiday down to the south of me, but no matter. If you are not sure how to send in your post just send me an Email at and I will have a look at it. We will talk about it and go from there. Now on the subject of this week's post. Warlord's of Draenor and those complaining about it. Rye did something up firing back at all those critizing it. So here it is.

To set the record straight I am gonna do my best to tackle as much topics as possible and set the record straight from deluded people complaining about WoD with next to zero justification. 

1. So little Dungeons/BC had double at release/Boohoo Blizzard is lazy - This is an actual quote from Blizzard ''We’re also planning our content schedule to include additional max-level Heroic dungeons beyond the initial expansion release. One thing we heard from players during Mists of Pandaria was that they missed having new dungeon content later in the expansion, and our plan is to get back to that and adding new dungeon content beyond the initial expansion release.''

So there's going to be more Dungeon releases after the initial launch.. Blizzard also stated there's going to be many scenarios to bridge the gap between dungeons. Were also getting 2 raids with 18 bosses, and getting World Bosses on top of that. Also BC dungeons were in sets 3 sharing the same general skins/layout/theme like Shattered Halls/Hellfire/Blood Furnace, the ones in WoD will all be completely unique. 

2. ''Still promoting mindless grind and milking time to increase game longevity'' - Longevity is exactly what you want in a game for one, do you think it's a better business model to make it short as possible? No, of course not. This is by a far better design then it is currently, it allows people that aren't concerned with having absolutely everything BIS gear to equip there characters faster by making gear more universal and adapt to your specialization. 
And allows people that do care about that to do so, which offers more uniqueness and complexity. The gear will feel much more rewarding and special.

3. No new class or race *tear* - Some people complaining about no new class are the same people complaining about how unbalanced the game is. Have to take into consideration the new spells every class will be getting from 90 to 100 and the new talents...Also every time they add a new class it has more and more of a multiplier (X2 X4 X8 X16 etc) and it's that much harder to balance and streamline. If 2 to 4 more classes were introduced it would be completely out of hand and basically impossible to balance to the quality of Blizzard. And with character remodels your existing classes are gonna feel brand new and fresh. All the spell animations are going to be different also to work with the remodels. 

4. Going back in the past, has no impact on are current timeline *sniffle* - The story of Gul'dan his betrayal and the first Lich King Ner'zhul....The drinking of the Demon's blood...When the Burning Legion first started wrecking havoc on Azeroth. Doesn't get any more exciting and bad ass then that...Not to mention the Pit Lord Mannoroth which will likely be the end boss or one of them..Also Kil'jaeden and Archimonde making a appearance is highly likely. Also a time when the Horde and Alliance were truly enemy's. This has been something that's been missing from the game since basically Burning Crusade heavy lore and at it's roots. And is a completely new/fresh approach and idea, instead of the classic same old scenario we saw in Burning Crusade, Lich King and Cataclysm. We get to go to a time when things were primitive, raw and filled with danger adding a lot more elites and harder mobs to combat with.

5. It's a rehash/remade Outland Blizz lazy! - Blizzard said it was built from the ground up, and your basing your opinion on 5 pictures of concept art and a 1 minute clip of pre beta footage that didn't show even 1% of the continent as a whole. The very little we did get to see looked fantastic. 

6. No Flying - Flying takes away quality of game play plain and simple can sit there crossing your arms kicking your feet all you want, it allows you to bypass mechanics, mobs, situations all for convenience and the easy button..We live in the age of convenience people want things faster and faster and more easy. That translates badly into a MMO.. Please blizzard just give me a instant 100 button because i don't care for the content i know near nothing about yet, and i should also always be able to fly because 2 years ago i paid $5k to fly. If you truly feel this way, it's time to quit the game obviously all the magic is gone for you. 

Even if you make a full effort not to increase your interaction with other players, one thing you can't control and will happen is you being emerged into the environment when it's at it's most importance (Launch of a new expansion). 

Sure there's other things people are crying about, but isn't there always. 

Thanks Rye for the post and have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

My Battlestation

Sadly that is not the look of my case. If there is one thing I am not happy about it is my case. I have spent way too much on everything else I just couldn't bring myself to spend it on the case. So what is this post about? Well a couple weeks ago when I posted the gear I used I stated I would post the specs of my computer the next week. Then came my rant about RoS beta and I didn't get the chance to post it. Now comes today. Before I post them I just want to say gaming on a PC with a well built one makes all the difference so if you have the extra funds it truly does make a difference. That is not to say spend everything you have to do so, but it does mean saving up for something slightly better is always worth it.

CPU: Intel Core i7-2700k 3.5GHz (Overclocked to 4.2GHz)
CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-D14
Motherboard: ASRock Z68 Extreme4 Gen 3
Memory: G.Skill RipjawsX 16GB (4 x 4GB)
Storage: Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB
Storage: Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB
Storage: Asus ROG RAIDR 240G SSD
Video Card: Asus Nvidia GeForce GTX 690 4GB
Sound Card: Asus Xonar Essence STX
Power Supply: Seasonic X850 Gold
Optical Drive: Asus DRW-24B1ST/BLK/B/AS DVD/CD Writer
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 (64-bit)

So that's what I run. Cost wise I actually don't want to think about it, but in the end it is worth it as I can pretty much do anything I want PC gaming wise. Really not having to worry if your PC is "good" enough to run certain games is always a plus. Years ago that was something which always was depressing to me so when I could I made it a point for that to never be an issue.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Only Thirteen Days To Go

Here we are in the middle of the week. Two new consoles have entered a new generation and PC gaming is flourishing more than it ever has. Has there ever been a better time to be a gamer? We may not have the best games in the world coming out right now but I think the quality of games across the board has significantly improved over years past. This is why when I was thinking about what to do this week's list on games I am excited for came to mind. So here are my top 5 games I am excited for.

5. Final Fantasy XV

Of all the games on the list this one is all likelihood is the longest away. I have been excited for this game ever since its first iteration of Final Fantasy Versus was announced way back. The game from what we saw back at E3 looks amazing as does every Final Fantasy and maybe it is some nostaliga which makes me excited for every Final Fantasy game but I cannot wait.

4. Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

I thoroughly enjoy Diablo III and as you known I was never part of the crowd which hated on D3 just because it was the cool thing to do. I put more time into it they I care to actually admit. The features they are adding in the expansion look great along with the story progression. I have always been a fan of the angel of death archetype so it just adds to the excitement

3.Heroes of the Storm

MOBAs generally have not been my favourite type of game. Sure I have played DoTA, DoTA2, and LoL but I have just always found the style to be too slow paced and lacked the skill and management of an RTS. Maybe that is the point of them though to be more of a team game. Heroes of the Storm seems to be focusing on that team aspect which is really the thing which is peeking my interest. I cannot wait to test this out.

2. Lightning Returns

The ending to the Final Fantasy XIII sage. Lightning has been one of the most interesting and complex video game characters not only in Final Fantasy but in video games in general. Her character may not have the charisma of an Ezio or Drake, but she is just someone you enjoy playing as because she is just that bad-ass. So with that and it finally being "the end" what is there not to be excited about.

1. Uncharted

I honestly don't know if this is going to be a part 4 of the original story or something completely different but the same style. Who really knows? The only thing I know is there is going to be an Uncharted game and that is something worth getting excited about.

There you have it this week's list. What games are you getting excited for or what games are you currently excited while playing?

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

You Fail At Xbox One If...

Fail Day! What better way to have a Fail Day when Xbox is involved. Yes I probably know countless people are pissed off for just reading that comment but really do I care? Not in the least. This post truly comes from the bottom of my heart.

You Fail At Xbox One If...

  • You seriously need a reason
  • You have a headset you can scream at all the NOOBS on Call of Duty
  • You got it to play Call of Duty
  • You are looking forward to the exclusives
  • You believe the controller is of glorious design
  • You didn't realize the specs of it are only slightly above that of a PS3
  • You don't enjoy being spied on
  • You believe it is completely ok to 180 your Philosophy because you were unaware the entire gaming world thought you were drunk.
  • You are getting one because you have a 360
  • You don't think it is weird Microsoft has issues counting past 2
  • You don't think it is weird they are putting so much attention into an awful addon
  • You are thinking right now "Well what about Halo?"
  • You have no internet

and finally

  • You bought and Xbox One over a PS4

Now wasn't that fun?

Monday, November 25, 2013

This Is War

Monday. I know I said it. The word which has so many other meanings it doesn't even need to be explained. We do have Machinima Monday though to cheer us up. This week's video is no different as we are graced with the presence of LFG. The people who bring us not only an amazing comic but the iconic Slaughter Your World which I have showcased here multiple times. This time though we have "This Is War" another parody of awesomeness.

FOR PONY. Now your day is has been worth it.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Here we are once again on the tail end of our weekend. I know some pretty sad Moments to follow which begin with what is known as "Monday". Being Sunday though you should know by now if you have been here for awhile that Sunday means Ask Gauss the time of the week where I answer some of questions sent to me throughout the week here on the blog. If you are unsure how to send in a question it is pretty easy they are all on the top right of the page or feel free to just send an email to Now let's get to it.

So with the friends and family beta for Reaper of Souls on the way when do you think we will see RoS go live?

I think a big clue to this is a date we already have March 18th 2014. This is the date the auctions houses will be closed forever. I suspect this is the date Blizzard will have a patch which will not only remove the auction houses but will put loot 2.0 and all the other features which will be a part of the game along with the expansion in. Kind of like they always do with WoW. Now history would dictate in WoW this time frame between the "patch" and the expansion has gone from 1 week to 1 month. So I believe we will see RoS as early as March 25th or as late as April 15th either way it is not that far away.

Can Hearthstone be taken seriously as an Esport?

I 100% think it can be. I just completed a survey they had sent out to beta participants on Friday which seemed to be gauging how interested people will be in an Esports aspect. This is a game that was supposed to be something small and enjoyable and it has turned into so much more. There are professional gamers which have been signed to add contracts and streamers getting countless viewers just watching people play. With an Observer mode and a replay system this game will have everything it will need.

Do you realty thing anyone cares what you have to say about Kripp?

You obviously do.

There you have it questions answered for the week. As always thanks to everyone who sent one in if it was answered on the blog or not I do get to them all.

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Safiree Saturdays

Happy Saturday everyone. Hopefully your PS4's are making you happier than the few people I know who haven't so far. There is plenty of opinions flying around with the PS4 vs. XBOX ONE. I'm personally not much for console gaming. I used to have an Xbox 360, and sometimes it was great. My Wii system is nice when you have family over, and they tell you how much you suck at life and how you will never beat them at the dumbest rendition of bowling. Yes I always lose, but you can't argue the fun that comes along with it. I stick to buying games for PC. I don't play with a desktop computer. I play on my laptop that I had custom build by Sager. 

-Sager Notebook's NP9170 (Clevo P170EM)
 -Intel I7-3630QM @ 2.40Ghz w/ Optimus Technology
-4gb NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675MX
-16gb of 1600Mhz RAM
-Western Digital 750gb 7200rpm Hard Drive
-Cruical M4 130gb Solid State Drive
-Killer Wireless-N Bigfoot 1103 5Ghz wireless card
-Realtek High Definition Soundcard
-Fullsize Multicolor Backlight Keyboard w/ Number Pad
-17.3' Full HD LED 60Hz Display
 -Windows 8 64-bit

 A lot of people don't agree with my playing on a laptop. I love it. Point is, to each their own. Are you a PS4 or an XBOX ONE kind of gamer? Or both o_0  Controllers? XBOX ONE has been won over by a lot of gamers. PS4 has the touch pad, but the xbox controller has the rumble triggers that apparently is where it's at. The DualShock 4 is a little bigger in the next-generation thanks to its unique front-and-center touchpad. Sony stuck with the dual analog sticks down in front, but at least have a central divot recess for easier gripping.

 Maybe the difference in consoles comes down to nostalgia. The console you played most when you were younger. For me that would be the Playstation. I think people are so critical of their opinions with them because of the great memories they had with the previous consoles. Also with the games that are available exclusively for either console. In conclusion, I think it should  all come down to preference and the game you are playing. The console exclusive games are what matters. In my opinion that is. Can't take the fandom out of the gamer. 

"Xbox One will NOT require 24 Internet Check and will support USED GAMES 100% and it will work like it does today on Xbox 360. Buy, lend, trade, sell, whatever you want." 
- Machinima Kovic & Bruce

 "The CPU, and GPU have been concluded to be the same. The PS4 may be overclocked a bit higher than the xbox. The ram on the ps4 is higher quality." - Machinima Kovic & Bruce

 One of the most impressive things about the PS4 specs has been its use of 8GB GDDR5 RAM. Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One to have 8GB RAM as well, but it's DDR3 memory variety. That may mean more to game developers in the long run as opposed to gamers themselves right now, but it's still an interesting choice for the Xbox One. So what are your opinions on all of this? Also... is Battlefield 4 better than COD ghosts? :) Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 

 Send in pictures of how you have your gaming station set up. Whether you are PC, or Console. Both even. I'll look through them with Gauss and will post the one we like the best to next Saturdays post. 



Friday, November 22, 2013

Iconic Omissions

So some of you may know I have been on a Hearthstone kick lately. If you don't have beta or do and have yet to try it out I would recommend it. I was surprised at how much I have enjoyed it. With that in mind and it being Friday I decided to go with a submission from Dashakn for the Reader Post, who has some interesting ideas for cards which are not yet in the game which are of the iconic nature.

I love hearthstone. Why else would I keep playing? To me there is nothing more badass than hearing Illidan say "hello again, brother". And that along with warlocks not having "fear" got me thinking. What are some awesome iconic WoW or warcraft spells that are not yet in the game? And what would they do in the game in your opinion? Remember, some of these might very well be overpowered/underpowered, as these are just ideas. But still fun to come up with.


Fandral Staghelm: possible hero replacement similar to Jaraxxus.

Druid of the talon: low power/mana minion with option (like druid of the claw) to either gain 1 spellpower, or freeze an enemy minion(entangling roots/cyclone).


Stampede: 5-6 create 3 copies of a beast with 3 attack or less with charge. these minions die at the end of the turn


Spellsteal: 2-3 mana, remove all buffs from an enemy minion and add them to one of yours.

Conjure food: 2 mana, gives you 2 magic cupcakes, similar to Mukla's bananas except 0 mana cost.


divine intervention: 1 mana, secret: when your opponent attacks a minion, that minion gains "immune" this turn. Might overlap a bit with noble sac.


Binding Heal: 3 mana, heal a minion and yourself for 5 health.


Deadly throw: 2-3 mana, deal 3 damage. combo: silence. requires equipped weapon.


Totemic Recall: 0 mana: destroy all friendly totems. gain 2 mana for each totem destroyed this way for this turn. (an interesting way for shamans to get around overload).


Fear: 2-3 mana, target minion attacks it's owner.


Dragonian Deflector: 3-4 mana, weapon 1/3 (more like shield). your hero gains taunt. every time your hero takes damage, -1 durability. Alternatively: 3 mana, 0/2 weapon, at the end of your turn, gain 2 armor. taking damage from any source makes this weapon lose 1 durability.

What do you think?

There you have it this week's edition of the Reader Post. As always thank you all for the submissions. Keep sending them in always enjoy reading them. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Stay Awhile And Listen Up

So first I want to apologize for the people looking forward to my computer specs post this week. I am delaying it till next week because something has happened and I just felt the need to just rant about it. No worries though I will do that blog next week and the world will still be ok.

So what is it that has pissed me off so much? Well it is simple really, but I think it needs some explanation. I used to think Final Fantasy 8 was one of the only great games that throughout gaming history has been spat on over and over for doing nothing other than coming after one of the greatest games ever made.  It was and is unfair to look down upon a game for that reason. Then came Diablo III and if I thought Final Fantasy 8 got shit on badly well Diablo III took it too a whole new level. Hating on Diablo III has become the popular thing to do. Even those who have never played the game flat out say it is a terrible game. Let's be honest though Diablo III took things out of Diablo II which were outdated. An artificial replay-ability system and a customization system which you couldn't really build your character any way you wanted because it wouldn't work at higher levels. Diablo III is a great game sure it has had some issues but there is no game that is truly perfect and can be improved upon. This didn't stop people and gamers from all around from shitting on it over and over.

Some of these players were popular streamers, youtubers, and others were players that despite playing countless hours in the game felt the need to shit on it over and over again. So what is my point? Well if you re unaware on Tuesday the Reaper of Souls the first expansion pack to Diablo III went into friends and family beta. Not only friends and family though Blizzard rewarded some of the people who played more time than any others in Diablo III with beta access as well. Well do you know those some people who were shitting on the game day after day month after month are complaining they are not part of the beta? You know the game you said was awful and you didn't want anything to do with? Yes they are complaining they are not part of it.

How dare they? I don't care if you have thousands upon thousands of viewers. All of them did this to themselves. Why would they want to play a game they hated? The truth is they never hated on it. It was the cool thing to do and now it is biting them in the ass and I for one couldn't be happier. I have been saying since it started that the time will come when all of this hating on Diablo crap will bite them in the ass and I am glad it has. I hope Blizzard never lets them into the beta just to truly teach them a lesson, probably won't happen but I can hope.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

You Were At Least An Eight

Middle of the week already eh? Seems as if the week just started. If any of you are like me though something happened last Thursday that is still stuck in your mind and you are sitting back waiting with anticipation. That was when it was unveiled the Uncharted series will be heading to the PS4. The games I view as some of the greatest ever will have more chapters added to them. I cannot wait, and all we have is a little teaser trailer. With all of this in mind I thought would be a perfect idea for this week's list. I first wanted to do my favourite Drake quotes but I found myself unable to narrow them down to a number which would work for the list. I decided to list my favourite parts in the series thus far. If you have yet to play any of the Uncharted games not only are you missing out, but this post will contain spoilers so keep that in mind.

5. The Truck Chase

When I first played Uncharted I was unsure of what the series would actually be like. Sure it was supposed to be an action adventure game with some amazing visuals and it was all that from the moment I started playing. I fell in love with the series though when this scene happened. It was almost as if you were playing the part in a Jason Bourne movie. It was action packed and kept you on edge and this was only the first chase there would be many more to come.

4. Titanic 2.0

So when drake drew this up I am not sure what he was thinking. Board ship find person on ship, find out person not on ship, make angry pirates on ship mad, cause ship to sink, run through maze of sink ship as it goes to a 90 degree angle. This whole chapter was amazing and at times frustrating. Doorways burst open with water and turn into platforms you have to navigate through. Not only that but there are still raging pirates on the ship trying to kill you as it is going down. Truly one of my favourite gameplay sequences ever.

3. Village vs Tank

So this tank attacks this little Tibetan villiage and you have to stop it. So you have to run around the entire villiage looking for things to some how slow this thing down. The whole time not trying to get shot at by a tank and out running it. It was insane and not very life like, but what can I say it was awesome.

2. Uncharted 3 Ending

It is not very often games have endings that satisfy you 100%. Drake was an orphan who made his own family first because he had to then because it was the right thing to do. That and he realizes what truly is important in life. Look at that a happy ending and you learned something. This ending also makes it hard to believe how there could be a true Uncharted 4 but I will guess we will have to wait and see.

1. Uncharted 2 Ending

It has an epic fight sequence followed by an obstacle course which in truth has been one of the most enjoyable end game sequences to a game there has ever been. Not to mention what followed. The sad moment where Elena could be dead followed by the classic Drake moments to follow. He is what he is and that is qhat will always make his character so intriguing and enjoyable to play.

There you have it. This week's list. All you Uncharted fans make sure you let me know what you enjoyed and for those of you who have yet to play the games what are you waiting for? Like really?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

You Fail At PS4 If...

Fail Day! That time of the week again. Isn't it weird that some may interpret that sentence in a completely different way while others are cheering in the background. Did most of you pickup your PS4 this past weekend? Did you enjoy the gaming madness which went on because of it? Regardless time to discuss fail.

You Fail At PS4 If...
  • You are honestly unaware what the P and the S stand for
  • You are patiently waiting for an Xbox One
  • You look around the room when you hear "the voice"
  • You downloaded and tried to play your PS1 classics
  • You listened to the reviews of Knack
  • You purchased CoD Ghosts for your PS4
  • You don't sit back and watch the sand in ACIV
  • Your lack of PS3 trophy conversion doesn't anger you
  • You were unaware it was not backwards compatible
  • You cannot find the headphone port on the system
  • You didn't thank Nintendo for PS4's existence
  • You don't think the new UI is awesome
  • You would not buy a PS4 just to play the newly announced Uncharted
  • You do not turn the box into a shrine
and finally
  • You don't have a PS4
There you have it this week's edition of Fail. Hope you all enjoyed it and happy PS4ing

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Ballad of Edward Kenway

Monday morning... After a weekend of gaming is there anything worse? That's why we have Machinima Monday to make the transition into the week that much easier. When thinking about about which video I would showcase this week it wasn't too difficult. This is actually one which over the past week I don't think I want to admit how often I have watched and listened to it. It was a team up with Assassin's Creed and the Penny Arcade and sung by The Dreadcrew of Oddwood. I give you the Ballad of Edward Kenway

I know it was awesome.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ask Gauss

Sunday! The last day of the PS4 weekend. Did you pick one up yourself? Did you try to and one wasn't available? Or could you completely careless about the whole situation? Great thing about Gauss Nation is I think there will be some from everyone of those categories. With today being today though it does kind of mean it is time to answer some questions. Some how some way there are still people who are unaware of how to send in their questions. I even had someone send me an email asking how to send in a question... With that in mind top right of the page has all the options available or just send an email to me at

Is it worth getting a PS4?

A simple answer would be yes. Now all I have done is play the same game I have been playing Assassin's Creed IV, which I also have for the ps3. Great promotion for only $10 got the upgrade. Anyways, just the difference between the 2 is something special. It almost is like a completely different game. The crispness and clarity is amazing. Even the sound output is noticeable, which I wasn't at all expecting. Also Uncharted was announced and if anything is worth getting a system for it would be that. If you haven't seen the teaser here it is

Is Hearthstone pay to win?

Not at all. Would it be quicker to purchase decks? Probably. People in beta are most likely going to be way ahead in cards anyway when it goes live. Part of the reason I think they are going to have a longer than expect open beta. As long as you think when you are putting your decks together and realize class cards are your really important cards then you will be fine. Also realize there is a learning curve so don't play like 2 games and complain about it being pay to win. Take your time learn the game and then you will see it isn't what you first thought.
Will you be getting an Xbox One?

I am like 95% sure this was troll but really? Honestly?

There you have it questions all answered for the week. Enjoy what remains of your weekend!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Gotham, will endure.

Happy Saturday everyone! :D Last Saturday I finished my story, and I've gotten nothing but great feedback. Wanted to say thanks!! Glad I could deliver. This week I am writing a post that has absolutely NOTHING to do with gaming. I've been no-lifing movies lately. Enjoy these.

The Dark Knight: The Joker to Harvey Dent

 The Joker: [speaking to Two-Face] Do I really look like a guy with a plan? You know what I am? I’m a dog chasing cars. I wouldn’t know what to do with one if I caught it! You know, I just, do things. The mob has plans, the cops have plans, Gordon’s got plans. You know, they’re schemers. Schemers trying to control their worlds. I’m not a schemer. I try to show the schemers how, pathetic, their attempts to control things really are. So, when I say, ah, come here, when I say that you and your girlfriend was nothing personal, you know that I’m telling the truth. 
The Joker: It’s the schemers that put you where you are. You were a schemer, you had plans, and uh, look where that got you. I just did what I do best. I took your plan and I turned it on itself. Look what I did, to this city with a few drums of gas and a couple of bullets. Hm? You know what, you know what I noticed? Nobody panics when things go according to plan. Even if the plan is horrifying. If tomorrow I tell the press that like a gang banger, will get shot, or a truckload of soldiers will be blown up, nobody panics, because it’s all, part of the plan. But when I say that one, little old mayor will die, well then everyone loses their minds! 
The Joker: [Joker hands Two-Face a gun and points it at himself
] Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos. I’m an agent of chaos. Oh and you know the thing about chaos, it’s fair. 

V for Vendetta: V's Speech to England

V: Good evening, London. Allow me first to apologize for this interruption. I do, like many of you, appreciate the comforts of everyday routine—the security of the familiar, the tranquility of repetition. I enjoy them as much as any bloke. But in the spirit of commemoration, thereby those important events of the past usually associated with someone's death or the end of some awful bloody struggle are celebrated with a nice holiday, I thought we could mark this November the 5th, a day that is sadly no longer remembered, by taking some time out of our daily lives to sit down and have a little chat. There are, of course, those who do not want us to speak. I suspect even now, orders are being shouted into telephones, and men with guns will soon be on their way. Why? Because while the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation, words will always retain their power. Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth. And the truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there? Cruelty and injustice, intolerance and oppression. And where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and soliciting your submission. How did this happen? Who's to blame? Well, certainly, there are those who are more responsible than others, and they will be held accountable. But again, truth be told, if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror. I know why you did it. I know you were afraid. Who wouldn't be? War, terror, disease. There were a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense. Fear got the best of you, and in your panic you turned to the now high chancellor, Adam Sutler. He promised you order, he promised you peace, and all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent. Last night, I sought to end that silence. Last night, I destroyed the Old Bailey to remind this country of what it has forgotten. More than four hundred years ago, a great citizen wished to embed the fifth of November forever in our memory. His hope was to remind the world that fairness, justice, and freedom are more than words—they are perspectives. So if you've seen nothing, if the crimes of this government remain unknown to you, then I would suggest that you allow the fifth of November to pass unmarked. But if you see what I see, if you feel as I feel, and if you would seek as I seek, then I ask you to stand beside me one year from tonight, outside the gates of Parliament, and together we shall give them a fifth of November that shall never, ever be forgot.



Friday, November 15, 2013

There's No Flying In Draenor

Happy Birthday PS4! Maybe you are one of the lucky ones and maybe you are one of the ones standing in line or maybe even one of those online pressing the refresh button over and over hoping one will be posted online. With all that in mine some interesting news came forth yesterday from Blizzard about Warlords of Draenor

"We intend to disallow flying while leveling from 90 to 100, and have flying become available again in the first major patch for Warlords of Draenor."

Now I havc been stating forever they have should do this. It makes the leveling expierence the way it should be. No shortcuts no nothing. Now I am a lore buff so this is great for me which others talk about how this will ruin the game and this will make them quit. Like honestly? Think that is going a little overboard. Calm yourselves everything going to be ok. Now with all of that in mind today is the Reader Post it is Friday of course and so I do have a contribution by Joshmoe who I was having a conversation back and forth with about world pvp. We were both in agreement how those arguing about this killing world pvp were out of their minds but I will let his words do the talking.

World PvP died with Battlegrounds, in the same manner looking for groups in /1 died with LFD. There are sporadic fights here and there, as there has always been, but it had nothing to do with flying. Flying only enabled gankers an easier time to attack and flee.

When you push the importance and rewards of pvp into instances, the outside world becomes more barren. We saw this with "world pvp" ( fights while questing do not count ) , and we saw this with the outside population altogether ( its become simpler to just stay in town and wait for queues to pop. The quests in and of themselves may also just be too boring to keep doing *restricted flying included* ).

Youll find people pvp as they level (not nearly as much over the last several years, as people just want to level and get to max), or when doing dailies (or not based on the same thing as wanting to reach max level), but you wont find people just looking for pvp fights anymore, especially at max level. There's too much that's "needed" to do: Gathering, arenas, bgs, dailies, raiding, farms, rares, etc. None of which can be alleviated by doing world pvp: you kill someone and get a few pennies worth of honor, and move on. The "Fun" factor is the only thing that drives world pvp, and since this game is so heavily geared towards needing rewards and progression (and having too many things on timers that need to be done: weekly raids, daily quests and events, profession cooldowns, instance daily rewards, etc.) , people ( and blizzard ) would rather you work on things with a tangible ending "of the sorts" .

Flying is not the detriment of world pvp , or leveling content. The content itself and its implementation is ruining it. If blizzard wants wold pvp, then world pvp needs to be as valid as doing a bg or arena. Making zones dedicated to pvp doesnt solve anything, its just creating a simulated battleground without the loading screen. If you want world pvp, the entire continent needs to function like its a battleground, and/or be as rewarding as such. The Hellfire tokens were a good example of a way to reward pvp in that zone. The Nagrand tokens were a good example of a way to reward pvp in that zone. Giving pvp set pieces as rep rewards was a way to keep people in those zones, and to give them incentives to pvp (by having gear tailored for it). 

If you create functioning rewards for being in the world, and pvping, then it will grow. If you keep putting all of the rewards in instances....people will go there instead. Flying does not harm pvp. The way pvp works is what harms pvp.

Thanks Joshmoe for the contribution along with everyone else. If you are still unsure of how to send in something check the top right of the page or send an email to

Thursday, November 14, 2013

More Sperlunking

Here we are one day away from PS3 being out for us all to enjoy. I know I am excited and I am not really getting a "new" game for it per say. I am of course going to see Assassin's Creed IV in all its PS4 glory. Even with that many of you for awhile have been asking me what I use gaming wise. Now console wise that is pretty self explanatory. PC wise it requires some thought and explanation. So instead of answering this as an Ask Gauss question I decided to make it a blog. Now this is just peripherals not the actual specs of my PC. I will do that again some other time.


Now a lot of the time people call me weird for this(Safiree) especially but I have 3 mice I use for a variety of things. Here they are

The Razer Deathadder

I use this mouse for my everyday things. I like the feel of it and it isn't to sensitive. It is comfortable for really any use and when people ask me for an opinion on a mouse this is the one I usually recommend. Now I obviously would say switch it to the pink.

Razer Naga Epic

Mouse I use for MMOs. It is a 17 button mouse which is perfect for everything MMO wise. It has 3 different hand grips so if you are weird like me and prefer to have your pinkie on your mouse pad one of the grips allows this to happen. One of the downsides of MMO mice is they are large and at least this version of the Naga does not have this problem.

Steelseries Diablo III

Use this exclusively for Diablo III. You might say that is a waste of money but to me having a mouse which was created to click and insane amount of times extends the life of my other mice. This mouse is programmed specifically for Diablo III and if I wanted to could lay down and play and never have a keyboard in sight.


I have 2 keyboards. Used to use them both but now tend to have laziness as a factor and only stick to the one.

Steelseries Zboard

I got this keyboard as the Wrath of the Lich king version. Apparently I couldn't find a box version photo of it. It is a great keyboard which can take a beating and does everything a gamer needs it to do. The newer versions of it have the Shift tech which basically lets you modify your keyboard to the specific games you are playing.

Razer Marauder Keyboard
I use this keybaord in the awesome pink 95% of the time. It is small enough to be comfortable moving it around and bright enough that playing in the dark isn't truly in the dark. It has some amazing Starcraft II aspects to it which will help you play better. Like flashing for injects and upgrades as well as colour changing based upon your APM in the game. If someone is looking for a keyboard Starcraft or not this is the one I recommend.


First of let me just say it took awhile to find a headset I like. I have a larger head and probably bigger ears in turn so square ear headsets just don't work well for me. Also being USB is a must for me as the quality just makes your gaming experience better. With that in mind I use this.

Steelseries Siberia Elite

I have this in blue apparently it is impossible to find a picture with the blue. This has everything you could want headset wise. This newer generation as I always had the V2 version prior has an updated soundcard which makes the sound that much better. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a headset and has the money to spend on something better than average.


Lastly you always need somewhere comfortable to sit as a gamer. I have this

Boomchair HDMI

Not only is this chair pretty comfortable but it gives you your own surround sound experience in full HDMI. I sit in this all the time and really have no complaints on it besides maybe having a footstool for those leaning back moments.

So there you have it that is my stuff. What do you use? Have any recommendations for myself or others? Let me know.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

To Michael

Here we are only 2 days left until PS4 is unleashed onto the world. Do you have a preorder? Or you going to be one of the many who are going to be waiting in line trying to get your hands on one on Friday? If so I wish you the best of luck with that. With that in mind and with Wednesday being all about lists with all things good and bad I thought I would pay homage to PS3. So this week's list is going to be in my opinion the best games ever on the PS3.

5. Batman: Arkham City

This game is honestly the best superhero game I have ever played. I have been hesitant at playing super hero games because they normally aggravate me and the story is often broken and full of holes. They always sell the game by the hero's name and not on actual gameplay. This game changed my opinion on things entirely.

4. Portal 2

Portal 2 is not only one of the best games ever for the PS3 but truly one of the best games I ever played. It is one of those games where you can talk with other gamers for hours and hours. It is a game which I have yet to meet a person who didn't like it. It is an experience all in itself.

3. Assassin's Creed Revelations

The finale to the Ezio trilogy and ever though all the Assassin's Creed games are great in my books Revelations is far and away the best of the bunch. Ezio is one of my favourite video game characters ever made he is just the type of character you want to play when you game. I will never forget the moment when he put down his arms and walked away truly one of the best moments in gaming.

2. Uncharted 2

Just like Revelations being far and away the best game among a group of great games Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is a masterpiece. Until recently this was the greatest game I have ever played. The story was one you will never forget and left you pushing forward for more and more. There really is no way to describe how great this game truly is. If you have never had the pleasure it is a once in a lifetime gaming experience.

1. The Last of Us

I really went back and forth if this was going to be number 1 or number 2. I thought maybe because I played it more recently it was fresher in my mind and might have skewed my judgement. That is not the case though. This game in my books is not only a masterpiece of work of the PS3, but is the greatest game I have ever played. There really is no more words needed to describe it.

There you go this week's list. I am sure there will be much talk of this one, but realize any mention of CoD just makes you look stupid.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

You Fail At Hearthstone If...

Fail Day! I am not even sure if a day like Fail Day ever needs an introduction. Although I am sure there is always someone who is knew and knows nothing about what it is like to hang around in Gauss Land. So for those who are newbies Fail Day is where I take a game or something else to do with gaming and explain how one fails at it. So here goes!

You Fail At Hearthstone If...

  • You believe the game won't be fun
  • You don't have all the heroes unlocked
  • You kill all your minions with hellfire
  • You healed your opponent
  • You cast windfury on a minion with only 1 health
  • You killed yourself if with lifetap
  • You cast stealth of your minion with taunt
  • You let your mage opponent mirror your ragnaros
  • Your random invention keeps healing your opponent
  • You double a minions attack who has 0 attack
  • You disenchant a legendary card you didn't have more than 1 of
  • You polymorphed a 1-1 minion
  • You somehow lose when you used your Al'Akir card
and finally
  • You are not in the beta
The you go this week's edition of fail. Hope you enjoyed it.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Storm Tribute

Monday! Yes I know it is hard to have motivation for a Monday but after a great weekend of Blizzcon it is hard not to be excited for the future. Also have the fact that PS4 is on its way this Friday so there is plenty to be pumped up for. Being Monday though it is custom here in Gauss Land to showcase a video for all of you to see for Machinima Monday. Now I know I have showcased Carbot on many occasions, but with this I just had to share it. It is his Heroes of the Storm tribute created for Blizzcon.

Ya I know it was awesome

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ask Gauss

Sunday! And not just any Sunday but the Sunday of a Blizzcon weekend. So can you guess what most of the questions sent in for Ask Gauss were about? Or maybe you were living under a rock and don't know anything about Blizzcon if that's the case well you will be in for information overload.

How is Warlords of Draenor not a time travel expansion?

The way I understand it is the time travel component is just what gets the story off and going. Basically Garrosh some how escapes his prison, I am assume this is Wrathion but the how is currently unknown. He then travels back in time to what I assume is one of the "other" timelines the bronze dragons have access to. Therefore again assuming this will have something to do with the infinite flight and maybe even Nozdormu himself. He goes back in time to get his father and the other "Warlords" of the Orcish clans to not drink the blodd of Mannoroth and instead gives them technology from the present to create an Iron Orcish horde when the Orcs themselves were at their massive numbers, He then connects this timeline to the present one using the Dark Portal therefore bringing the past to the present. I know it sounds confusing and it is, but I think this is how they get around having the past affecting the future because it is just ruining another timeline no one actually cares about.

So Heroes of the Storm? What do you think?

Now from what I have scene and heard Blizzard is changing the approach to this genre. Which in my opinion is a good thing because to me the genre is lacking in a few aspects. One of the problems to me is an indivdual could take over or lose you the game. Blizzard is stressing the team concept in this game. Levels will be team based to me this will promote teamwork and in general will make a much more enjoyable game to be a spectator for. Also one of the major things which has always bothered me about the genre is the length of the games. 40+ minutes is way too long for a every single game especially is you ever want to be taken seriously from a viewing aspect. The have said the average game will be around 20 minutes which I think is a really nice spot to be at. Lastly the maps and ideas on them are very interesting really cannot wait to try this out in beta.

No Legacy of The Void?

I know.... sad panda.

There you have it this week's questions answered. Enjoy what is left of your weekend!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Obviously, she's a Paladin...

The Tauren & The Blood Elf

 Happy Saturday readers!! My week has been quite lonely. Gauss has been a gay pirate all week. Lol, I mean....playing Black Flag. Glad to say, tons of people participated in the Extra Life event Trion helped sponsor. I played for about 19 hours. Almost got there, but not quite. I had fun :) Battlefield 4 is available, and I heard it was pretty much everything fans were expecting. This is it!! After today i'll go back to complaining about pvping with idiots, and telling you how much fun it's not leveling a cleric in Rift :D ENJOY!!

 The noise was loud. In the deepest part of the forest, it echoed. A cold fog crept through the trees. Even with all the vegetation that was around, it felt so lifeless, and hollow. In the woods the tall dark figure stood alone. The blood elf was gone. He finally felt whole again, satisfied. He started back to the camp. Starting to feel again. He ran his fingers along a fallen tree. He closed his eyes, and looked to the sky. Took a deep breath, taking just the simple touch into his memory.

 While walking through the forest, he noticed himself growing weaker. The dark figure fell to the ground unable to move at all. He was confused. He was sure the blood elf was all he needed. It was her energy that would allow him to live forever on. That it would set him free from his undying hunger for more. Meant he wouldn't have to face his foes, or even have a single bad day. Not with this radiant warmth he took into his soul. His body started glowing with the most beautiful blue-green light he had ever seen. His figure, filling out with detailed traits he had never had before. His hands filled with detail. Fingertips, and palms. He felt more alive in this moment then ever before, he wanted to feel. His eyes, opened wide. Counting stars in the sky. Again, closing his eyes to take in this beautiful place.

 He could feel her fire. Her strength, raging throughout his entire soul. He could see her memories drowning his vision. He felt her burning, making him feel so alive. Her memories were so powerful. All at once he grew stronger, and weaker every step he took; She took part of herself back from him. Fighting for everything she lived for. A few moments later, after gathering enough strength to get himself back on his feet he took a sigh of relief. Must have been kinda drained from everything he thought to himself. Just needed rest. He felt this warmth in his chest. Like he had a heart, surging blood throughout him. The blue-green light grew stronger. Draining more life from him every step he took.

 He couldn't go any further. He stopped trying. The warlock started fading, almost as if you could see right through him. He was so angry with himself. He was sure she was it. Her strength was so strong, he was sure he wasn't going to win this fight. The harsh burning in his chest, grew within his entire body, and felt like every breath he took, was surely his last. A light beamed from his chest to the sky. It was over. The warlock closed his eyes, took in the beauty of his own light. He shattered into a thousand fragments of light. The blood elf beamed in from the sky to the ground. "The ground never felt so great beneath my feet." She thought to herself. 

 She aimed her beam of light to the sky, and summoned the Tauren, and Worgen down with her. "Im so glad it worked, and you both are here." She smiled. "Next time, we are just going to skip the mushrooms for dinner, wasn't worth this much trouble." The Tauren joked. "Thank you for all of your help, you have saved an entire village of souls, and we can finally bring back the light this forest once gave. Surely you both will return for a visit now and then?" The Worgen said, with a smile. The Tauren and blood elf both nodded,  "Of course."

 Making their way out of the forest, they parted ways with the Worgen. The blood elf casted auras on the Tauren, to ensure a safe path home. She felt like she had the power of a thousand warriors within her. The light she once had, shined out all around her. Bringing back life to Terrokar. She closed her eyes. Took in the beauty, to keep with her forever. They both hearthed back to Orgrimmar. The city greeted them with cheers, and happiness. Never felt so comforting. The Tauren took the Blood elf's hand. "Come rest with me, dear. You deserve it." He whispered. "I feel so alive! We have much to do, my love :)" She said. They walked home together. Happier then ever to be back. Although she never fully understood the power of the blue-green glow she kept, she welcomed it. It was now apart of her. Eventually it would reveal itself to her, and when it did. She and him, would battle once more.

The beginning.
;) -Safiree

Friday, November 8, 2013

We're Wassssting Time... Precioussssss Time.

So as you all know I am a huge Warcraft Lore buff. The story within the universe is just something which makes you think. Nothing really more than when it involves Nozdormu. He is one of my favourite characters. He is a dragon, master of time, and even though he has lost his aspect powers he is still pretty badass. My favourite point about Nozdormu is when he was given his powers he was shown his death to prove to him that even though he seamed all powerful is his time controlling awesomeness he could not stop death(insert random Malthael look here). This demise was supposed to be End Time when Murozond was defeated. But was it? I have speculated a lot that there is hidden meaning within the instance End Time and the Timeless Isle almost speaks to this fact.

Now keeping that in mind today is Friday, which does mean it is time for a Reader Post and when I saw this submission about End Time I just had to share it. It was written by Mrcoolguyry(btw you need a better name). It deals specifically with the choices of the Echos in End Time. It is a little on the longer side but worth it for all you lore buffs like myself out there.

In the Caverns of Time instances, mostly all of them (with the exception of End Time and Well of Eternity) actually take place in Azeroth's history past and present, and we as the adventurers, our job in them is technically a proto-type for the Timewalkers (by looking at the adventurers defending the timelines from a post-Mists point of view) as we make sure the timelines stay according to their history and eliminate any outside sources that wish to unravel it (The Infinite Dragonflight). In End Time and Well of Eternity on the other hand take place in an alternate future and past. In End Time I have a lot of speculation about. While defeating Murozond and ensuring that "supposedly" the Infinites cease to exist, that would be a fallacy as for the fact that even though we may have gotten rid of the Infinites in Azeroth's current timeline, who's to say that they still couldn't form into existence in an entirely different timeline. Also, I have had a lot of speculation regarding why the Echoes in End Time are the Echoes that they are. Those echoes are those of Jaina, Baine, Tyrande, and Sylvanas. It's time to blow your mind. Each of these echoes' real representations in present Azeroth have ALL been affected in a major way. 

Jaina is the most forefront example. Pre Mists (extending to Vanilla) she had brokered for peace between the Horde (led by Thrall at the time) and the Alliance living in Theramore. Well, then Garrosh takes over and he wanting absolute supremacy over a continent that THE ORCS discovered before the humans, has an absolute reason to see Theramore as a threat to the legacy of the Horde. So then he orders a mana bomb. *boom* Theramore is destroyed and Jaina is fucking pissed along getting a new hairstyle that includes blonde with white highlights. Jaina almost tsunamis the shit out of Orgrimmar before being reminded she's dating a hot elf dragon dude with blue hair. She's alright. Fast forward to Mists. She's okay with Dalaran being neutral, but Garrosh being the king of stupid, decides to just have a group of Horde adventurers representing the Sunreavers, steal the Divine Bell from Darnassus, which technically was claimed by the Kirin Tor alone. Okay now Jaina has a reason to be pissed. The Kirin Tor is supposed to be neutral, but with the adventurers involving in the theft of the bell being Horde, Jaina suspects bias among the Sunreavers being Team Horde. She then goes batshit crazy elf racist bitch and kills stragglers or imprisons naughty elves. Jaina is now at the conclusion of where she is at now of being only Alliance. Then go to Siege, you see a darker side of Jaina in which she suggests to finish off the Horde once and for all. But most people are confused by this. I myself think I am not, so I hope. 

At the end of Siege, if you are Alliance, Varian discusses his worry and urgency to deal with Sylvanas. THIS is the reason why Jaina wanted to dismantle the Horde. And what do you know? Sylvanas was an echo in End Time too. But she is one of two characters that were already affected majorly before Mists. Throughout WoW's history, Sylvanas has always felt the need to plague the shit out of stuff (This even goes back to Vanilla!) eventually reaching a breaking point at the Wrathgate where it is then the Horde expresses concern over what the Forsaken are really capable of (Which in my opinion makes the Horde complete dumbasses. How in the hell were they like not told or notified about the Forsaken's activities by say a Tauren warrior that leveled in Hillsbrad? HOW THE HELL DID THEY NOT FUCKING KNOW!?!). Also of another note she hates the Lich King (I would hate the shit out of someone too if they killed me, raised me up as a ghost, and then had to have me find my fucking body once I broke free of their control), and it didn't really help her when she found out that the Lich King was still alive, but he was just someone else. It was after seeing this, she threw herself off a cliff and *seeing only darkness before me * she gained nine Val'kyr lives in an attempt to downplay that she's basically a cat at this point. Then comes Cataclysm and Sylvanas and her new Val'kyr friends decide the raise the shit out of the dead to bolster their numbers because dead people don't procreate. So basically we have a batshit crazy undead high elf banshee lady queen with a growing army of undead along with biological weapons terrifying similar to the Lich King, the Scourge, and the Cult of the Damned. Yet... what if this is the way Sylvanas and the Forsaken were purposely depicted in WoW? Sylvanas had a partnership with a dreadlord --- who isn't to say that Varimathras possibly persuaded her that in the event of the Scourge's return, she would have to raise up an army to combat that --- The Forsaken --- and could also possibly be used as a bolstering force to the Scourge in the event Sylvanas gained the Crown of Dominion once -- or -- if she defeated the Lich King. Think about that. Sylvanas is acting like a Lich Queen because she's been programmed that way -- after meeting Varimathras. Dreadlords are master manipulators after all. Or another possible scenario is when Varimathras was supposedly defeated in Undercity, he sent his remaining essence went into Sylvanas. *boom* I hope that just blew your mind.

Baine Bloodhoof was also another character majorly affected before Mists. In the interim between Wotlk and Cata he lost his father, and a great betrayal occurred among the Tauren due to the Grimtotem (Once again the Horde are major dumbasses. I mean how the hell did the Tauren not see this coming? Especially Cairne. FUCKING CAIRNE MAN FUCKING CAIRNE). He has since then assumed major responsibility as chieftain of the Tauren, but what could be so significant in his future that would make him an echo in End Time? For this one I don't have a lot of theories. My top one is, he could be the one destined to finally unite all the Tauren tribes under one banner by showing his triumph of leadership over (hopefully) the final judgment on the Grimtotem and the execution of Magatha (one that should have happened a long time ago) and finally eradicating the centaur and quilboar with the blessing of Agamaggan and Zaetar to relieve their cursed children of their suffering while in the process finally making Tauren lands safe and free to roam (ugh lord) as a testament to Cairne's legacy and Baine's tenacity to finally accomplish his father's dream. 

I would include Tyrande to this list, but I have put on a big huge tin-foil hat/fan-fiction/potential ideas for character development for her.

Wasn't I right? Great read and very thought provoking. That's it for this week have a great weekend and enjoy Blizzcon!