Tuesday, November 26, 2013

You Fail At Xbox One If...

Fail Day! What better way to have a Fail Day when Xbox is involved. Yes I probably know countless people are pissed off for just reading that comment but really do I care? Not in the least. This post truly comes from the bottom of my heart.

You Fail At Xbox One If...

  • You seriously need a reason
  • You have a headset you can scream at all the NOOBS on Call of Duty
  • You got it to play Call of Duty
  • You are looking forward to the exclusives
  • You believe the controller is of glorious design
  • You didn't realize the specs of it are only slightly above that of a PS3
  • You don't enjoy being spied on
  • You believe it is completely ok to 180 your Philosophy because you were unaware the entire gaming world thought you were drunk.
  • You are getting one because you have a 360
  • You don't think it is weird Microsoft has issues counting past 2
  • You don't think it is weird they are putting so much attention into an awful addon
  • You are thinking right now "Well what about Halo?"
  • You have no internet

and finally

  • You bought and Xbox One over a PS4

Now wasn't that fun?

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