Saturday, November 9, 2013

Obviously, she's a Paladin...

The Tauren & The Blood Elf

 Happy Saturday readers!! My week has been quite lonely. Gauss has been a gay pirate all week. Lol, I mean....playing Black Flag. Glad to say, tons of people participated in the Extra Life event Trion helped sponsor. I played for about 19 hours. Almost got there, but not quite. I had fun :) Battlefield 4 is available, and I heard it was pretty much everything fans were expecting. This is it!! After today i'll go back to complaining about pvping with idiots, and telling you how much fun it's not leveling a cleric in Rift :D ENJOY!!

 The noise was loud. In the deepest part of the forest, it echoed. A cold fog crept through the trees. Even with all the vegetation that was around, it felt so lifeless, and hollow. In the woods the tall dark figure stood alone. The blood elf was gone. He finally felt whole again, satisfied. He started back to the camp. Starting to feel again. He ran his fingers along a fallen tree. He closed his eyes, and looked to the sky. Took a deep breath, taking just the simple touch into his memory.

 While walking through the forest, he noticed himself growing weaker. The dark figure fell to the ground unable to move at all. He was confused. He was sure the blood elf was all he needed. It was her energy that would allow him to live forever on. That it would set him free from his undying hunger for more. Meant he wouldn't have to face his foes, or even have a single bad day. Not with this radiant warmth he took into his soul. His body started glowing with the most beautiful blue-green light he had ever seen. His figure, filling out with detailed traits he had never had before. His hands filled with detail. Fingertips, and palms. He felt more alive in this moment then ever before, he wanted to feel. His eyes, opened wide. Counting stars in the sky. Again, closing his eyes to take in this beautiful place.

 He could feel her fire. Her strength, raging throughout his entire soul. He could see her memories drowning his vision. He felt her burning, making him feel so alive. Her memories were so powerful. All at once he grew stronger, and weaker every step he took; She took part of herself back from him. Fighting for everything she lived for. A few moments later, after gathering enough strength to get himself back on his feet he took a sigh of relief. Must have been kinda drained from everything he thought to himself. Just needed rest. He felt this warmth in his chest. Like he had a heart, surging blood throughout him. The blue-green light grew stronger. Draining more life from him every step he took.

 He couldn't go any further. He stopped trying. The warlock started fading, almost as if you could see right through him. He was so angry with himself. He was sure she was it. Her strength was so strong, he was sure he wasn't going to win this fight. The harsh burning in his chest, grew within his entire body, and felt like every breath he took, was surely his last. A light beamed from his chest to the sky. It was over. The warlock closed his eyes, took in the beauty of his own light. He shattered into a thousand fragments of light. The blood elf beamed in from the sky to the ground. "The ground never felt so great beneath my feet." She thought to herself. 

 She aimed her beam of light to the sky, and summoned the Tauren, and Worgen down with her. "Im so glad it worked, and you both are here." She smiled. "Next time, we are just going to skip the mushrooms for dinner, wasn't worth this much trouble." The Tauren joked. "Thank you for all of your help, you have saved an entire village of souls, and we can finally bring back the light this forest once gave. Surely you both will return for a visit now and then?" The Worgen said, with a smile. The Tauren and blood elf both nodded,  "Of course."

 Making their way out of the forest, they parted ways with the Worgen. The blood elf casted auras on the Tauren, to ensure a safe path home. She felt like she had the power of a thousand warriors within her. The light she once had, shined out all around her. Bringing back life to Terrokar. She closed her eyes. Took in the beauty, to keep with her forever. They both hearthed back to Orgrimmar. The city greeted them with cheers, and happiness. Never felt so comforting. The Tauren took the Blood elf's hand. "Come rest with me, dear. You deserve it." He whispered. "I feel so alive! We have much to do, my love :)" She said. They walked home together. Happier then ever to be back. Although she never fully understood the power of the blue-green glow she kept, she welcomed it. It was now apart of her. Eventually it would reveal itself to her, and when it did. She and him, would battle once more.

The beginning.
;) -Safiree