Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ask Gauss

Sunday! The last day of the PS4 weekend. Did you pick one up yourself? Did you try to and one wasn't available? Or could you completely careless about the whole situation? Great thing about Gauss Nation is I think there will be some from everyone of those categories. With today being today though it does kind of mean it is time to answer some questions. Some how some way there are still people who are unaware of how to send in their questions. I even had someone send me an email asking how to send in a question... With that in mind top right of the page has all the options available or just send an email to me at

Is it worth getting a PS4?

A simple answer would be yes. Now all I have done is play the same game I have been playing Assassin's Creed IV, which I also have for the ps3. Great promotion for only $10 got the upgrade. Anyways, just the difference between the 2 is something special. It almost is like a completely different game. The crispness and clarity is amazing. Even the sound output is noticeable, which I wasn't at all expecting. Also Uncharted was announced and if anything is worth getting a system for it would be that. If you haven't seen the teaser here it is

Is Hearthstone pay to win?

Not at all. Would it be quicker to purchase decks? Probably. People in beta are most likely going to be way ahead in cards anyway when it goes live. Part of the reason I think they are going to have a longer than expect open beta. As long as you think when you are putting your decks together and realize class cards are your really important cards then you will be fine. Also realize there is a learning curve so don't play like 2 games and complain about it being pay to win. Take your time learn the game and then you will see it isn't what you first thought.
Will you be getting an Xbox One?

I am like 95% sure this was troll but really? Honestly?

There you have it questions all answered for the week. Enjoy what remains of your weekend!

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  1. Holy Shit Uncharted. It doesn't say 4 though does that mean there is not going to be Drake. You cannot have uncharted without Drake