Sunday, November 3, 2013

Ask Gauss

Sunday. Not only Sunday, bu the Sunday I had to remember to turn the clocks back. Although this is less of a pain than it used to be. So many electronics do this for you now. They may think this makes things easier, but do you know how often I turn the clock back on something which already had its clock turned back. I know, I know first world problems. Sunday also means something else, pancakes. Well yes but I was thinking more along the lines of Ask Gauss. Let's get this show on the road before I keep rambling.

So "Warlods of Draenor" has been trademarked, any thoughts?

Well let's assume this isn't a hoax like "The Dark Below". If that is the case it makes me wonder. Draenor no longer isn't it is now Outland because Ner'zul decided that opening a bunch of portals to escape Kil'Jaeden's wrath was a good thing. To bad he ended up going into the portal which Kil'Jaeden was in. Thus the Lich King was created and Draenor is just a bunch of floating rocks in the Twisting Nether.

Back to my point though. It no longer is there. So this really could be a Time Travel expansion where we go back to when Draenor was a thing. But to what end? This is the part which confuses me. Why go back? I don't see how you could actually make a story out of this without ruining all the current lore. If this wasn't about time travel it could be about Draenor being the key to the assault on the Burning Legion. It could be the key to getting to the Nether and getting the demons where they come from. This could be the expansion where Outland gets the Cata treatment. Even if this makes sense why call it Draenor? Just boggles my mind. Glad only have to wait until Blizzcon to find out.

So is all the Pirating in Black Flag really that fun?

It really is. Why? Well it is that fun because for the longest time I wasn't going any further in the story because I just wanted to kill every ship I saw. I would board it and take everything they had. I have even been attacking ships for minimal bags of sugar. I can say without a doubt if the game only had the pirating it would still be an awesome game. So yes without a doubt the best pirate simulator around.

What are you most excited for about Blizzcon?

Watching people make fools out of themselves in the contests.

There you have it all questions answered for the week. If you have a question feel free to send it in to and while you are at it give us a like on Facebook. Try to keep people updated on the goings on while not blogging.


  1. Heard not too long ago that "" was registered at which hints Blizzard didn't actually do it.

  2. Two caveats - I'm assuming WoD will be the next expansion title and I'm NOT a lore nerd by any stretch, I'm glad you confirmed that Outlands is what's left of Draenor, I wasn't sure... that should give you an idea of how little I know about this stuff.

    So, those aside.

    The neat thing about the "Warlords of Draenor" name is that it isn't talking about a place, it's talking about PEOPLE. (pre-minder again about my lack of lore-nerdiness) When the Burning Legion showed up on Draenor while chasing down the Draenei, some (*waves hands*) people/Draenei/Orcs/My Cousin Vinny created portals to other places to try and get the hell out of there and in the process broke the world, leaving us with Outlands. Or something, I barely grok the lore when expansions are current, let alone 3 expansions later. A handful of Draenei/Orcs remained there, some went to Azeroth, not sure if they've ever mentioned if others went elsewhere.

    My theory - some (the Warlords (I keep typing it Warlods as well, what the hell?)) went somewhere else, the Burning Legion found them there and are actively engaged, they managed to send out an SOS that gets to us and we have the chance to engage the BL BEFORE they cause (or at least influence) the destruction of a world. Take the battle to them rather than just cleaning up the corrupted mess.

    Long, crappy and probably completely inaccurate story/theory short, I don't think the next expansion touches Outlands, at least not directly (might get some sort of Caverns of Time flashback instance/raid or something, I suppose, where it could be intact, but modeling a whole world for that? Nah), I think it's going to have us follow the Warlords of Draenor to wherever they ended up. Brand new world, not blown up (yet) and everything. The major flaw I can see with that (beyond those that I don't know enough to see) is that making/populating an entire world is a major undertaking for an expansion... Outlands worked because most of the world was gone. Northrend and Pandaria worked because they're islands. Cataclysm worked because, hey, clip show with a bit of filler. Could be that the new planet is all water with just one conveniently-sized island on it (expansion sized!) but that would be a bit repetitive, I think, so not sure what they'd do about that. Maybe it happens on some sort of giant space station... the Warlords, being exceptional (natch), managed to create a portable world to live on so they wouldn't keep getting other civilizations destroyed just due to them showing up. The BL, natch, found said portable (and conveniently expansion-sized) world.

    I've been on the "Burning Legion and new planet, more or less" bandwagon for the next expansion for a while now so I'll be happy with anything in that general direction. On the other hand, I've also predicted publicly that horde and alliance will be friendly (ie. can group with each other) in the next expansion, though, so obviously I have no clue about anything. Unless that actually happens, of course.

    1. This actually does sound like a good idea only issue I have with it lore wise is only 2 major characters who were on Draenor capable of this. Now when I say capable I mean we haven't come in contact with them yet and are nowhere to be found. These 2 are Alleria Windrunner and Turalyon. Married couple with the last person seeing them being Khadgar. As we know he is a member of the council of six and hangs out with A'lar. He knows nothing of what happened to them. Maybe they can make an expac from this maybe they cannot, but I know I would love to see a windrunner sister reunion