Wednesday, November 20, 2013

You Were At Least An Eight

Middle of the week already eh? Seems as if the week just started. If any of you are like me though something happened last Thursday that is still stuck in your mind and you are sitting back waiting with anticipation. That was when it was unveiled the Uncharted series will be heading to the PS4. The games I view as some of the greatest ever will have more chapters added to them. I cannot wait, and all we have is a little teaser trailer. With all of this in mind I thought would be a perfect idea for this week's list. I first wanted to do my favourite Drake quotes but I found myself unable to narrow them down to a number which would work for the list. I decided to list my favourite parts in the series thus far. If you have yet to play any of the Uncharted games not only are you missing out, but this post will contain spoilers so keep that in mind.

5. The Truck Chase

When I first played Uncharted I was unsure of what the series would actually be like. Sure it was supposed to be an action adventure game with some amazing visuals and it was all that from the moment I started playing. I fell in love with the series though when this scene happened. It was almost as if you were playing the part in a Jason Bourne movie. It was action packed and kept you on edge and this was only the first chase there would be many more to come.

4. Titanic 2.0

So when drake drew this up I am not sure what he was thinking. Board ship find person on ship, find out person not on ship, make angry pirates on ship mad, cause ship to sink, run through maze of sink ship as it goes to a 90 degree angle. This whole chapter was amazing and at times frustrating. Doorways burst open with water and turn into platforms you have to navigate through. Not only that but there are still raging pirates on the ship trying to kill you as it is going down. Truly one of my favourite gameplay sequences ever.

3. Village vs Tank

So this tank attacks this little Tibetan villiage and you have to stop it. So you have to run around the entire villiage looking for things to some how slow this thing down. The whole time not trying to get shot at by a tank and out running it. It was insane and not very life like, but what can I say it was awesome.

2. Uncharted 3 Ending

It is not very often games have endings that satisfy you 100%. Drake was an orphan who made his own family first because he had to then because it was the right thing to do. That and he realizes what truly is important in life. Look at that a happy ending and you learned something. This ending also makes it hard to believe how there could be a true Uncharted 4 but I will guess we will have to wait and see.

1. Uncharted 2 Ending

It has an epic fight sequence followed by an obstacle course which in truth has been one of the most enjoyable end game sequences to a game there has ever been. Not to mention what followed. The sad moment where Elena could be dead followed by the classic Drake moments to follow. He is what he is and that is qhat will always make his character so intriguing and enjoyable to play.

There you have it. This week's list. All you Uncharted fans make sure you let me know what you enjoyed and for those of you who have yet to play the games what are you waiting for? Like really?


  1. I understand so many great lines. My favorite being "if there are zombies down there. I am so going to be pissed."

  2. Love that ending still one of the best in my books