Thursday, November 14, 2013

More Sperlunking

Here we are one day away from PS3 being out for us all to enjoy. I know I am excited and I am not really getting a "new" game for it per say. I am of course going to see Assassin's Creed IV in all its PS4 glory. Even with that many of you for awhile have been asking me what I use gaming wise. Now console wise that is pretty self explanatory. PC wise it requires some thought and explanation. So instead of answering this as an Ask Gauss question I decided to make it a blog. Now this is just peripherals not the actual specs of my PC. I will do that again some other time.


Now a lot of the time people call me weird for this(Safiree) especially but I have 3 mice I use for a variety of things. Here they are

The Razer Deathadder

I use this mouse for my everyday things. I like the feel of it and it isn't to sensitive. It is comfortable for really any use and when people ask me for an opinion on a mouse this is the one I usually recommend. Now I obviously would say switch it to the pink.

Razer Naga Epic

Mouse I use for MMOs. It is a 17 button mouse which is perfect for everything MMO wise. It has 3 different hand grips so if you are weird like me and prefer to have your pinkie on your mouse pad one of the grips allows this to happen. One of the downsides of MMO mice is they are large and at least this version of the Naga does not have this problem.

Steelseries Diablo III

Use this exclusively for Diablo III. You might say that is a waste of money but to me having a mouse which was created to click and insane amount of times extends the life of my other mice. This mouse is programmed specifically for Diablo III and if I wanted to could lay down and play and never have a keyboard in sight.


I have 2 keyboards. Used to use them both but now tend to have laziness as a factor and only stick to the one.

Steelseries Zboard

I got this keyboard as the Wrath of the Lich king version. Apparently I couldn't find a box version photo of it. It is a great keyboard which can take a beating and does everything a gamer needs it to do. The newer versions of it have the Shift tech which basically lets you modify your keyboard to the specific games you are playing.

Razer Marauder Keyboard
I use this keybaord in the awesome pink 95% of the time. It is small enough to be comfortable moving it around and bright enough that playing in the dark isn't truly in the dark. It has some amazing Starcraft II aspects to it which will help you play better. Like flashing for injects and upgrades as well as colour changing based upon your APM in the game. If someone is looking for a keyboard Starcraft or not this is the one I recommend.


First of let me just say it took awhile to find a headset I like. I have a larger head and probably bigger ears in turn so square ear headsets just don't work well for me. Also being USB is a must for me as the quality just makes your gaming experience better. With that in mind I use this.

Steelseries Siberia Elite

I have this in blue apparently it is impossible to find a picture with the blue. This has everything you could want headset wise. This newer generation as I always had the V2 version prior has an updated soundcard which makes the sound that much better. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a headset and has the money to spend on something better than average.


Lastly you always need somewhere comfortable to sit as a gamer. I have this

Boomchair HDMI

Not only is this chair pretty comfortable but it gives you your own surround sound experience in full HDMI. I sit in this all the time and really have no complaints on it besides maybe having a footstool for those leaning back moments.

So there you have it that is my stuff. What do you use? Have any recommendations for myself or others? Let me know.


  1. That chair looks awesome! Would love to get me one.

  2. A mouse for a specific game? Does seem a little wasteful if you ask me.

  3. I wasn't sure until I got to the chair but now I'm almost positive that this is a troll post. Hard to believe that anyone swaps between multiple keyboards and mice but c'mon, people don't actually buy those chairs, let alone use them...

    ... do they?

    My universe just got a little bit weirder.

    Those are some pretty disappointing stuff lists, previous commenters. You can do better.

    I'm somewhat more old school... Logitech G700 mouse (hybrid wired/wireless although the grip is ... contentious, feels like very fine grit sandpaper), Das Keyboard mechanical keyboard (I don't play FPS games so longer key travel is an advantage, not a drawback), Logitech Z-5500 speakers (which are awesome but discontinued), random no-name (Gentec?) headset (mic only, I wear it around my neck rather than on my ears). My chair is from Staples, the Tempur-pedic TP9000. Highly recommended if you don't need built-in speakers and don't mind sitting at desk height. ;) My crown jewel is a Dell U2711 monitor, needs some decent graphics power to run it (AMD 7950 for me) but if you have the horses it makes some beautiful pictures.

    1. LOL

      Is it really that weird? I play in my front of Sharp Aquos 70". I know it is a bit extreme but that might begin to explain why I prefer to sit more towards the floor. Started doing this about a year ago and I don't know if I could actually go back. I think the most important thing is to be comfortable though if you are going to be sitting there for a few hours you have to be.

      On the mice switching I only use the razer for MMOs and the diablo mouse only for diablo. I don't actually the last time I switch my Zboard in but it sits there so I figured it was worth mentioning. So if that is a little messed up or weird I can accept that.

      I will do my computer specs next week put enough into my beast think it deserves its own post. As always thanks for sharing

    2. Not sure if me finding it weird absolutely indicates that it's weird but... I think it's weird unless you have your TV pointing downward at an unusual angle. Most TVs are designed to be viewed at normal sitting height, LCDs especially (I have a plasma which has a much wider optimal viewing angle), so you might be costing yourself a bit of image quality sitting on the floor. But hey, if it works, it works.

      (it also looks horribly uncomfortable but again, if it works, it works)

  4. I have the razer abysus for a mouse. I really like the different setting sit has directly on it for sensitivity. Makes it much more useful for changes between games. I use a laptop so keyboard isn't really a thing, and lastly I have a regular siberia headset the frost white color. I am thinking of paying the $20 for the USB console though it seems worth it.