Tuesday, November 12, 2013

You Fail At Hearthstone If...

Fail Day! I am not even sure if a day like Fail Day ever needs an introduction. Although I am sure there is always someone who is knew and knows nothing about what it is like to hang around in Gauss Land. So for those who are newbies Fail Day is where I take a game or something else to do with gaming and explain how one fails at it. So here goes!

You Fail At Hearthstone If...

  • You believe the game won't be fun
  • You don't have all the heroes unlocked
  • You kill all your minions with hellfire
  • You healed your opponent
  • You cast windfury on a minion with only 1 health
  • You killed yourself if with lifetap
  • You cast stealth of your minion with taunt
  • You let your mage opponent mirror your ragnaros
  • Your random invention keeps healing your opponent
  • You double a minions attack who has 0 attack
  • You disenchant a legendary card you didn't have more than 1 of
  • You polymorphed a 1-1 minion
  • You somehow lose when you used your Al'Akir card
and finally
  • You are not in the beta
The you go this week's edition of fail. Hope you enjoyed it.


  1. You die to a leper gnome?

  2. you forgot to add "if you lose to the same hunter deck 3 times without damaging the enemy hero"

    1. yaya. Finalyl beat my Thrall though